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The Wind Waker 

This is but one of the Legends of which the people speak:

Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden.

It was a land of high mountains, vast lakes and forests, and peace.

But, one day, a man of great evil entered the land and took the golden power for himself, and with its power at his command, he spread darkness across the kingdom.

Then, just as the hour of doom seemed at hand and all hope had died…

A boy clothed in green appeared as if from no where.

Wielding the 'Blade of Evils' Bane,' he defeated the evil and gave the land light, and many years of peace followed.

This boy, who had traveled through time to save the land, was known as the Hero of Time.

The boy's tale was passed down through generations until it became legend.

But then, a foul wind began to blow across the kingdom.

The great evil that all thought had been forever sealed away by the Hero,

Crept back from the very depths of the earth, seeking to resume its dark designs.

The people believed that the Hero of Time would come again to save the land,

But the Hero did not appear…

All the people could do was appeal to the gods.

And, in their final hour, their future was left in the hands of fate…

What became of that kingdom? None remain who know.

The memory of the kingdom vanished, but its legend survived on the wind's breath.

On a certain island, it became customary to garb boys in green when they came of age.

Clothed in the green of fields, the boys aspired to find heroic blades and cast down evil.

The elders only wished for the boys to know courage like the Hero of legend.

1 The Legend Begins

    "'Hoy!" a young girl yelled as she ran out of her home on Outset, her blond hair waving softly in the easterly wind. A seagull landed on her shoulder as she put a brown telescope to one of her eyes and looked around. "Big Brother!"

    Meanwhile, on the Eastern side of Outset Island, high on top of a lookout, a boy wearing orange pants and a long sea blue shirt sat on the railings of the lookout. He stared out to sea with deep concentration, watching every wave as they rose and fell. Underneath his messy golden hair, his pointy ears suddenly twitched. The easterly wind had just completely turned around and was now blowing east.

    "That's weird. The wind doesn't usually change that much, that quickly," he said. A seagull cawed as it landed next to him.

    "Out here again, Link?" Link literally jumped off the railings and slipped off, barely grabbing onto the floor of the outlook before falling to the ocean. He climbed back to solid ground, gasping for breath.

    "Aryll, please don't sneak up on me," Link groaned. Aryll giggled.

    "I didn't mean too. Normally, you would've caught me before I could do that."

    "I was thinking."

    "About what?" Link shrugged.


    "Well, then maybe you were thinking about what today is," Aryll said mysteriously.

    "What today is? What's today?"

    "You can't remember what today is? Are you half-asleep or something?" Aryll giggled again loudly. "Link! Today's your birthday!" Her brother quickly snapped out of his thinking trance and rubbed the back of his neck with a little embarrassment. "Grandma wants you to get back to the house. She's been waiting a while now. Everyone's ready for the party!" Link sighed. He knew exactly what the big deal was. Link was now the same age as the Hero of legend when he began his adventure. On Outset, that meant a lot.

    Quickly deciding on taking a shortcut, the boy sat back down on the railings.

    "Link, what are you doing?" Aryll asked.

    "I'm gonna get different clothes on anyway. I might as well get wet while I still can." As he said this, Link leaned back as far as he could on the rails until he was hanging upside down, and let go, so he fell into the salty water with a perfect dive. Right as he hit the water, he began swimming back over to the Western Island, where his Grandma was waiting in the house.

    "'Hoy! Link! Over here!" someone shouted at him from the docks as Link climbed out of the water near his home. "Where ya' goin'?" A small boat with a structure on top floated gently to the shore of Outset and a skinny man stood on the bow, tying the boat to the dock. He was wearing blue pants and wore no shirt, his usual attire.

    "Oh, hey, Beedle. I thought you'd never visit this island again."

    "Well, you know me. As soon as that ghost ship moves north, I move south. So, where ya' going?" Link chuckled. Beedle had never believed most of the rumors that went around the Great Sea, but when it came to ghosts, Beedle was very superstitious.

    "Well, I'm going back to my house. It's-" Link was suddenly interrupted as the merchant fell back on his boat.

    "It's your birthday! I almost forgot! How old are ya'? Ten, is it?" Beedle asked, getting back to his feet.

    "Actually twelve." Beedle fell back down again. The deck of his boat was obviously very slippery.

    "Twelve, huh? Ya' know, you're as old as the Hero spoken of in legends was when he began his adventures," Beedle said with a slight smirk.

     "I thought you didn't believe in the legend."

    "Today I do, even if you don't. And, I believe that what you've been dreading is today." Link sighed with exasperation. When the boys of Outset "came of age" they had to wear a green tunic like the Hero's for their birthday. Once upon a time, they were even given swords to cast down evil, but that seemed like ages ago. Orca was the only one on the island who had even touched a sword, besides Sturgeon, his brother, who had given up on swordplay.

