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The lampposts outside had only just lit up. People out on the streets of London continued doing whatever it was they were doing—talking, shopping, laughing, et cetera. From a lightly curtained windowsill, a young man of twenty years stood watching them, a forlorn look in his dark eyes. With a sigh, he stood back and walked away from the joyous sight and returned to his paperwork sitting on his overcrowded desk. Swiping a lock of hair away from his eyes, Percy shook his head. If Mum saw this she would have a heart attack. Smiling slightly at that thought, he sat down and began perusing the papers. It was the usual dealings of the Ministry of Magic—miscellaneous reports and such that really did not need Fudge to fret about. That was why Percy was there. He dealt with all the boring stuff.

It had been one whole year since he had spoken to his family. Percy stared at the paper in his hands dazedly. Sure he had seen his father at work but he never spoke to him or even looked at him. And his mother…well, after her one visit last year she never came back or sent him anything except for a simple card on his twentieth birthday. It had surprised Percy nonetheless and made him feel slightly better. Dropping the paper, Percy buried his face in his hands.

Suddenly a large owl swept through his window and landed firmly on Percy's shoulder. He looked up in surprise to see Hermes eyeing him seriously, a letter attached to his left foot. Percy petted the owl's head as he took the letter. It was addressed to him and the handwriting was that of Dumbledore's. As he opened the letter, Hermes flew to his cage and began eating from his tray. Percy read the letter quickly and sighed.

Number twelve, Grimmauld Place. Tuesday, eight o'clock.

Percy folded the paper and set fire to it with his wand before looking at his calendar. Of course it was exactly like Dumbledore to assume he didn't have anything to do on that day but it must have been an emergency in order for him to actually call him to the Order of the Phoenix. Though he was definitely a member, the only one who really knew this was Dumbledore.

Percy gazed at the picture of his family on the mantle. They had no idea he was in the Order. All they knew was that he worked for Fudge and had seemingly betrayed them. Percy smiled bitterly. Of course, that was the only way his mission could be accomplished—by making his family believe otherwise and to be detached from them. In doing this, he literally isolated himself from everyone.

Dumbledore had always been suspicious of Fudge ever since the Triwizard Tournament. So he suggested someone to go undercover and try to investigate on this matter. Seeing as how Percy was already working in the Ministry under Crouch, he had requested him to do it. Originally Percy hated the idea. How could Fudge be wrong? But he was also loyal to Dumbledore and agreed.

After the whole Crouch incident, he was then promoted to Junior Assistant to the Minister. Dumbledore was pleased when that happened for now he was closer to the Minister more than ever. Soon after, Percy began to see the true treachery of Fudge when he began questioning him about his family—his father specifically. Percy could only answer uncomfortably. Some of Fudge's questions were personal and there was no way Percy could reveal all the things his father did.

Percy smiled to himself and closed his eyes. So he then decided that it was too dangerous to stay with his family much longer. With every little bit of information he gave out, Fudge would use it to his advantage and his father's disadvantage. So when his father decided to start a row about Fudge, Percy took it as his opportunity and threw insults and accusations back at him, defaming both his and Dumbledore's reputations. Then he packed all his belongings and fled to London, where he was now. It was a simple yet brilliant idea. Dumbledore hadn't liked it but agreed it was for the best. Now whenever Fudge questioned him about his father, all Percy had to say was that he didn't talk to his family anymore and knew nothing. That was the truth for Dumbledore was really the only one informing him on their news. Meanwhile, Percy took his mission to the highest level and investigated on Fudge's dealings thoroughly. The Minister was an idiot to trust him with access to all his files.

Lying down on his bed, Percy stared up at his blank ceiling. Part of his reason to leave was, yes, to protect his family by hurting them, but also to prove to himself that he wasn't some useless person. Even when Charlie was in Romania and Bill in Egypt, he had always been the most distant of the whole lot. He was never a good older brother to the twins, Ron, and Ginny either. Percy frowned. He should have been more helpful instead of always bossing them around and trying to show them how to behave. If only they could see how much he changed now. Out of his own frustration, he had nearly cut off all of his red hair. Now it was growing back slowly but Percy had decided to keep it spiked up for he had grown used to seeing it and got two pierces on his left ear, one on the top and one on the bottom. Nobody in the Ministry ever noticed it for he was nearly invisible to all of them but that didn't bother Percy. It only meant he could go sneak around even more unnoticed.

Closing his eyes, Percy closed his mind to all his thoughts and allowed himself to sleep.


