Dream a Little Dream For Me: Missed Chances

By: Shadow Rise

Severus looked blankly down at her face.

"I'll - erm - see you around, Severus." Narcissa said.

He just nodded and turned back to Hogwarts and ascended the steps leading into the Entrance Hall. The blue-eyed girl heaved a sigh. This was not how she wanted this to end. She wanted to be back in his arms with his lips on hers and just to have him near her would make her heart sore.

She placed her bags in the carriage and turned back for one last look at Hogwarts. Only then did she realise there were tears streaking her cheeks. Narcissa wiped them away quickly and cast a sorrowful look at the peeping students. Then her thoughts changed. This wasn't right.

"No." she muttered, "This isn't going to end like this."

And she ran. She ran up the steps and into the Great Hall to see her Severus had been making his way down the middle aisle to the Staff Table.

"Severus!" she called, still running towards him.

He turned to see her standing right there. Her royal blue dress was swaying to and fro and her hair had fallen out of the simple bun it had been in.

"Yes?" he replied.

"I forgot something." she stated, "This."

'Cissa's arms were around his neck and her lips upon his so quickly, Severus could only wrap his arms around her from natural instinct amd kiss her right back with all the passion and anger and sorrow he had felt towards her in the last few days. When they pulled away; catcalls, wolf-whistles, and everything inbetween could be heard through-out the castle.

"I-I think I love you, Sev." she murmured, gazing lovingly into his coal-black eyes.

She giggled as he picked her up by the waist and spun about.

(A/N: Y'know, like in those Disney movies.)

"I know I love you, 'Cissa." Severus said, still hold her up in the air with her hands on his shoulders.

The blonde smiled widely as the happy tears creeped down her cheeks. Then there was silence all around as the Slytherin Prince, Lucius Malfoy, entered the Hall.

"Narcissa!" he exclaimed, "Wake up!"

The woman awoke with a jolt, breathing heavily she looked at her husband.

"What were you dreaming about, Narcie?"

Inside, the blonde woman cringed. She hated that name. "About you, of course." she lied.


* finis *