Part IV

More years passed as bad turned to worse. Within the confines of the Amazon nation, all was bliss and joy. The sun always shined brightly and the happy songs of little birds could be heard daily. Outside the Amazons' borders, however, war and hatred continued to spread their influence, lightened only by the peace within the Amazons and their followers. Yet to many that peace was hated far more than any enemy. The nations of men despised the Amazons. They believed that women were not competent enough to rule themselves. The men of the outside world considered the Amazons a threat to their way of life. So afraid and humiliated were they that they refused to hear the message of peace that the Amazons spoke of. Instead, they sought to humiliate the Amazons, to conquer them. Men wished for slaves, and Amazon slaves were of the highest demand.

In Athens the hatred of the Amazons by men was at its highest. Being the center of Man's World, Athens was the center of trade. Travelers from all over Man's World ventured through Athens peddling their wares before moving on to the next town. It was also home to many powerful men that viewed themselves as blessed by the goddess Athena.

The sun had set hours ago on the city of Athens. Men traveled from one drunken tavern to the next before stumbling home. Theseus, great king of Athens and cousin and friend of Hercules, traveled the streets with his aides. He watched as his people and the travelers to his city pushed their ways through the crowded streets. This night he was in disguise. He wished to know what his subjects were saying about his rule, and so he lowered himself to their level and walked amongst them. Entering the most crowded tavern, Theseus and his men found a table to one side of the room. From here, they could watch the crowd and hear the conversations of others. The table to their left had but a few men sitting around it, mostly travelers, but there were one or two native Athenians. Theseus chose this table to listen to. Casually, he leaned back in his chair.

"I'm telling you, those Amazons are a menace! Just last week they destroyed an entire shipment of fresh slaves coming out of Asia Minor! All of the slaves were lost, freed by those no good Amazons."

"Aye, Friend, I know what you mean. I deal in slaves, as well. Just last month I had a run-in with those Amazons. My men had set up camp for the night. While we dined, those Amazons wenches surrounded us. They released all the slaves and set our camp on fire! My men and I could do naught but fight for our lives. I don't know how any of us survived. Those Amazons are like demons when they fight! Monsters! They lust for blood and take it in any way they can find! Some of my best men were killed by them. I myself was nearly killed. In the battle, I clashed swords with their greatest warrior. I held my own for a while, but she was possessed by a demon- monster! When I fell, I thought for sure she was going to kill me. Instead, she stared down at me, sword to my throat, and told me to take this as a warning. The next time they saw my men and I carrying slaves, they would free the slaves and kill us all. No questions asked."

"No way! You fought Hippolyta? She's their greatest warrior, isn't she? I hear she is mad fierce in battle! It's a blessing from the gods that you survived!"

"Aye, Friend, you should indeed count your blessings. A friend of mine went up against one of those Amazons; she sliced him up one side and down the other! I hear they are not even human, but monsters disguised in female flesh."

"Aye. What will you do about your slave run, Friend? With a threat like that, they'll do it, you know."

"Aye, aye, I know. Ah! There is nothing I can do. I have turned in my trade as a slaver. It is too dangerous. I don't mind dying in battle, mind you, but I won't die at the hand of some woman. I hear not even Hercules dares tangle with them! That is enough for me to change trades. I always wanted to be a farmer...perhaps I shall do that instead."

All of the trader's companions nodded their heads in sad agreement.

"It is a shame that there is no one to silence these Amazons, to put them in their place."

"Aye, aye!" cried one drunken fool, "To put them in their place beneath a man!" Standing away from the table, the drunk acted out such a scene with a bench.

Laughing, his companions turned back to their talk. "If not even Hercules will fight these women, then what chance do any of us have of staying in business?"

"Perhaps Theseus could do something. He has fought monsters before, perhaps he can teach these women their place in the world." A round of "aye's" followed this statement.

"Nay, I do not think he would be able to. If Hercules, the mightiest son of Zeus, will not even touch them, then Theseus would certainly not stand a chance. Hippolyta would make short work of him. That woman must be possessed by something. No natural woman could ever fight like that." Another round of "aye's" circled the table as the men sobered at the thought of losing their trade.