"If only we had some sort of spy who could watch over Fudge's moves in the Ministry…which brings me to my next question, Albus, how in the world did you ever assume all of Fudge's reports from before?" Molly inquired, glancing at the older wizard across the table.

"That is a secret, Molly, and if I were to tell you it wouldn't be a secret anymore."

Molly looked obstinate but kept her tongue to herself. She had no reason to doubt Dumbledore, but she did find it suspicious when he brought in one of Fudge's business letters associating with the goblins and giants. In it contained several hints to Fudge's plans and it had been quite useful to say the least but where would Dumbledore get such invaluable information?

"But you have to admit it does cause suspicions," Remus rang up lightly.

Dumbledore acknowledged him thoughtfully before folding his hands. "I suppose I can tell you that I have someone currently positioned in the watching of Fudge. The person's identity, however, I will not reveal until quite some time—if it ever comes to that," he remarked calmly.

Everyone sighed and stared at Dumbledore wearily yet with less regard on the situation.

"Do you really think Fudge would hunt down every goblin and giant like that? The goblins he will never be able to track down completely and the giants… It seems quite inhuman what he plans for them, or at least considering what it said in the letter you gave us," Kinsley commented suddenly. Heads snapped in his direction in agreement.

"To capture and cage them…it's very unjust I tell you," remarked Moody darkly.

Dumbledore sighed. "Fudge is slowly losing his grip on the situation. Now that every wizard and witch knows about Voldemort's return, he is probably trying all he can to make sure everything will be in order, even resort to the dirtiest of actions," he explained.

Remus shook his head in disgust. "And what are we going to do? Hagrid's visit last year proved to be quite a disaster from what he told us," he said.

"Do you suppose the Death Eaters got to them by now?" Tonks queried.

Moody grunted. "Considering no one's gone after them since Hagrid, you really think they even remember us?" he growled. Tonks looked troubled but nodded slightly in agreement.

"We still have hope as long as Hagrid has Grawp," Dumbledore said slowly.

"What good is that going to do?" Tonks inquired, arching an eyebrow.

Dumbledore smiled lightly and his eyes were twinkling. "We shall see."

Arthur sighed loudly and slapped his hands to get everyone else's attentions. "Well, I'd say that would be all wouldn't you? Remember we all have work tomorrow," he announced. Everyone murmured in agreement and began rustling about, gathering their belongings. Arthur turned to face Dumbledore bashfully. "Eh, sorry to intrude like that," he apologized.

Laughing, Dumbledore shook his head. "No need, Arthur. I was about to suggest the same thing," he replied cheerfully. Facing Molly he asked, "Excuse me, but do you know where the bathroom is? My memory seems to be slipping nowadays."

Molly looked surprised for a moment before laughing and patting Dumbledore's shoulder. "Oh, I don't blame you; everything's been so hectic as of late," she replied while waving down the hall, "and as for the bathroom—down the hall and make a left."

Dumbledore nodded and smiled at Molly before departing.

As he entered the hall, Dumbledore didn't follow the directions Molly had given him. Instead, he took an alternative route as he began pondering the arrival of his so-called "spy" he had mentioned at the meeting.


He had never been to the Order of the Phoenix though he had heard from Dumbledore that it wasn't really a bright place. Percy eyed the old door before him and tapped it once with his wand. The door creaked open and he walked in silently. Eyeing the gleaming floor and walls, he nodded to himself. It seemed the decontaminating of the place was finished. Walking slowly down the hall he readied himself. It seemed everyone was sleeping or in the kitchen. He was supposed to meet Dumbledore in one of the rooms on the first floor. Slipping into the shadows, he put a Disillusionment Charm on himself and crept quietly down the hall, hearing voices echo softly around him. One, he recognized with a pang to his heart, was his father.

Walking into an open room, Percy waited patiently by the door. Dumbledore was late, he noted as he gazed at the grandfather clock on the wall. Letting his eyes wander, he saw that the room was in fact completely empty save that clock. There were no windows and the floor was a gleaming mahogany color. Percy crossed his arms and began to worry. What if Moody was there? One sweep of his gaze would uncover his position and knowing Moody, he would place a jinx on him before thinking. Percy frowned and before he knew it, felt a warm hand placed on his shoulder. Jumping slightly, he whipped around to see a slightly smiling Dumbledore. Backing away a little, Percy bowed.

"Professor, I didn't see you," he greeted quietly. Dumbledore chuckled softly and shook his head at the redhead.