    "I'm just glad it's only for today, and today only," Link replied. The Merchant, Beedle, chuckled. "Who started this tradition anyway?" 

    "Someone obsessed with the old legends, probably," Beedle said thoughtfully. "Well, go on to your house and get your "present." I'll give you a good present when you come back, but you won't get it unless I see green. And I don't mean green Rupees.' The boy groaned loudly and ran the rest of the way to his home.

    When he reached the door, he glanced at the symbol on the door: Three intricate triangles forming a larger one. Even if he had no interest whatsoever in the legends, the simple design on the door had always meant something to him. It had become a tradition over the years for him to look at the door whenever he went into his house. After looking for just a second, Link opened the door and walked into his house quickly.

    "Link," his Grandma said softly when she heard the door close. She had been in her usual spot by the fire, cooking soup. "Happy birthday."

   "Oh. Hi, Grandma," Link greeted sadly as he looked at the green clothes in his grandmother's hands.

    "Time sure flies. I can't believe your old enough to wear these clothes. These were the same clothes worn by the Hero in the olden days. Well, maybe not the same ones, but fairly close. In the old days, when a boy reached a certain age, they finally were considered to be men, and were taught the ways of the sword to defeat countless monsters." Link rolled his eyes. He had definitely heard this conversation before. "Now, our ways are the ways of peace. Orca is probably the only one in the village who knows anything about swordplay. Well, try them on." Grandma held out the clothes to Link and he took them gravely. She turned around as Link quickly changed into the outfit: a green tunic with white pants, brown leather boots, a brown leather belt with a satchel, a light green undershirt, and a large forest green cap that could've been a circus tent. He pulled the hat over his messy blonde hair as his grandma turned back around.

    "Don't look so down. You only have to wear them for one day, but you should be proud. Your father was." Grandma quickly shut her mouth and changed the subject. Link's parents had died many years before in a boat wreck near Crescent Island during the full moon. Many people said that that was one of the worst things that could happen to anyone: to die near that cursed island on the night of the full moon. "Now, go get Aryll. Sturgeon gave me news that a storm might hit before dusk. He sounded worried about it, too. A terrible thing to happen on your birthday, too. If we're going to have a birthday party for you, we'd better have it before then."

    "A storm? Hit Outset?" Link just shrugged it off thinking, "Impossible!" And obediently ran back out the door to get Aryll. Sturgeon was probably the smartest man alive on the Great Sea, but a storm hitting the peaceful island of Outset was as impossible as pirates suddenly appearing at the island. But then, nothing's impossible, right?

    Link smiled when he stepped out the door. Beedle was right outside, about to knock on the door, when he opened it. The traveling merchant quickly hid a pink…thing behind his back and sniggered.

    "Don't say a word," Link growled.

    "Sorry, but I've never actually seen the outfit. Thank goodness I grew up on Windfall. Either the Hero loved green, or 'e rolled around in grass a lot." Beedle was really pressuring himself to contain his laughter. "Anyhoo, happy birthday!" He took a pink cloth sack with the face of a pig sewed on the front, stuffed full of some kind of bait, out from behind his back and gave it to Link.

    "A bait bag?"

    "Yep. It's my last one, and its yours for free! Just don't tell anyone, or everyone will want free stuff for their birthdays," Beedle said and Link chuckled as he gratefully took the bag and strapped it to his belt. "Now, you'd better go get your sister. Every sailor on the Sea that I've met's been talking about this big storm that's supposed to hit. Ya' know how sailors are. They know the seas." Again about that storm?

    "Whatever. Even if a storm did hit the Great Sea, it wouldn't be here. This island's never been hit by a storm. Even Sturgeon will agree with that!"

    "You think what ya' will, but ol' Cyclos is on the move." Link shook his head at his old friend. Since when did he believe the tales about the Hero and about the god of storms? Beedle shrugged, said a quick "See ya", and walked back to the beach, leaving a very confused Link. Things were getting strange. Shaking off the dumbfoundedness, he ran across the bridge connecting the two islands and climbed the ladder to the tower, where Aryll was waiting with dozens of seagulls flying around on the soft breeze.

    "Hey, Link," Aryll said with an ear-to-ear grin. Her smile quickly dropped when she saw Link's outfit. "Wow. Did Grandma make that for you? It looks like it might be a little warm." Link blinked innocently. He had never noticed that they would normally be sweltering hot in the tropical weather, because they actually felt just fine. "Anyway, I still have to give you my gift! Close your eyes and hold out your hands!"