Having heard enough and being outraged at the thought of his being defeated by a woman, Theseus stood to leave. As he neared the door he turned back to the tavern. Removing the hood of his cloak, he revealed to all who he was. "Hear me, oh cowards! I know of your plight with the barbarians known as the Amazon! I have heard your talk! You think that I, the great Theseus, cannot defeat their mightiest warrior! You are all fools! You are nothing more than cowards! They are women! What kind of opponent can a woman be? Aye? Answer me that, Cowards! Theseus will prove to you that what you say is naught but lies! A fortnight from now I will defeat Hippolyta in battle!" With that, he turned and left the tavern. Giving orders for a small, dark ship to be prepared, Theseus returned to his palace to plot his attack on the Amazon.

Across the rolling hills of Europe, on a small island within the Black Sea, the Amazons were unaware of Theseus' threat as they went about their day. Life continued on as the goddesses intended. Farmers cared for their crops as they prayed to Demeter for a healthy and bountiful harvest. Fisher-women checked their nets and traps in hopes of bringing in a fair supply of food from the sea. Sailors prepared their ships for sea or docking as Amazon warriors sparred on the practice fields.


The sound of swords clashing and feet shifting in the sand filled the practice field. Long since had all occupants stopped their sparring to turn their eyes to one pair. All eyes watched as the two mighty queens of the Amazons sparred.

CLANG! "Not bad, Sister, but you should keep your guard up on your left." Hippolyta said as she sent her sword in the direction she had just warned Antiope of.

"Uh! Not bad, Hippolyta, and to think I accused you of growing soft!" Antiope stated as she dodged Hippolyta's blows.

"Aye. I see you are eating your words now, Sister!" Using her sword to block Antiope's, Hippolyta slipped her foot towards her sparring partner. While, she maintained the block, she quickly kicked Antiope's feet out from under her. Knocking Antiope's sword from her hand as she fell, Hippolyta brought the tip of her own to Antiope's throat. "Do you yield, Dear One? Or do you still think I am too soft for battle?"

"Aye, aye, Sister. I concede. You are victor this time." Hippolyta returned her sword to its sheath as she offered her hand to her sister. "It is no wonder you are our greatest warrior, Darling, you are truly blessed by mighty Athena in the art of war!"

"Aye, Dear One, though I must admit, I would be far happier if these skills were unneeded." Hippolyta sadly stated as she and Antiope made their way to the path that would take them to the Amazon palace. As the two finished their spar, the Amazons surrounding them returned to their previous occupations. The Amazon queens glanced and smiled at each of their sisters as they passed them.

"My Queens," welcomed a young Amazon upon their entrance into the main hall of the palace. "General Aella awaits you in the throne chamber, my Queens. She wishes to discuss new information that has come in from Patriarch's World. Celaeno, Dioxippe, and Prothoe await you, as well, my Queens." She bowed respectfully as she stepped to the side, allowing the Amazon Queens to continue on to the throne chamber and their awaiting audience.

"My Queens," came a unanimous greeting as each Amazon bowed in recognition of their queens.

"What have you to report, Aella? What news from Patriarch's World?" Hippolyta asked as she nodded her head in acknowledgement of her subjects.

"Aye, Sister, tell us what evil scheme the world of man has come up with to defeat the Amazons." Antiope said in mock annoyance as she followed Hippolyta to a large table in the center of the chamber.

Hippolyta rolled her eyes at her sister's remark as Aella began, "My Queens, word has come from the outside that the man known as Theseus, cousin of Herakles and ruler of Athens, has gathered a small army and boarded three ships. My informers tell me that they have accumulated many weapons for their journey. It appears to be a small warring party, but, forgive my, My Queens, I do not know what nation they take aim for. They could be going to attack or they could merely be going to visit allies in an attempt to have backing for a war. My informers were not sure, though I continue to have them check."

"Do you know which way their ships are headed, Aella?" Hippolyta asked looking at the map displayed on the table before her.

"Aye, my Queen, when last reported they were headed round the tip of Greece," Aella said as she pointed out their route on the map. "They followed the coastline for a time, then parted and crossed the Aegean Sea making their way towards the tip of Asia Minor. From there," Aella waved her hand above the map, "they can go anywhere."

