"That vision you had earlier is really making you cranky," Buffy whispered to her friend. "You know if you weren't your usual stand offish self you could maybe snag that guy as a boyfriend ", she teased.

"Right that will happen.", I replied slightly unnerved by her comment back. Yeah that'd do me a lot of good having a human boyfriend .

The Council would be real happy with that one. Well let's get this kid equipped, let's see we'll start him off with the basics.

"Um...Mr. Smith?" , I called softly and he instantly comes over.

"Yeah?", he asks, flashing me another one of those smiles.

"Here.", not very gently handing him an assortment of stakes, crosses, and holy water.

"You'll most likely need these."I said.

"Whatever for, to jab people with!?", he questioned. I really shouldn't have but I gave him a smile, an amused smile. Of course I don't think he took my amusement into account, I think he was just happy I smiled at him. Weird kid.

"Oh no! Of course not," I said. Then upon seeing his relieved expression I gleefully added

"They're to jab dead people with!", which is completely true. "Aim for the heart, use the cross, and splash them with holy water. Not necessarily in that order." I told him in a flat tone. "One more thing... "You do know what we're dealing with right?"

"Well considering the information you've just me given as well as the weapons, I'd have to say vampires. But that's impossible 'cause vampires don't exist!", he said.

Oh boy! We got a non believer here, perhaps I should take Angel boy on a tour of the town.

"Look if you don't hurry up and change your attitude You'll just end up dead or worse.", I said in cold tone. He seemed a bit startled at my change in demeanor and noticed the others quietly exiting the room when he blurted out,

"Well I've already died before, so it doesn't matter,".

"Yes it does matter! Whether you've died once, twice, three times or more..." I trailed off. Then taking a quieter tone, because I felt a headache coming on. "It matters because place, this damn town will keep using you over and over again. But hey, what am I telling you for? You already died." I saw the shock and disbelief on his face, I didn't care what he felt as long as got my point across. Exiting the back room and nearly smashing my head on a corner was fun. I think someone caught me but I can't be sure on who.

Such vivid memories... No! Such vivid images, flashed in front of my eyes. Images, not memories... Geez... I must have blacked out or something 'cause the whole gang is looking down at me, plus Tara and Dawn. They must have arrived while I was arguing with Smith. I had yet to open my eyes, so I had time to think of a witty opener. "Ugh.. Did anyone catch the numbers on the demon that just hit me?", brilliant, O' sarcastic one.

Xander and Giles helped me up and I prepared myself for one weird and worried look and several concerned looks. I was not disappointed either, and then I was bombarded by 'What did you sees'?' and two 'Are you alrights'?. "Nice to know someone cares about my well being", I said in mock hurt voice. Which was immediately followed by the 'Are you alright?' stuff. Not answering them I said, "Well you wanna what I saw and I suppose Mr. Smith wants to know what the hell just happened, right?." I started to walk into the main store and make my way over to the upper level. I was a third of the way up the ladder I turned around and directed my First comment at the group and my second at Master Li. "How about one I can't tell you and two you're a dead man. If the creepy crawlies don't get you Silence will." Li paled considerably at the mention of Silence. I do believe Smith as well as Tara and Willow noticed this. As I reached the top of the stairs I turned to the others and said, "You might as well get going, I'll stay here with Dawn. Remember I was going to help her with her History project."

"It's Mythology, not History.", Dawn said. I gave her a mischievous smile and a cryptic 'We'll see'.

Taking a small bottle of lotion out of my pocket I tossed it down to Smith. "Put this on, just in case." They left within the next few minutes, so it was just Dawn and me.


"The History of the Moon Kingdom is a wonderful topic Dawn,.", I cheerfully told her. "I know you think it's only a myth, but it's not. I should know, I was there.", Upon seeing her shocked expression I giggled.

"I knew you were old, but I didn't you were that old!", she said.

" I'm not, I am only nineteen years old, but time passes differently where I'm from. I can't tell you where I'm from, not yet, so don't ask."I replied. "I've decided that we are going on field trip, to get the real facts of the Moon Kingdom. Since it would take several lifetimes to learn everything, I think you should narrow it down", I told her.

"I suppose you have a suggestion on which time frame I should do, right? Hey! Giles knows you're borrowing those right?" she questioned, and pointed to the books I had selected.

"Yes and yes. I think we might need these, and I've gotten your mother's permission so don't worry. Now we need to get you home so you can pack a few things.", and with that we were off. Within moments we were at the Summers' residence and lo and behold Joyce was there. I guess she wanted to reassure herself that her youngest daughter was safe with me. I told her not to worry and that it was highly unlikely we'd get into trouble, however if such thing did happen, I said that I was a extremely seasoned fighter, even more so than Buffy. I then asked her if she would go and see if Dawn had everything she would need. I think Joyce was happy to have something to do. I walked into the living room and gently called out " Lazyrus..."

A soft, yet strong voice replied, *You called Phoebe?*

"Yes. Laz do me favor a look after the new comer for a bit, don't want him getting eaten.

Of course that would get me off this assignment faster. Just keep an eye on him, please." I asked.

* Of course... Shall I make myself visible to the others?*

"Too the Slayer maybe, but otherwise just stay hidden. You know what to do if there's trouble."

I told him, and with that he was gone.


That's it for now, I have a few more parts nearly ready to be posted.

However, I have a HUGE case of writers block, so it may be a long while.