Prologue: The Task of Writing

Kagome sat at her desk in her composition class, staring at the blackboard and what it said, "Write a fictional story that has a minimum of 5 pages. There is no maximum number of pages, only where your imagination takes you. This will be worth a grade so proof read your writing and above all: Have fun writing!"

Kagome stared at the blackboard in despair, not able to think of anything to write. Suddenly, she grinned and thought, 'It says it's fictional, so why don't I write something 'fictional' to everyone else? I can write about my hunting for jewel shards! I can write about everything in my life! Yosh! I'll do it!" With that thought, Kagome began to write with a passion, writing with great detail how her story all began on her 15th birthday.

Soon the bell rang, with the students hurrying to pack up. The teacher called out while the students were packing up, "The story is due in one month. That should give you enough time to write your stories. Have a good day!" With that, the students headed to the door and pushed each other in their hurry to get out. (After all, it was Friday and they wanted to get home.) Kagome picked up her bag, put it on her back and calmly headed to the door, saying goodbye to her teacher as she left.

On the walk home, Kagome thought about how great her story would sound. 'Hey, it's fictional and at the same time true. It's full of lots of interesting stuff that everyone would like! I'm sure to get an A on it!' Kagome smiled and ran the rest of the way home.

***One month later***

Kagome sat at her desk in her room, holding her finished story up and smiling in triumph. 'That was a perfect place to end it. Leave 'em hanging! Tomorrow we turn it in, I hope sensei likes it.' Kagome stapled her pages together and carefully put the story into her notebook, then her notebook into her schoolbag. Kagome smiled, positive that everyone would like her story.