Antiope contemplated what Aella had said as she looked at the map. She traced her finger along the route Aella reported Theseus' ships to be following. "They venture close to Amazon territory."

"Aye, what are your thoughts, Sister?"

Antiope eyed the map in concentration as she again traced Theseus' route. As her finger crossed across the representation of the Aegean Sea, she brought it parallel to the Asia Minor coastline, weaving an intricate route through the small islands; Antiope slowly directed her finger around the northwest corner of Asia Minor, stopping just before the entrance to the Black Sea. From there, she placed her finger on land and traced an intricate route to Themyscira, the capitol city of the Amazons. Leaving her finger on Themyscira, Antiope looked to each of her sister Amazon before leveling a stare at Hippolyta.

The Amazons looked on as Antiope tapped her finger over Themyscira's place on the map. "By the goddesses," Celaeno replied. "You do not think...he has such a small crew, though, that is what the reports said." Celaeno fumbled through the reports in her hands.

"Aye," chimed in Dioxippe, "what would they hope to succeed at?"

"Three tiny ships against an entire Amazon nation?" Prothoe asked in disbelief.

Hippolyta listened as each of her sisters spoke. Looking to Antiope, she said, "You propose, then, Sister, that Theseus will attack Themyscira with only three tiny ships full of men? Surely, you do not think he would succeed in such. Our archers could easily set their ships ablaze at a safe distance should they prove to come in the name of War."

"What other reason would one such as he have for venturing this way?" Antiope asked exasperated. "Though our reports are not yet complete, I bet you your new battle axe, Polly, that he will attack us. He is a coward! He will probably attack at night when he thinks we shall least expect him!"

Rolling her eyes, Polly told her sister, "Your thoughts are indeed reasonable, Antiope, I have no doubt of that. However, I will take your bet, though I do not half doubt that I shall lose. My new battle axe for your new cross bow. That was one of Laomache's finest, I know. I do not think we should take this lightly, Sisters. Aella, speak with your informers, see if you can find out anything else. I wish to know why Theseus is in this part of the world, and I wish to know at once."

"Yes, Majesty." Aella said as she bowed.

"Celaeno, alert the archers to be on their full guard both around the outskirts of the island, and the capitol city. Dioxippe, send word to all the surrounding villages to be on their guard for anything, whether that be attack or," Antiope waved her hand as she thought, "a man merely sneaking about. All is to be considered a threat. Prothoe, alert the guards to be on the ready both night and day." Antiope looked to her blood sister for agreement. Seeing Hippolyta nod her head, Antiope turned back to the Amazons before her, "Make it so." The four Amazons left as quickly as they could to carry out their tasks.

Days passed with little news of Theseus being sent to the Amazon. They kept their guard up in wait for an attack, though none came. Upon the last report to the Amazons, Theseus had docked his ships within a small alcove of the Aegean Sea. So the Amazon waited day and night, watching the waters for any sign of Theseus and his men.

Night had fallen on Themyscira hours before. All of the Amazons had since taken to their beds, leaving only the night guards and sentries to guard their sleeping sisters. Guards patrolled the various levels of the palace, checking each passageway to ensure the safety of the sleepers within. On the outskirts of the island of Themyscira, Amazon guards and the sentries given them by Hera kept a watchful eye on their paradise home.

Across the small stretch of water that separated the island of Themyscira from the shores of Turkey, a lone man stood on the darkened beach. Standing, one foot propped on a large piece of driftwood, elbow resting on his extended thigh, fingers gently stroking his beard, he stared out across the way at the darkened city of Themyscira. Behind him, moving slowly out of the forest, a dark, hooded figure slowly approached.

"Herakles? Cousin!" The hooded figure exclaimed as he removed the hood of his cloak. Straightening from his bent position, the man turned to look at the new comer.

"Ah, Theseus! How are you, Cousin?"

"I am well. It is good to see you again, Herakles." The two men embraced for a brief moment before continuing. "I am glad that you would meet me here, Cousin, but what are you doing here, on the beach?"

