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"Krista? Krista? Come on sweetie, you need to get up. We're going to be late."

Krista slowly opened her eyes, only to see the smiling face of Aimee Kinkle hovering over her head. Moaning, she rolled over, closing her eyes.

"Krista?" Krista could hear the smile in her mother's voice. "Krista. Don't you remember where we're going today? We need to leave soon if we want to beat the crowds."

Hearing this, Krista's eyes snapped open and she shot out of bed. "Thanks Mom!" Aimee turned and left the room with a smile on her face. She knew Krista would hurry. She had been looking forward to this day for years. Ever since she had first gone with her brother Mark, Krista had been counting the days till she could go herself.

Krista raced to her closet, throwing on the first thing she saw: a pink sweater and black jeans. Hurrying to the bathroom, she haphazardly gathered her long auburn hair into a ponytail and brushed her teeth.

To say she was excited would be an understatement. Krista felt like she was going to burst! It was time. After a long 4-year wait, today had finally come. Today, Krista was going to Diagon Alley.

Patrick glanced up as Aimee entered the kitchen. "She up?" Aimee nodded, though he needn't have asked. This was all his daughter had talked about since she had received her Hogwarts acceptance letter the previous week.

"You'd better put that away," she said, nodding towards the copy of the 'Daily Prophet' in Patrick's hands. "If she sees you reading that on 'her special day' she'll have a fit.

Nodding, he quickly stuffed the paper inside his jacket. Just in time too, for Krista had just burst in.

"What are you still sitting in here for? Let's go!"

Aimee turned from the stove where she was frying bacon and smiled. "Have some bacon Krista." She started to protest but Aimee butt in. "Have some bacon Krista. When you're finished, then we'll go." At this, Krista rushed over, snatched some bacon from the frying pan, and shoved it in her mouth.

"Now can we go?" said Krista, her mouth still full.

Patrick laughed. "Yes, cupcake. Now we can go." This earned him one of Krista's famous snow-melting grins before she practically skipped from the room. They could hear the floo-poweder jar clang.

Deciding they'd rather not leave Krista on her own in Diagon Alley, Aimee and Patrick hurried to the living room, heading for the fireplace.

Grinning at Krista, Aimee gently took the jar from her hands. "Mommy gets to go first." Krista glared at her, but didn't have time to retort before Aimee had disappeared with a loud 'Diagon Alley!' Krista went next, followed by Patrick.

"Now," said Aimee, grabbing Krista's arm before she could run off, "Krista, you and I will go get your robes and your wand. Your father will get your spell books and cauldrons and meet us later for ice cream." She looked at Patrick, who nodded in agreement.


Meanwhile, just four short miles from Diagon Alley, Heather Laurent was sitting down to breakfast with her parents, Lauren and David, and her younger sister Emily.

"Mom? Could you pass the orange juice please?" Lauren smiled and did so. "Thank you."

Heather was just filling her glass when a large gray owl soared through the open window and landed on Heather's elbow, causing her to drop the orange juice. She jumped out of her chair with a shriek while the owl flapped wildly so as not to fall off. It fell anyway, and landed with a thump in the middle in the plate of butter, and slid along the table, knocking everything in its way to the floor. The butter sailed off the plate and into the wall, the plate fell and shattered on the floor, and the owl gave a loud hoot of fright, and took off, narrowly missing the wall. It flew around the kitchen a couple times before landing on top of the fridge.

Heather looked down at her feet, which were now sitting in a puddle of orange juice. The now empty container had rolled under the table, leaving a small river of orange juice in its path. Lauren looked at the mess around her, looking as though she wanted to cry. Emily sat staring, transfixed at the owl, which was now attempting to clean all the butter from its wings. David still sat eating his pancakes as though nothing in the world was wrong. Finally deciding someone should do something, Heather stepped carefully over to the fridge and reached tentatively up to the owl, coaxing it into her outstretched hands. After looking at her apprehensively for a moment, the owl willingly stepped closer and allowed Heather to carry it over to the table.

As Heather went to let the owl back outside, she noticed something tied to the owl's leg and changed her mind, heading for the table instead. Careful not to set the owl in the spilled breakfast, she set it on the table and looked to see what was tied to its leg. It was some kind of parchment. She hurriedly untied it. Satisfied with its success, the owl hopped off the table and soared right back through the window, disappearing behind the clouds. Heather looked at the parchment, blank. She turned it over, and gasped at what she saw.

To Miss Heather Laurent
#57 Firefly Lane

Not knowing what to expect, she nervously tore open the envelope and unfolded the letter.

Miss Laurent

You have hereby been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and
Wizardry. (Blah blah blah.Just pretend I wrote the acceptance letter

First years will require the following items

(Blah blah blah.see above)

We will expect your owl no later than July 31. Term starts on
September 1.

Minerva McGonagol
Deputy Head Mistress

Heather gasped and dropped the letter. It landed in the spilt orange juice and she hurriedly stooped to retrieve it before it soaked up the mess.

"What is it Heather?" She looked up to see her mother looking at her worriedly.

"It's a letter."

Lauren raised her eyebrows. "What's in it?" Heather reluctantly gave her mother the letter. Her eyebrows rose higher and higher as she read on. When she finished, she glanced up. David was looking at her curiously, so she handed him the letter. When he had apparently finished, Heather looked at her mother pleadingly.

"Can I go? Please?"

Lauren shook her head. "No way," she began. "It's too risky. We don't know anything about this school, or this Minerva McGonagol, or even if this is real. For all we know, this could be some big joke.

Heather began her argument, but a stern glance from her father stopped her.

"Lauren," he began, "What if it's not a joke? What if it's real?" Heather nodded eagerly. Look, on the back of the letter are instructions on where to go to get these supplies. Why don't we go there? Check it out? And, if it is a joke, we'll all go out for ice cream. But, if it's not a joke, then our little Heather will be a, well, a witch." He looked at his wife hopefully. "What do you say?"

Lauren looked from her daughter's pleading eyes to her husband's pleading smile. She sighed. There was no arguing when those two teamed up. "All right," she said. "We'll check it out." Heather began jumping up and down.

"But," she began; Heather stopped jumping and looked at her mother questioningly. "If this is a joke, there will be no complaining from either of you." She glared at David. "Understood?" They both nodded eagerly.

Heather bounded to her mother and gave her a big hug. "Thanks Mom. You're the best!"

Feeling good about her decision, Lauren said, "Now let's see what we can do about this mess." She turned, only to see Emily had already wiped up the butter mess and picked up the broken glass from the plate. She smiled. Emily was such a great helper. "Thanks sweetie. Here, let me finish that," she nodded towards the mop in Emily's hands. "You help your father and Heather clear the table." With all four pitching in, the kitchen was cleaned in no time.

"Mom?" Lauren, who had just put the last dish in the dishwasher, glanced up. "Can we go now? Everything's all cleaned up. Please?" Unable to resist Heather's big puppy-dog eyes, Lauren agreed and the family piled into the car.

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