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Don't Look Now

"Stop! Stop! Someone please help me catch that girl!"

A lithe-figured teenager with fiery red hair, and dressed in a sweater, jeans and tennis shoes, sprinted down the crowded streets of Asakusa, Tokyo like there was no tomorrow. All she could see in her haste were blurry figures and indistinct structures. She crashed into strangers who inadvertently obstructed her way, and earned from them angry glares and mumbled indignation. Nevertheless, she carelessly shoved them aside and continued fleeing.

Sora Takenouchi took a quick daring glance over her shoulder.

That old woman was still clearly hot on her heels and screaming after her. The tail of her black scarf fluttered ridiculously in the autumn wind. Sora's lips twisted into a frowning smirk. Looks really are deceiving, she thought wryly. She was both impressed and dismayed by the incredible speed that woman exhibited for her age.

"Stop at once, you shameless girl! You're not going to get away with this!" The old woman bellowed as she barreled down the streets.

Sora winced at the unbelievable volume of the woman's voice. "Stupid wrinkly hag! Gotta lose her fast," she muttered to herself as she made a sudden turn into a small avenue on her left.

Unfortunately, this avenue led her into the hub of a shopping street that was colorfully lined with canopied vendors and filled with many more people compared to the other streets. There was obviously no chance for Sora to weave her way through the sea of people fast enough. That old woman would surely catch up to her.

Eyes darting all around and heart pounding wildly, Sora hurried to come up with a fail-proof escape plan. A short distance ahead, she spotted a tall teenager who looked around her age. He had chaotic brown hair and was dressed in black jeans and a navy blue flannel. He was standing off to the side of a snack vendor and obliviously fishing in his wallet. A thick and nicely stuffed wallet, to be exact. And also in his grasp was a silver-blue object that resembled a watch. Although she had never seen a gadget like that before, there was an odd inkling that she was supposed to know precisely what it was.

Yet Sora pushed that inkling aside. There was obviously a more urgent issue to resolve. Sora deliberated on her imminent plan, but for only a split second. Dodging around a couple of men unloading some cargo boxes, she quickly flipped her reversible two-color sweater and pulled the hidden hood over her head, effectively hiding her red hair and obscuring her face from view. Then without any warning, she came to a halt in front of the unsuspecting brown-haired teenager and flung herself at him, knocking and swinging him a couple of steps to the side and using his body to block her own.

The teenager was caught completely off guard as a random girl, apparently from out of nowhere, jerked her arms tightly around his neck and crushed her lips against his.

What the hell is going on?! He struggled to think coherently, but his brain was helplessly turning into mush.

Tai Kamiya had never kissed a girl before.

He subconsciously wrapped his arms around the female stranger and responded fervently to her soft lips, feeling giddy as he pulled her warm body close to his. Common sense started to return to him only when he heard an old woman's scornful remark in passing.

"Kissing in public! Teenagers these days have no shame!" she spat vehemently.

From the corner of his eyes, Tai caught a glimpse of the bobbing tail of a black scarf. The woman had disappeared into the crowds before he could even catch a clear glance of her back.

When Sora sensed that her pursuer was definitely out of sight and off track, she released her impromptu savior, breathing raggedly as she pulled her face away from his. As she regained her composure, she eyed him up and down, taking advantage of their close proximity to check him out.

A deep blush claimed her face as she discovered that she liked what she saw up close. This guy was totally good-looking and she felt especially drawn to his attractive brown eyes, which were presently wide open and staring at her with a combination of awe and bewilderment.

"You're one hell of a good kisser," she uttered softly, before dashing away.

Tai Kamiya wanted to respond with something intelligible to the pretty stranger who had just stolen his first kiss, but she was already gone. He could only mutely watch her fleeing figure disappear completely into the sea of people as he finished collecting his wits.