Herakles eyed his cousin then turned slowly to face the island of Themyscira. "I am plotting how you shall take Hippolyta, dear cousin. She will not be easy to overcome, nor will it be easy to get past her guards." Theseus' glassy gaze rested on the sand at his cousin's feet as he slowly nodded. Herakles returned to his previous position, propping his foot again on the driftwood. "We shall have to find a way to sneak past the guards first...If you look, Cousin," Herakles said as he pointed across the way, "the outer guards pass each section within a certain amount of time. For the briefest of moments, no guard guards that section of the island...perhaps for 20 seconds or so it is unguarded. If we can swim to that section unseen, we should be able to set foot on the island. Then, we shall have to take care of my stepmother's sentries, an easy enough task. From there we should be able to make it to the capitol city, and to Hippolyta. If we can attack her while she sleeps, we will have a better chance of capturing her."

"Aye, Cousin, but even if she is asleep, how shall we gain control of her and return to Athens?"

"Leave that to me, Cousin, leave that to me." Herakles looked above him to the cloudy sky, then back again to the darkened island before him. He watched as the Amazon guards passed the adjacent beach, looking carefully over the water, as they continued their rounds. Grabbing his cousin by the front of his shirt, he pulled him silently into the still waters. Taking a breath, he submerged them, and they swam the length to Themyscira.

Swimming into reeds adorning the water, Herakles raised his eyes out of the water. He watched as the guards passed by again, the many-eyed sentries of Hera not far behind. Pulling his cousin behind him, Herakles set foot on Themyscira. The two scoundrels made their way into the woods, hiding in the shadows and brush as the Amazon guards passed by again. As the guards paused to look out over the water, a small snake slithered into the brush. Curling into an attack position, the snake let out a loud hiss at the sight of the intruders. Quickly, Herakles reached out and killed the snake, snapping its head from its body with a snap of his massive fingers. The guards, spears at the ready, approached the brush. Herakles leaped from the brush, grabbing the heads of the guards, he brought them together with a sickening smack. The guards slumped to the ground, as their sentries made ready to give a call of warning. Pulling small pebbles from his pocket and loading them into a sling, Herakles quickly silenced the sentries before a cry could be made. As Herakles ensured that the guards and sentries were indeed unconscious, Theseus pulled himself from his hiding place. Looking at the carnage around him, Theseus smiled approvingly to his cousin. With a disgusted look, Herakles turned from his cousin and began his track towards the palace of the Amazons. "Let's go."

A few minutes later, Herakles and Theseus found themselves on the outskirts of the Themysciran palace. Theseus looked around nervously from the cover of the brush, while his cousin looked hungrily at the home of the Amazon. Pulling his sniveling cousin back into the shadows, Herakles watched as a small group of Amazons stopped to talk at the top of the stairs on the first level of the palace. He strained his ears in vain to hear what they said, but he could not make out a word of their conversation. Moments later, the Amazons continued on their way, leaving that section of the palace unoccupied. Herakles took his chance; with blind speed, he pulled his cousin with him as he bounded up the stairs stopping only in the shadows on the uppermost level of the palace. Theseus, whirling from the unexpected ordeal, nearly yelled at his cousin, but Herakles silenced him with a glare. Glancing around, they slowly made their way towards the royal chambers, being careful to stay within the shadows cast by the moon.

The fiends soon found their path blocked by approaching Amazon guards. Fading further into the shadows, Herakles observed the guards as they blocked the hallway leading to the royal chambers. Looking for a way around the guards, Herakles and Theseus edged into a small alleyway. Once out of site, they climbed onto the roof of the building and continued to make their way towards the royal chambers, careful to avoid raising the suspicion of the guards below. Once above the royal chambers, Herakles crouched close to the roof as he looked over the edge. Ensuring that no guards past near, Herakles leaned over the edge and gazed into the open window of the Amazon Queens' private chambers.

Within the Queens' private chamber, the beautiful queens of the Amazon slept soundly, unaware of spying eyes. Lost in peaceful slumber, Hippolyta's lips curved into a smile as she slept. Beside her, her beloved sister, Antiope, did not fare as well. Within her mind, her dreams were plagued, her slumber troubled. She tossed in her sleep, her sheets wrapping around her, entangling her. She fought through her dream, her sheets confining her. Within her dream she screamed, it muffled in her throat. Tossing, she awoke.

