So totally sorry that I haven't been doing very well at posting a chapter a week, but it's become hectic week! Skiing, concert, vacation to cousin's house, (where I am right now) about fifty other ideas begging to be put on paper, one of which I'm starting to like…And something about my story that I was worrying about.

I was wondering what you guys think: Should I put in an original character, or keep EXACTLY to the game. I would prefer an original character because I already wrote one of the chapters with her in it and it would help with character development lots! On the other hand, everyone's been complimenting me on how well I've stuck to the storyline…If you want a little more info on the original character before you decide, e-mail me at or


LS: No she isn't! She just holds one heck of a grudge. *laughs nervously*

Mystery person: PIRATE! *attacks LS*

LS: @_@

So, OC or no?