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9:00A.M. Saturday Prologue

"You've got to be kidding me!", a very young, disgusted Observer commented. "You

want me to partner up with THAT! He's a lower being, he has no magical lineage

whatsoever,and he's.......human."

"Now you just wait one minute young lady! Aren't some of your good friends human?".

"Maybe. Name some." Delphine proceeded to do so,

"Well, how about that Jarod person, he's in that line of work, isn't he?"

"He kinda is, he does help people, while running from an agency that wants to exploit his

abilities for the benefit of their own dark purposes. Although Jarod manages to outwit

them at every turn, and he does it with such finesse. I haven't seen this other guy do

anything like that."She cheekily replied.

"Alright, alright bad example", Delphine said, her British accent coming on thick.

"How about that Buffy girl, and her little friends?" She was starting too wonder when her

daughter's response didn't come right away. "Well? Come on Phoebe out with it!"

"Ok...... Buffy and her 'Scooby Gang'do help people. I'll admit that, but they do it quite

discreetly, they fight supernatural forces, which I'm fairly sure this Mr. Smith character

doesn't. The'Scoobies' don't erase peoples memory for the sake of living a better life.

I think if they did that the person would have their body drained within twenty minutes.

I'd like to see angel boy handle a town like Sunnydale for once," Phoebe replied with

quite a bit of satisfaction. She knew she had outsmarted her mother for the umpteenth

time. "That's it!You are going whether you want to or not!"

And here our story begins........... And my life ends.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of "The Pretender", or
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer", or "Twice in a Lifetime".
However, I do own Phoebe, Delphine , and the idea for the
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