Panting, Antiope glanced around the room. Looking to her side, she noticed her sister still sleeping, a smile still painting her face. Sighing, Antiope thought to herself, 'By the gods, Hippolyta, you could sleep through anything.' Freeing herself from the sheets that entrapped her, Antiope rose from the bed. 'Morpheus is not welcoming this night.' She looked around the chamber again, her back to the window. 'Since sleeping is no longer an option, there is no reason to disturb Polly. I suppose I could check on the guards. It will do well...if only for their morale.' Claiming her tunic from its place on the floor, Antiope dressed and left the chamber.

Outside the window, Herakles smiled. Pulling himself back atop the roof, he pulled a small pouch from his belt. Grinning to himself as his idiot cousin looked on, Herakles removed two lighting stones. Striking the stones, he lit the contents of the bag. Leaning back over the edge of the roof, Herakles tossed the bag into the chamber of the sleeping Hippolyta.

Within her chamber, Hippolyta shivered and drew her sheets closer to her. She stretched out her arm in search of her sister, only to find her sister's place in bed empty and growing cold. Raising her head, Hippolyta looked at where her sister should have been then searched the room with her eyes. Puzzled, Hippolyta sat up in bed. As she looked around the room, she noticed her sister's tunic missing. 'It would appear that my dear sister's sleep was troubled again. Dearest Antiope.' As Hippolyta readied to return to her slumber, secure in the thought that her sister wandered the palace instead of sleeping, a strange scent reached her nose. Sniffing the air, Hippolyta searched the room for the strange smell. Rising from bed, she dressed quickly as she continued to search for the source of the smell. Claiming her sword, she opened the door of her chamber and called for the guards. She left the door cracked as she continued to search her chamber for the smell.

The smell within the chamber grew stronger as the fire Herakles set in the pouch burned the herbs. Above the chamber of the Amazon Queens, Herakles cursed himself for not landing the bag closer to Hippolyta. Growling in anger, Herakles swung down from his perch atop the roof and into the Amazon Queens' chamber. Hippolyta, startled by his unexpected appearance, jumped and backed away, sword raised. Snarling, Herakles grabbed the pouch from the floor and tossed it towards Hippolyta. Swinging her sword in defense, Hippolyta sliced open the pouch, releasing the ash, smoke, and burning herbs in her face. Coughing, Hippolyta waved her hand in front of her in an attempt to free herself from the smell and dust of the herbs. As she reacted to the scent of the herbs, Herakles leapt across the bed. Raising her sword, Hippolyta attempted to defend herself only to be assaulted again with coughs. Knocking her sword from her hand, Herakles grabbed Hippolyta meeting her wide eyes with his victorious stare. Hippolyta fought for air as her lungs rebelled against her. Their gazes never faltered as Hippolyta lost her fight for air, her eyes slowly rolling back into her head as she lost consciousness.

As Hippolyta's body became limp, Herakles tossed her onto his shoulder and turned towards the window of her chamber. His prize gained, he stepped forward to make his retreat. As he reached the window, Antiope followed by several Amazon guards rushed into the room. Seeing her sister dangle over Herakles' shoulder, Antiope screamed a battle cry and charged Herakles. Grabbing the base of Hippolyta's bed, Herakles tossed the bed at Antiope, thwarting her attack. Herakles climbed swiftly through the window, the cries of the Amazon following him. Once upon the roof, Herakles grabbed his sniveling cousin and ran back towards the alleyway they had previously occupied. As they approached the alleyway, Herakles began to run faster, dragging his cousin behind him. Leaping, the group landed on the next rooftop. They continued racing across the rooftops, leaping to each one when necessary. Traveling quickly, they soon reached the end of the palace roofs, a dangerous drop to the ground below blocking their escape. Looking down at the trees below him, Herakles considered his options. Turning his back to his freedom, he turned and faced the Amazon guards that had followed his cousin and him.

