This is a retelling of the Wonder Woman mythos. This story combines the many different versions of Wonder Woman into one possible version.

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The Beginning

Millennia ago, when Homo sapiens sapiens were freshly born.

Humans, as they are called, lived in a world wrought with danger. Most did not survive. They were scavengers, and they were meek. They hid in the shadows and waited.waited as the other creatures of the world, the stronger, bigger creatures of the world, feasted on their prey. Then, slowly and meekly, ever watchful, they snuck towards the remains. Little meat was left after the larger beasts had their fill. This is why they were called scavengers. Showing the beginning of the making of tools, or perhaps an inherited or learned knowledge from past Homo species, these fearful beings, take rocks from the ground around them. Using the minute intelligence that will millennia later become much greater, they smash the bones of the deceased animal and feast on the marrow within. It was survival of the fittest, and not all would survive. Only the strong survived.the strong and the cunning. It was the beginning of tools. It was the beginning.of a powerful species.