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Syaoran Li, the future king of Ryu Kingdom, could never forget that day, that day ten years ago where he met to girl he loved till this day.

Jumping down from his leap attack, he gracefully sliced the target with ease with the same sword that was given to him ten years ago.

Since that day, Syaoran didn't spare a single moment. He used the sword in combat, training his magic abilities, using ancient odufu and each day, would strengthen his skills.

He kept her promise...

Even after ten long years without seeing her smiling face.

The prince wore the same style clothing the girl had given to him, when he trained and also when he went to the city to meet his friends making sure his tailor memorized the clothing's patterns.

Syaoran Li, the future king of Ryu Kingdom, never forgot that day and the girl known as Sakura.

"Prince Syaoran! Your mother wishes to see you!" a certain maid shouted cheerfully and happily.

Wiping sweat from his face, he returned back to the palace from the garden, already knowing what the talk would be about. Rolling his eyes, he could almost hear his mother's words.

'You're already seventeen; it's time you married, Xiao Lang!' he recalled bitterly.

The maid, a girl with long, wavy, raven hair waited for his arrival back to the castle, patiently waiting, her amethyst eyes full of mischief. Syaoran nodded when he saw her; they were friends ever since she came to the palace.

"Daidouji-san, please ready my proper attire. You already know what my mother is going to say," the prince requested.

At the latter comment, Tomoyo giggled but she shared the same opinion as his mother. Tomoyo, as long as he could remember, understood him and was kind to his ideas. He could open up to her anytime, like a sister and brother relationship. He eventually told her everything he felt. Even if he didn't, her keen observing skills would figure him out.

"After you do that, you should probably prepare for the guests." Tomoyo nodded, wishing him good luck, and then hurried off to do her chores.

They parted in separate directions and before Syaoran could even reach his mother's chambers, she met him in the hallways.

"Mother, you wished to see me?" he asked, emotionless yet polite. Yelan nodded.

"As you know, Xiao Lang today is the day where we send girls around the area..." she started.

"To flirt with me and then marry me, and I have three months to choose and etc." Syaoran finished. "I know, and I hate it," he muttered to himself.

"Well, since you know what's going on, you mind as well start preparing."

"Whatever." Syaoran turned away and walked back to his chambers, cursing under his breath.

The truth was that he didn't want to marry. He hated girls, how they swooned over him and flirted. Yes, he hated girls with all of his heart.

All but one girl...

The only girl that Syaoran Li wanted to marry, the only girl he ever would love.

Syaoran shook his head in sorrow. He knew better than to think of her; even though she was in his heart, he would never see he again.

The prince sighed. This was going to be a long day, he thought.

"This is going to be a long day..." a young girl of sixteen sighed and mumbled.

She was quite familiar and quaint, a strange and pleasant aura surrounding her slim figure, her chestnut hair was cascading up to her shoulder, unlike passing commoners, and it was neat, silky, and delicate, obviously combed.

She wore no expensive valuables; on her slender figure was a single ivory dress, reaching her knees, exposing her bare neck and back, covered in bits of soil and dust.

And a strange necklace dangled around her neck in the shape of a hollow circle with tiny, elegant wings and a radiant, golden star in the middle.

There was also another necklace around her neck but she had carefully put it away from sight so that no one could catch glimpse of it with a naked eye.

By her side was a young boy and hidden in a small pocket was a small, magical bear, both her guardians.

A young boy answered her comment. His short hair was a stormy grey and his eyes were kind and mysterious, his clothes not as plain as the young girl, a smile upon his face.

"Sakura, don't give up yet!" he said comfortingly. "I'm sure someone will apprentice you."

She sighed in response. Who would take an unfamiliar, young girl, like her, to work for them? There was no hope, she thought.

"Someone better! Or else we'll all be on the streets!" a voice piped. A small head poked out of one of Sakura's pockets.

Sakura immediately pushed the bear back. "Kero! Get back! If someone sees you, there'll be chaos. No one will believe that a bear-like guardian of the sun with small tiny wings can take or believe in magic!" she hissed.

The young man laughed at the scene. Sakura glanced at him and then walked ahead, looking around, and then sighing once more.

"Yukito, there's nothing here. No body wants to take a useless, strange girl in. We're doomed, done for, and alone," she whispered. Yukito smiled softly and then put a hand on her shoulder.

"Focus on something else. Do you remember anything else?" Sakura shook her head in sorrow.

"Nothing's coming back. I..." the young girl wrapped her arms around herself. "I don't remember..."

"Keep trying. I'm sure it'll come back," the sun guardian said, trying to reassure her.

'I hope it does... I really hope it does' Sakura thought silently.

"FATHER!" Sakura screamed desperately. "Where are you?!!"

Touya grabbed his sister's hand and started to run from the burning and destroying village; it was desolated, its once prominent beliefs and ideas of its people gone with the smoldering ashes. "Sakura, let's go! We have to go!"

"NO! Dad's still there!" Touya looked back, a guilty face upon his face. Then, he turned his gaze in front of him and saw the two guardians signaling them to catch up.

"Sakura, I'm sorry..." he whispered. Sakura never heard him. Her entire mind was focused on the place she loved, as it receding into the view, forever to be erased from the world and her memories.

It couldn't be. It had to be a dream and when she woke up, the real Touya would come to her room and let her know it was only a nightmare.