"Release my sister, Herakles, and you shall be shown mercy!" Antiope demanded as she and her sister Amazons stopped several paces from Herakles's group. Snarling, Herakles stepped forward, as if to surrender, then turned swiftly and leapt from the roof top, Theseus screaming as he was pulled behind. "NNNOOO!!!!" Antiope rushed to the edge and looked over only to see Hippolyta's hair flow with the wind on her way towards the ground, still held tightly to Herakles's shoulder. She watched, stunned, as Herakles and his cousin landed deftly on the ground below. Anger masking her face, Antiope growled orders to the guards with her as they rushed to follow their enemies and kidnapped sister.

Once landed on the ground below, Herakles glanced up at Antiope, smiling victoriously. "Let's go." Herakles said to his cousin as he began racing for the beach. HE rushed passes the Amazon patrols they had avoided on the way inland as they watched stunned. Their shock soon wore off, however, and they joined in the chase to thwart his escape. In the distance, the beach became closer and closer, Herakles could feel his victory more fully. Smiling more broadly, Herakles reached the break in the woods that ushered them onto the sandy beach. As he set foot on the beach, the Watchers of Hera let loose their shrieking voices as their Amazon partners attacked. Fighting madly, Herakles and Theseus managed to gain enough footing to put the sea to their backs and their opponents closer to the woods.

"You boys look like you could use a little help!" Herakles glanced to the side as he felled his opponent. The men he had ordered to await him had arrived on the beach and now fought the small Amazon troop. Looking back towards his escape route, Herakles saw Antiope and her warriors quickly approaching the beach.

"Leave them! We have what we came for! Return to the ships!" Herakles, Hippolyta still slung over his shoulder, stalked to the awaiting long boat and boarded it, dropping Hippolyta onto its bottom. His men, following his orders, boarded the boat as well, the last few pushing them out to sea as Antiope's troops reached the beach.

"Blast!" Antiope yelled as she ran into the dark water. Stopping where the water reached her knees, Antiope considered her next move. Her beloved sister was now in the hands of barbarians and she had to rescue her. "Prepare our fastest ships for sail! We leave at once! Those barbarians will learn of an Amazon's fury!" Antiope returned to the beach, her sisters rushing to fulfill her orders. Her fists clenched, she said to herself, "I swear to you, Hippolyta, I will rescue you. I swear it, Sister!"

As the first rays of dawn peaked over the horizon, Herakles and Theseus found themselves safe on one of Theseus' ships, heading back towards Athens. "Well done, Cousin! I knew you would be able to help me capture the Amazon queen!" Theseus said as he clasped his half-god cousin on the back.

Herakles shrugged Theseus' hand from his shoulder. "I do not recall doing much 'helping,' cousin. As I recall, I was the only one doing anything." He snarled silently, his back to his cousin so he would not see the disgust on his face.

"Helping, doing. What is the difference? The point is, Hippolyta is mine!"

Herakles looked over at the still unconscious form of the Amazon Queen, now lying on the only bed that occupied the cabin they were in. Standing, he crossed the cabin to her side with but a few of his large strides. "Leave me now, Theseus. The Amazon begins to awaken, and I will take her body as she does. She will know the lust of a true man, and worship me ever after." Herakles smiled smugly down at Hippolyta.

"What?" Theseus looked up from the glass of wine he had poured himself.

"I said, leave!" Herakles bellowed at his cousin. "I will have the Amazon-- with out you watching!"

Anger quickly turning his face red, Theseus approached his cousin. "How dare you! The Amazon is mine! I will be the only man to have her! What gives you such airs? I hired you to help me steal the Amazon! Did you think that meant I would simply give her to you? Nay! Nay, I say!" More calmly he said, "Nay, you have merely miss understood my intentions. You may have any woman you wish, Cousin, for your aide to me, but you will not have Hippolyta. No, dear Cousin, the Amazon is mine by right. I am king here, after all. And I did take her, with little help from you as I recall!"

Herakles turned to face his cousin. "What?" He growled. "I am the one who stole Hippolyta! Not you, you sniveling coward! Do you honestly think I stole her so that YOU may have her! No! She is mine, she will be mine!" Herakles raised his hand to strike his cousin.

"Guards! Guards!" Theseus yelled as he reached to block his cousin's blow. The guards rushed in, swords raised. "Guards! My cousin has outstayed his welcome! Escort him from my ship immediately! Really! To say that HE kidnapped the Amazon Queen! He was not even there!"