    "Sis, you didn't have to…"

    "Yes, I did. Just 'cause you're my big brother," Aryll replied as she placed something long and thin in Link's hands. "Now, open your eyes! And I'm only letting you have it for today. You have to give it back eventually."

    "Your telescope! Thanks, Aryll!" Link exclaimed gratefully as he admired the long piece of metal. He looked around through the telescope and stopped when he was looking at the postbox near his house and zoomed in on it. A strange man with dark skin and a big yellow-ish nose was standing in front, dropping a few letters in it. The man looked up, jumped back in surprise, and suddenly wings sprouted from his slender arms and he began to fly around wildly.

    "AHHHH! Link! Look up in the sky!" his sister shouted. Link immediately turned the telescope away from the birdman and watched the sky. Every person outside his or her own house on Outset was doing the same thing: staring at a giant black bird, with its flowing golden tail, soaring high in the air. But only Link, with the telescope, could see what it was carrying in its talons.

    A girl was clutched tightly in that bird's claws.

    Without notice, a cannonball went soaring past the bird, and Link looked towards the sea. A huge wooden ship was catapulting dozens of cannonballs at the bird, one by one. The ship had a pirate's sail and flag. No pirates ever came to Outset. They hurled one last cannonball to the bird, just as it looked towards the boat, and it hit the bird right on the side of the head. It released its talons, and just barely caught itself before falling to the forest below. The girl, however, fell straight into the trees.

    "Link!" Aryll exclaimed, practically jumping up and down. "We have to help her! But the forest is blocked off! We have to get in there somehow!" Link thought frantically, trying to think of some way to get to the forest. Pirates, a giant kidnapping bird, everyone talking about a storm: everything seemed absolutely upside down. Then, he remembered another thing. Orca had swords, and using a sword was the only possible way to get to the forest. Orca could lend a sword to Link, but just for the day. Just until that girl was safe.

    Link quickly jumped over the side of the tower and fell into the water once again, but this time, he swan straight for Orca's house. He entered the door of the first floor (the second floor was where Sturgeon lived) and began talking to Orca as fast as possible.

    "OrcaIneedaswordbecausethisgirlgotdroppedintotheforestandsheneedshelp!" The old man, Orca, just stared at Link with confusion.

    "Slow down, boy! If you're going to talk, catch your breath first!" Link took a deep breath, and began to speak again.

    "I need a sword, because this bird kidnapped a girl, and a cannonball from these pirates hit the bird, so it dropped the girl. Now the girl's somewhere in the forest, and I need a sword to get into the forest!"

    "She fell in the forest? Oh, no. That's not good." Orca's aged face grew wrinkled with worry; he took a short sword, tossed it to Link, and ran towards the door. "We need to find her fast, before the monsters do."

    "Monsters?" Link squeaked. "Um, Orca. I don't know how to use a sword! I've never touched one in my life!" Orca stopped in mid-step and turned back around. Link's grandmother would probably kill Orca if the old man had given Link a sword- or anything sharp for that matter. In that case, why Link even thought of getting a sword first thing is still a mystery. Orca began to chuckle slightly.

    "Then, are you ready for serious instruction on the ways of the sword?" Orca questioned. Link didn't like the sound of it, but the hilt of the sword in his hands…it felt…right. Orca walked back to the center of his house, holding his spear as if he was going to fight an army of monsters. "Well, if your grandma likes it or not, the days of peace may be ending. You need to learn how to use a sword, so we can save that girl. You can't go into that forest defenseless."

    "What about if I like it or not?" Link said under his breath. "I only need a sword to get there, not to knock the stuffing out of monsters."

    "What was that?"

    "I just said, 'Let's get going already!'"

    "Patience," Orca said as he bowed slightly to Link. Link quickly followed suit and bowed, too. "First is the horizontal swing. Come up to me and swing your sword horizontally."

    "But, won't you get hurt? This thing looks pretty sharp," the boy experimentally swung the blade and listened to the sharp sound of it cutting through the air.

    "I'll be fine. We have to hurry, remember?" Link nodded reluctantly and ran up to Orca and swung his sword at the aged man. This continued for a while, until Link had practiced horizontal and vertical swings, thrusts, spin attacks, jump attacks and parry attacks so well that he could probably do them in his sleep. Link grasped his knees tightly to catch his breath as Orca walked towards the door.

    "That was very good, but we shouldn't waste anymore time." Link nodded tiredly and unwillingly followed Orca out and up to the forest.

    "Are we there yet?"


    "How much longer?"

    "The more you talk, the longer it will take," Orca said with some annoyance. They had been walking up the side of one of the mountains that covered most of Outset Island to get to the bridge that led to the forest.