Crystal tears streamed out from her horrified emerald eyes. They killed them all... It was their entire fault!

Touya stopped when he got to the two guardians in their true forms. He carefully yet quickly put his "monster" on Kero's back and then faced the other way.

"Yue." The silver-haired guardian of the moon immediately turned to his friend.


"Someone's following us. It's probably him."

"I know."

"Yue," the elder prince ordered sternly. "Take Sakura and leave to the nearby Kingdom. Get her out of here. I'll hold HIM off."

The Judge's eyes widened in disbelief. "Touya, you don't stand a chance. He's more powerful!"

Sakura, over-hearing the conversation, was lost for words. She couldn't lose him... She had already lost everything but... not him...

Touya unsheathed his silver sword and took a defensive stance.

"They only want Sakura... They killed our family, Tribe, and loved ones. I'll die fighting for our legacy." Sakura's heart shattered as she heard those words from her brother.

'No... Don't do it!' her mind screamed but her voice refused to work.

"Kero! Take Sakura out of her! You know what to do!" Kero nodded sadly and then pumped his wings, taking flight.

"TOUYA!!!!" Sakura shouted. More tears were split, and as she flew away, she could only cry, helpless to aid that last of her family member.

Yue finally took flight, not before hearing his best friend's final words. "Protect Sakura!"

Sakura buried her head in the large beast's, golden hair, sobbing, her heart dying and welting inside of her, that cherry blossom falling to the earth once more.

It was all over...

Everything was gone...

Everyone was dead...

And it was all because of her...

They had died protecting her.

Before Sakura could react to her thoughts, Kero was hit by a large assault from no where and he fell to the ground, as well as Yue, both out cold by the force.

And as Sakura fell to the darkness, she subconsciously clutched a silver necklace, with a gold charm with a symbol of a single grey wolf.

The only thing she remembered was two loving amber eyes and a single name that brought her great comfort.


Sakura shook her head. That's how she came to this village, not remembering her past or her purpose. Kero said that she had lost them from the fall, probably hitting her head but it would be temporary.

She didn't remember who she was, only that she was a princess of a Tribe without family, only two guardians traveling with her, and that she knew magic. Sakura knew how to use her magic clearly, and how to defend herself.

But she didn't remember who killed her family, or how her family was killed or why everything happened in the past.

She didn't remember she even had a brother, a mother, a father; she couldn't remember their smiling faces and the times they made her laugh or how they got into fights or the times they had cried and smile together.

She didn't remember her past... No memories, no recollections, and no reveries of a young amber-eyed boy.

Yukito's eyes were soft when he laid his gaze on the troubled princess. It was better that she didn't know. It was way too painful to remember so many deaths and brutal losses.

Sakura continued to walk amiably in the cobble roads. She wanted to remember everything; her heart and mind felt so empty without her memories but something told her to not give up.

Suddenly, her vision became blurry as she saw an older man talk to Yukito, whom glanced quickly at her. What was going on?

Unbearable pain filled her body as Sakura found she was incredibly dizzy and losing strength; it was excruciating and the aching throbbed without an end. Yukito rushed to her side as she fell to the cold street, unconscious and in the hands of comforting dark warmth.

And again, the only Sakura remembered was a pair of comforting amber eyes...

A pair of amber eyes that told her to live.

To never give up on the power of her own star.

Sakura awoke slowly, only to be greeted by the early sun's morning golden rays, shining through a window pane nearby her bed. Immediately, the young girl leaned upward, her emerald eyes shocked to find herself sitting in a silk, canopy bed in a room with luxurious furniture.

Although the room was made of plain wood (Japanese style palace), elegantly carved cabinets and drawers were nearby, a glass, golden mirror reflecting her surprised expression. Sakura didn't want to open anything, afraid that she might disrupt things. Besides, she didn't know where she was, where everyone else was, or who saved her.

Taking a few minutes to scout her surroundings, Sakura realized that whoever owned this place was extremely rich and wealthy. Who else could afford silk nightgowns and satin bed sheets? But the young girl couldn't help but wonder who the owner was?

Suddenly, three voices started to converse outside the door. Because of what kind of door it was, she could see their figures and recognized one of the voices as Yukito's. She made out his tall figure. The other two people, a young man younger than Yukito (the more husky voice) and a girl her height (with a sweet voice) were unknown. She barely heard their conversation.

"Was she okay?" Yukito asked worriedly. He was like a brother to young Sakura. It was also his duty to protect her.

"Just fine. Last time I checked on her, she was sleeping. No harm done," the girl's voice replied reassuringly.

"Thank you. I'm sorry if we're intruding," her guardian replied gratefully.

"Don't worry about it. I'll make sure she's alright, too," the masculine voice answered regally. Somehow, Sakura knew that voice. It was so familiar to her mind. Did he have something to do with her memories? But how could she know him? Footsteps could be heard; someone was leaving but the young princess didn't look up from her hands to see who had left.

Unsuspectedely, the door slid open and she found herself staring into two orbs full of surprise and another mixed emotion.

Amber met emerald but somehow didn't clash.

For a few more seconds, Sakura and the young man remained that way, gazing at one another as if déjà vu. Finally, the young girl came to her senses and realized he was staring at her. Embarrassed and quite violated of privacy, the chestnut-haired girl did the only thing she could think of out of reflex.

She screamed.

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