The guards closed around Herakles, swords drawn menacingly. "Mark my words, Theseus, cousin! Mark my wards! I will have Hippolyta, and you, dear cousin, shall pay for your treachery." With that, Herakles stormed from the small cabin. Smiling to himself in sheer delight, Theseus ordered his guards, "Chain the Amazon so that she does not escape. Make sure they are tight. I will not have her escaping. Keep her drugged as well." Theseus rubbed his hands in delight as he watched his guards carry out his orders. Once they had finished and he stood alone in the little cabin save for Hippolyta, he undressed. Cutting Hippolyta's clothes from her body, he joined her in the bed.

In the months it took for the Athenians to return to Athens, Hippolyta's belly had swollen with obvious pregnancy. Rarely was her body conscious enough to register the child within her. Rarely was her body conscious enough to attempt escape. Every day, when Theseus left her side in the bed, a new bag of herbs was lit and placed closed to her; and every night when he returned the bag was removed and the tightness of her chains ensured. Though her body was a slave to Theseus, her soul was not. Using a form of meditation, Hippolyta removed her soul from her body each night as Theseus came to her. She did this for the first few nights of her imprisonment, letting her soul travel to a separate plane as she waited for him to finish. Then one night, as her soul prepared to leave her body, she noticed the small spark that was the soul of the life with in her. Crying she wrapped the small soul within her soul-arms, and together they left her body for that separate plain. This she did every night since. The plane her soul and the soul of her child ascended to was peaceful. There they felt no pain, and Hippolyta was able to watch as her child's spirit grew with life, there she allowed her soul to flow through that of her child's, showing it the way of the Amazon, the way of peace and love. This, she hoped, would save her child from the evil that was its father. Each morning, when her soul returned to her body, she was able to see or hear news of her sister Amazons. She was only able to catch glimpses before her body was over come by the noxious fumes of the burning herbs, but she often heard or saw enough to journey into unconsciousness secure in the knowledge that her rescue would be soon.

As the months past, the Athenians bloodily fought their way back to Athens, where they were able to hold the Amazons at bay only a few more months. The Amazons, able warriors and relentless in their attacks on the Athenians, cut off all routes to Athens, effectively trapping the Athenians within their borders. Soon after, they were able to force their way into the city of Athens, killing all those that attempted to stop them. The Amazons fiercely fought their way to Theseus' palace.

Within the walls of Theseus' palace, midwives had been called. The child within Hippolyta's belly chose the moment of the Amazons' siege on the palace to enter the warring world of man. Theseus stood in the birthing chamber, waiting on the birth of his child, his victory over the Amazons. Hippolyta had been allowed to reach full consciousness so that she might help with the birthing of her child. As the midwives sought to relieve Hippolyta's body of the burden that was her child, Hippolyta fought to keep the child within, praying to the goddesses that they might help her to forestall the birth of her child. Unable to withstand the pains of childbirth any longer, Hippolyta's body pushed the child from her womb.

"Sire! It is a boy, sire!" The head midwife cried as she caught the child in her arms. Hippolyta slung her head back in defeat, tears streaming down her face.

"Good. Let him be called Hippolytus in remembrance of his mother. Give the child to the guard at the door. He will know what to do with him." Theseus ordered the midwife.

Gathering her anger within herself, Hippolyta forced herself to stand. "Give me my child!" She cried as she lunged for the nearest person. Gasping in disbelief and fear, the midwives shied away from the attacking Amazon. Theseus unsheathed his sword and faced Hippolyta.

"Stand down, woman. The child will not be harmed. He is merely being sent away so that he might grow and then return to serve me when he is old enough. Stand down, woman. I do not wish to harm you. I have plans for you to bare me many more sons."

"Over my dead body, monster!" Hippolyta lunged at Theseus, dodging his sword with the agility she had learned over the years. Disarming him, Hippolyta claimed his sword as her own. As he backed away, Hippolyta brought the sword down for a massive blow that sent Theseus to the floor bleeding and unconscious. Spinning around, Hippolyta saw as her son was given to a guard that then sprinted down a corridor. As she moved to follow him, she found her path blocked by other armed guards. Engaging them in battle, she sent many to the ground. As she defeated the last one, Antiope burst into the chamber.

