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Chapter 3: Eliza


Dally looked positively shaken as he stated, "Well, tell me."

"When you were a boy things happened to you. Bad things. Your father ran out when you were a baby and your mom sort of tried to compensate for the absence of him by bringing home men to be father figures for you. She just never could find the right guys. The ones she brought over were often abusive and alcoholic.

"The worst one was named Rick. And he ended up killing your mother but not before she had his baby. A little girl, your half sister, Eliza. You were only five when she was born but you loved her a lot. When Rick killed your mom he fled and took you and Eliza with him on a killing spree. After a lot of fleeing from police you guys ended up in New York. You were about nine now, and just too much responsibility for Rick who regretted having taken you at all. He left you in the middle of the worst street thinking there was no way for you to survive. But he was wrong.

"A group of badass twenty-year-old hoodlums, who called themselves the Deadly Dragons, found you and liked your spunk. They became your family and taught you everything they knew about surviving the streets of New York and it worked. By the time you were 12 it was almost as though you had been on the streets your whole life. And by the time you were 14 you had killed two men from a rival tribe, the Skulls. Killing was the only way to survive on the streets, kill or be killed.

"The skulls sought revenge and sent over their deadliest assassin, an 11-year-old girl they called Silence. The least suspected but most efficient of their lot but whom you recognized immediately as your half sister. Rick too had abandoned her in New York only days after he left you there. Only it was the Skulls who found and raised her. She recognized you too, but knowing that she stood between your life and death you only had one choice. If you were to let her live your gang would turn against you and vice-versa for her. So what do you do? You fled. You and Eliza, knowing that both of your now ex-gangs were at your heels at all times but only to kill you for deserting them. Once you were a part of a gang you were in it for life. Literally. You made it to Canada and hid out there for a while. Both of you realizing what a mistake you'd made. You had survival instincts, yes, but you were not in your element. You returned to New York months later, feeling defeated but it was what you knew. It didn't take long for the Deadly Dragons to hear about your return and track you down but you were too exhausted to care. They told you they would have to kill you. You already knew that. But they made a compromise. They would give you your life and welcome back to the gang for the life of Eliza. You declined saying Eliza wished to join as well but they were vicious and not trusting and they killed Eliza right in front of you. Although recently you had only spent a couple of months with Eliza she reminded you of your mom, not the hoodlum side of her of course, and she became part of your life again and you felt her loss greatly. Each day that passed after the death of Eliza you grew more and more enraged with the Deadly Dragons and knew you had to avenge her death. So one night while you were to keep watch while the others slept you got your revenge. You killed each and every gang member and then ran for your life. You ended up here in Tulsa. Where you wanted to start anew. And you did."

Dally didn't say anything. He couldn't. Having Soda talk about his past brought back memories. Memories of his mom and memories of Eliza, memories and people whom he hadn't thought of for a very long time and had never shared with anyone in Tulsa before. But now everything came rushing back to him in a flood of misery and bitterness that had been buried deep within him. He felt drained, tired and very alone.

"Dally," Soda said, sensing his friends pain, "I am sorry for everything that happened to you. I knew that you had a bad childhood, but I never knew what exactly. Rest assured that this will stay with me forever, and I will never tell anyone what I saw or know. But also if you need to talk at all you can talk to me. I don't understand what you're going through but I can be a friendly ear."

Dally just nodded and stood up to leave, he had almost reached the door when he turned back around and said simply, "Thank you."

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