"Didn't I tell you to call me Albus or even just Dumbledore? You're no longer in Hogwarts, nay, you graduated with full marks two years ago," Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eyes. Percy nodded and relaxed himself in the presence of his former headmaster.

"Was there a reason you called me here?" he inquired once the joking settled down. He was sure Dumbledore wasn't just checking up on him. He could have sent a letter for that. Percy narrowed his eyes at the silence radiating from Dumbledore. "Is there something you want me to do?" he tried again.

This time Dumbledore did look up at him with a grim look on his face. "I have examined the reports you have given me on Fudge's actions," he began, "and they have been quite informative. But now I must request for you to leave Fudge's post."

Percy blinked several times and gazed at the older man before him questionably. Dumbledore wanted him to leave Fudge? But why would he want that? He was uncovering such invaluable information about the Minister and it was helping the Order significantly.

"But why? I thought you wanted to know more on Fudge's actions and whereabouts," he protested.

Dumbledore sighed and closed his eyes wearily before answering. "It is bringing you too close to Fudge and if we ever decided to use this information you've given us, he will blame you first. Fudge is not stupid; he would have figured that out. In fact he may have even suspected you working for us if not for you leaving the Weasleys, which probably baffled him to say the least. We have enough information to guess what Fudge is planning but I need you for something else now," he explained slowly, as if regretting every word he was saying.

"What is it?"

"I need you to work with the rest of the Aurors to keep Harry safe."

Percy arched an eyebrow at this. "I thought Harry had enough guards already," he said, remembering faintly that night last year when nine wizards and witches volunteered to rescue him.

Dumbledore smiled. "Yes, but you must remember Mundungus Fletcher and Mrs. Figg? They were posted to watch over Harry in his own neighborhood but failed when the dementors came along. I need someone there that won't fail. I will also be calling on your help in the near future as well but…that reason does not need to be revealed now," he remarked lightly.

"All right, I agree," said Percy without hesitation. He was beginning to grow bored of doing Fudge's paperwork anyhow and acting like a raving fanatic. "I assume I will be staying with Mrs. Figg then."

"You don't miss a single beat, young Percy," chuckled Dumbledore.

Percy eyed the older man seriously. "Umm…Dumbledore…er, how are you doing anyway? With all this Voldemort business?" he queried softly, surprising himself when he used the name of the wizard without flinching. Dumbledore must be rubbing off on me, he thought amusedly. The older man eyed him curiously and shook his head.

"Not here and not now. But I can tell you we are doing all right at the moment. Last year's events has showed us that we need to work more carefully but I am most concerned about Harry. Perhaps seeing a familiar face will take his mind off of Sirius's death," he offered gently.

Percy highly doubted Harry would be glad to see him but nodded anyway. "If that's all," he said as Dumbledore nodded.

"I suggest you move in with Mrs. Figg as soon as possible. I have already informed her of your arrival. And as for Fudge, make up any excuse to leave his office but I warn you, he will try to convince you to stay."

"I got it," Percy said. With a half wave, he left the room quickly and stealthily, leaving Dumbledore in the room by himself.

Sighing, the older man looked at the clock and headed out the door and into the hallway where Molly Weasley greeted him. Smiling at the woman, Dumbledore waved. "Ah, I must have taken the wrong turn at some point. Do you mind telling me where the bathroom is again, Molly?"

The woman looked surprised for a moment before smiling. "Of course, Albus. It's around the corner from here and down the hall, you can't miss it," she instructed. "But I thought I heard voices before and I came to check. I didn't expect to see you come out from that room."

Dumbledore chuckled. "Well, you can't blame an old man for talking to himself when he's lost now can you? Thank you for the directions. I will be leaving soon after. There is some business at Hogwarts I must attend to you see…"

Molly shook her head fervently. "Of course, Albus, that's understandable. It was so nice to see you anyhow," she said cheerfully as Dumbledore made his leave.



Ah yes, here is my third attempt at HP fandom. Wow, only your third? Yes, indeed. Now unlike my other fics, this will be focused around Percy and will be based after OotP. I'm sorry, but his behavior in that book was too unacceptable. This is my, ahem, reasoning of it because I just love the guy so much and I can't believe he would just betray his family like that. Now Harry and the others will definitely make appearances, I just said it would be focused around Percy but these guys have substantial roles as well. Also later there will be…err…Percy/Oliver. So there is slash in the future—you have been warned. Oh, I'm so happy now. My first Percy/Oliver!! I might pair Harry with someone, too. Who knows…

Another note: I changed Percy's character drastically. I made him to what I think he would become considering the circumstances.

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