"Hippolyta! Thank the goddesses!" Antiope quickly surveyed the room. "Come, Hippolyta, Theseus is defeated. Let us return home." She took her sister's arm and turned to go.

Hippolyta pulled back. "No! Not yet!" Running past Antiope, Hippolyta ran down the corridor she had seen the guard take her son. Her path soon became a dead end and she came to a wall decorated with Athenian garbs. Behind her, Antiope and her fellow Amazons had followed. As Hippolyta hesitated, Antiope once again grabbed her arm.

"Polly, please! We must go, now! Herakles is bringing troops to aid his cousin! We have defeated Theseus! Let us return home. Any more revenge you seek can be gained at a later day! Let us go now!"

Reluctantly, Hippolyta followed her sister as they withdrew their armies from Athens and returned to their home. During their journey home, Hippolyta remained silent, saying nothing of her ordeal or her child. She remained locked within her cabin, refusing to see anyone, even her beloved sister, Antiope. When finally they had returned to Themyscira, Hippolyta immediately put herself through numerous purification ceremonies, as instructed by the Amazon High Priestess. Once complete, she told Antiope of the birth of her son. Antiope urged her to forget the child, ensuring her that the only way they may ever meet again would be on the battlefield, and reminding her that men were not welcome among the Amazon. Openly, Hippolyta agreed with her sister, but secretly she sent trusted spies to Athens in search of her son. As the days passed, Hippolyta returned to old self again, happily spending her days with her beloved sister, Antiope, and her sister Amazons. She fulfilled her duties to her people and went about her life as though the last year had never happened. One night, as Antiope laid reading in her bed, Hippolyta knocked at the door.

"Enter." Antiope looked up from her book to see Hippolyta enter her chamber with her battle axe in hand. Puzzled, she sat up as Hippolyta dropped the axe onto the bed before her. Still puzzled, Antiope looked at Hippolyta questioningly.

"Our deal. You won." Hippolyta said with a straight face. The sisters stared at each other, one puzzled and one stone-faced, for a moment before both erupted in laughter.

Two years later, on the southern coast of Greece, an angry little boy stalked up a hill, cold threats of anger erupting from his young mouth. Most children his age were still being cuddled by their mothers, their grasp on their native tongue no where near advanced or foul. Most children, however, had not the history this little boy had. His history, though unknown to most, was always at the fore front of his mind, as it was this moment, as he stalked angrily to the top of the hill, his back to the village he was forced to call home. In the back of his mind, he recalled comfort and love, warm arms holding him as a sweet song was sung in his ear. This was not a true memory for him, though, and so he pushed it away. Never in his short life had he been held in a loving embrace or sung to as he somehow remembered. Yet remembering this falsehood only made him angrier. Rarely did he see his birth father, but always was he reminded of how his Amazon mother had abandoned him at birth for her people. Both of these angered him more.

In the distance, dark clouds began to fill the sky. As the little boy, but two years old and so full of hate and anger, stood atop the hill, his blood raging, thunder clapped deafeningly and lightening slashed down from the sky striking a tree only a short distance away. The boy stared at the tree, surprise evident on his face.

"Not bad, Little One, not bad at all." Startled, the boy turned to find the owner of the voice. Thunder roared again as a streak of lighting struck the ground a few feet in front of the young boy. As the dust settled, a dark warrior in full armor stood before the boy. "I expected no less from my own grandson. I knew my daughter would serve me well." The dark warrior's voice was smooth yet dark as he spoke. The boy continued to stand before him, transfixed. Within himself, the boy could feel all of his hate and anger towards his parents build, his lust for revenge, and his desire to make all who harmed him pay. Slowly, an evil, calculating smile crept across his face. The dark warrior laughed and offered his hand to the boy. "Come, my son, come with me and I will see to it that your revenge is had. The whole of the world will feel your wrath, you who are to be my heir." The boy took the warrior's hand as the sky grew darker. Lightening struck, leaving only a charred place where once a boy and warrior stood.

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