Author's Notes: Well, this is my first fanfic, so I hope it's ok. I do not own Ultimecia, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Griever, or any of the other Final Fantasy VIII characters, GFs, or terms. They are respectively Square/Square-Enix's creations and I'm just using them. I do, however, own the storyline, along with Seth, Geoff, the four evil SeeD people, Tempest and Kali. So uh...please Square, don't sue me! Well, I hope you like it. . .

Chapter 1

Krystal Tears / Ending the Life- Sorceress War III-Part1

High atop her throne in the Master's Room of her Castle, a silver haired sorceress sat, deep in thought. Her mind wandered from the present to the past, something she had been doing much of these last few hours, waiting for the SeeDs who had passed into her time to die. She thought of her Knight, a SeeD killed by his comrades because he chose to protect the one he loved. Her anger shattered her tranquil thoughts, as she was pulled back into the memory of that battle. The one that had killed him. Her knight. Seth.

Flashback: Ending the Life: Sorceress War III
Ultimecia's Point of View

I stood in the deserted streets of Balamb, my knight on my right, my only other friend on my left. In front of us stood four fellow SeeDs, weapons raised, looks of hate and disgust in their eyes. The leader, a blond young man with long hair, stepped forward, spit, and looked at the girl with the silver hair. . . me.


The boy beside me, his black hair blowing slightly in the other man's scream, stepped forward. His green eyes flashed, and he spoke. "We don't want a fight. Just leave Ultimecia alone. Go back to Garden and you never have to see us again."

A dark haired woman, also in her SeeD uniform, stepped up beside the blond man. "We'll never do that. We're SeeD. It is our sworn duty to destroy all sorceresses before they destroy us. That evil bitch won't get the chance to build up her powers. We'll end her life now! Ultima!"

The woman outstretched her hand and a wave of green light surrounded us before exploding and taking a small chunk of HP from each of the three of us. My knight was the first back to his feet. He stood, and pulled his glowing gunblade from its sheath.

"We warned you. We don't want to hurt you, so please, just go. We don't want a fight. Go back to Garden. Now."

The blond haired man moved forward again. "Never. Your life ends here sorceress! And with it all those who oppose SeeD!"

He launched himself at my friend, Geoff. The boy easily dodged the other man's blade. Geoff then proceeded to swing his elbow back and hit the other man hard in the back, disarming him.

Following their comrade's example, the other three SeeDs entered the fray. Another boy hurled a ninja star at my chest. My knight flung out his arm, the ninja star embedding itself into his gunblade he had outstretched. I felt myself calling upon my magic, casting Triple upon myself. The dark-haired female SeeD flung a Holy spell at the me. Seth (my knight) and Geoff stood beside me, watching as the last member of the rival group entered the battle by beginning the summoning of the GF Tempest. The SeeDs fell back into battle formation, watching and waiting.

I watched as Geoff began summoning Catoblepas, and Seth charged at the leader of the other group and made a slash with his blade, Lion Heart. The blade ripped into the man's flesh, drawing blood. Seth moved back quickly into rank with Geoff and I to avoid counterattacks.

The boy who had called upon Tempest disappeared as the GF became material, and took his comrades into the void of non-existence with him. Tempest, the Guardian of the Storm, appeared then, a pale beauty with lightning for hair and a cloud for legs. She unleashed her multi-elemental Storm Warning, thunder, ice and rain falling onto our heads, fire burning the quaking earth, a whirlwind bringing each element together. Tempest watched her attack wreak its havoc upon her so-called enemies, and disappeared once more, bringing back the golden eyed Sorceress' . . .my, would-be-murderers.

I looked at my comrades. Their HP was sadly reduced. I called forth Triple Curagas, one for each of us, and noted we might not be able to win this battle.

The blond boy charged again with his blade, this time at his desired target, me, instead of Geoff, and Geoff watched in horror as the blade made a furious arc towards my neck, and saw with equal horror Seth had not been fast enough to stop the blade's desired point of impact. I heard Geoff's scream as I realized that the blade would sever my head from my shoulders. And I felt myself disappear into oblivion. . .