    "Does it have to be all uphill?" Link complained

    "Do you want to save that girl or not!" This time, Link stayed silent. Orca nodded and continued to lead Link up the mountain, until they finally came to the very peak and were facing the bridge and forest. The old swordsman didn't stop, as Link had hoped for, but kept on going, jumped across a gap in the bridge, and entered the dense forest.

    "Wait for me!" Link shouted as he ran over the bridge hopped across the gap, and ran deep into the woods.

    Just as he had gone far enough into the trees to not be able to see the entrance, Link had to abruptly stop so he wouldn't crash into Orca. Orca was just standing there, looking at the canopy of trees. He looked around at the tops of the trees, seeking whatever it was that Orca was looking at, and saw the girl. She was hanging from a tree branch only by the back of her blue vest.

    "Orca! That's her! Come on!"

    "Link, be quiet," Orca demanded, and his voice instantly dropped to a whisper. "The monsters are most likely waiting in an ambush."

    "Orca, you're being paranoid. There are no monsters here!" To prove that he was right, Link walked right up to the tree holding the girl up. He was about to call the girl to wake her up, but before he could do that, a loud growl was heard and a black creature with several small horns and a brown vest fell from the trees.

    "Link! You fool!" Orca shouted. The Bokoblin hopped towards the man and he held up his staff to block the attacks. "Get that girl out of the tree!" Link nodded and rushed towards the tree and shouted at the girl, trying to get her to wake up before the Bokoblin decided to take an easier target. The girl opened her eyes slowly, and blinked at the ground.

    She let out a quick yelp and began struggling helplessly until she heard a strange cracking sound. She stopped for just a second, and the branch holding her up snapped. The Bokoblin turned in surprise at the sound, and Orca smacked it upside the head with his staff, knocking the monster out for good.

    "Owwwww," the girl moaned as Link and Orca helped her to her feet. "What happened?" She took a step back and looked at Link's outfit. "What's with the get-up?"

    "It's some stu- I mean- It's a tradition here." In the middle of the word stupid, Orca had given Link a nasty look.

    "MISS TETRA! Miss!" Everyone looked towards the entrance of the forest, were a bulky man was running in with his arms high in the air. "We all thought you were a goner when that bird dropped you on this summit!"

    "A summit? That bird dropped me on top of a mountain?" Tetra, the girl, gave the look that showed she wanted some revenge, a look she was an expert at. "Well, wasn't that nice of it. Come on! We have to go pay that bird back in full!" Tetra began to walk to the entrance and signaled for the man to follow.

    "But, what about these two?"

    "The old man and the kid? They'll be fine! Come on!" The man, who judging by the outfit he was wearing, was a pirate, ran off towards the girl.

    "Link, were those…pirates?"

    "Yeah, I already told you."

    "I didn't believe it at first, but let's go. We have no business in here." Orca marched after the pirates and Link followed, but not before going out of his way to step on the Bokoblin first.

    As they walked out of the forest, Link took a long deep breath. It was really stuffy in the forest, and a good breath of ocean air always fixed that.

    "Big Brother!" Aryll shouted. She was waiting on the other side of the bridge with two seagulls on either side. Link smiled and waved at the little girl, and she happily skipped across the bridge to meet them.

    Then, when she was about halfway across the bridge, a loud cawing sound was heard. A giant black streak shot down out of the sky and passed right over Aryll, leaving only large black feathers where she once was.

    "BROTHER!" screamed Aryll from the bird's talons.

    Link shouted in horror and fury and the bird, drew his sword, and ran toward the bird. Suddenly he felt nothing underneath his feet, gravity took hold and he began to plummet towards the water, when the girl grabbed his hand.

    "Stupid…kid!" She shouted as Link struggled wildly.

    "Let me go! I have to save Aryll! LET ME GO!"

    "Link! Stop struggling! She's gone," Orca said softly. Link stopped and just hung there limply as he stared out at the bird. Now it was only a black dot on the horizon showing where the bird was going.


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Next time: A Day and A Half in the Life of Pirates

Tetra began to bark orders at all of the pirates as the winds picked up. Link, Niko, and Gonzo were all tying the sails up, when suddenly a great wave slammed the side of the ship.

"Miss Tetra! If the wind gets any stronger, it'll rip the mast right outta the ship!" Niko shouted over the howling winds.

"Don't say that! You'll curse us like that!" Almost instantly, the winds did get stronger, and another wave crashed against the starboard side. In the force of the impact, Niko hold on the mast broke, he went falling to the sea.

"Niko!" Link yelled. He slid down the mast, grabbed a rope from the cabin wall, and ran towards the port side where Niko was. The boy tied the rope round his feet, and tied the other end to the boat's railings.

"MAN OVERBOARD!" Mako exclaimed. The captain shot a look to her right, and gasped when she saw Link falling off the boat.