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Chapter 8


Everything burns.  The pain is unbearable.  My head throbs.  I can't move.  It takes me a few moments to remember I'm dead, that I shouldn't be feeling at all.

I open my eyes.  Take in my surroundings.

I'm back.

In The Void.

I stand.  I wear the tatters of my dress, my hair loose, floating around my head in the slight breeze.  I hear a noise behind me.  I turn suddenly.


Paranoid.  I pause for a moment to try to understand what's going on.  I've been killed, yet I return, fully corporeal and alive, to this Void.  Why?


That can be the only reason.  It is my punishment for freeing Hyne; to stay in this Void of Irreality for eternity.  I shall suffer for my thoughtless actions.  I gave into my desires, I almost destroyed the world; all of existence.  I needed to be punished.  And so, here I was.  That had to be it.

Damn. Rationalization sucks.

There was no point staying where I was.  I picked a direction and began walking.  Contemplating.  Everything.

I tried so hard.  Tried to end Garden's existence.  I even used Junction Machine Ellone.  For nothing.  All I accomplished was killing more innocents.  I helped no one.  I failed Seth.  And Geoff.  I didn't protect the helpless.  I killed them.  The more I thought, the more I realized I deserved this fate.  I deserved to be trapped in the Void.  I don't deserve to see them again.  Any of them.  I was corrupted, defiled.  No one would want to see me now.  I had become the stereotypical sorceress.  Become everything I had been against.  I deserved this.

I looked up to the sky, a blackish-grey.  Twin tears slid down my cheeks.  I wiped them away.  They kept coming.  I closed my eyes; willing myself to stop.  I didn't even deserve my own tears.  I brought it all on myself.  I can't even have self-pity.  The tears froze on my face, crystal shards of ice.  I wiped in frosty tears from my face, looked back up, and felt the most excruciating pain ever.

I hit me sharp and hard, everywhere at once.  It was like getting hit by a bus.  Or a train.  Or a plane.  Or all of them at once.  My mind, body, everything hurt.  It was torture.  It was. . .

My sorceress powers.

'A Sorceress cannot die in peace without being free of her powers'. 

No.  This isn't possible.  I gave them to the SeeD boy.  I know it.  So, how could I still have them?  It made no sense. . .

Unless. . .

Oh my god.  That's how.  Suppressed in my subconscious.  Deep down.  I always knew, didn't I?

I am a sorceress.


Flashback: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec

I was seventeen.  We were just coming back from our unofficial mission.  We had just found the last missing famous GF, Eden,  preserved as the legendary monster Omega Weapon.  It was supposed to be a happy day.  It was supposed to be a homecoming; glorious.  But instead, it was. . .

That day.

We got back to Balamb island at about 5:30, 6 PM.  Instead of going straight back to Garden, we stopped in at Balamb Nursery.  Geoff took care of a twelve month old there.  The baby's name was Gabriel Frost, or Gabe.  He was a cute little kid, but the other caregivers at the Nursery avoided him because he had silver-blond hair.  Geoff volunteered there, helping out with Gabe.  We'd been gone for four months by then.  So we stopped in and ended up staying until just a little after 7:30.  Finally, we said our goodbyes, promised to be back tomorrow, and left.  We got outside just as the sun was beginning to set in the distance.

We figured the quickest way out of Balamb was through the decaying section, basically called Old Balamb.  No one but the extremely poor, homeless, or old lived in this part of the town.  It was otherwise abandoned.  The sun glimmered through the collapsing buildings, spraying the cracked pavement with reds and oranges.  I leaned my head against Seth's shoulder, walking slowly.  It was beautiful.  I never wanted this moment to end.  My version of perfect.  Watching the sunset against the ruins, surrounded by friends. 

Too bad I didn't know perfect doesn't last forever. . .

A door opened from a tragic-looking house ahead of us.  An old woman came through the hole, coughing.  She wore a pale blue dress, her black hair almost fully streaked grey from age.  She was frail, bony.  She must have been almost a hundred years old.  Or more.  Around her neck was a silver chain, empty.  She made her way down the steps; we kept walking.

She cut us off, stepping in front of us.  Geoff stepped forward.

"I'm sorry miss.  We don't have any money on us.  Tomorrow. . . "

The woman brushed by him.  Stared at me with cloudy brown eyes.  I stared back.  Saw something.  In her.  She started towards me.  Seth stepped between us.

"Can we help you?"

All of a sudden, she raised her right hand, and the nail of the index grew, extended.  Before any of us could tell what was happening, she sliced it across Seth's face; from just above his right eyebrow diagonal to the middle of his left cheek.  Blood dripped from the wound, pouring on the broken street.  He fell over in pain, screaming.  As he fell, he reached out.  Grasped the silver chain around the woman's neck, broke it and took it down with him.  Geoff rushed over to help him.  I was alone.

The old woman looked from Seth to me.  And spoke. 

"So this is my lineage?  I live a hundred and seventeen years, and this is all I have to show for it?" She sighed.  "Pathetic."

She glared at me.  It felt more like she was seeing through me.  Her eyes penetrating me to the core.

"What. . . what do you want?"

The woman looked around her, and back at me.  "To die.  To die in peace.  To see them again.  Him.  Torture.  That's what this is.  Destined to live while everything around you dies.  You have no idea what that's like.  But soon you shall."  She looked at me.  Into me.  "You don't even know do you?  It's locked, isn't it?  My time is over.  It's time for me to end this; my suffering.  Time to begin the circle anew.  I'm sorry child, but its your turn."

From the middle of town, I could hear it.  The clock tower.  Chiming.  One.

"No one deserves this."


"It's a curse, not a blessing."


"But what can I do?"


"All I can do is hope."


"Hope that maybe your experience will be better than mine."


"That maybe my curse can be your blessing."


"However that may be."


She looked into the distance.  To roughly where the clock would be.

"Everything ends at eight, doesn't it?  Life, love, friendship, everything.  Today, its my final fantasy that ends at eight.  But it won't end there.  I'm sorry." She paused, reflecting.  "You'll be here. . .  Why?  You'll be waiting here. . ? For what?  You'll be waiting for me.  So if I come here,  I'll find you.  You promise." She looked up, a tear slipping down her cheek.  "You lied.  I went back.  You weren't there.  You abandoned me.  You left me here, all alone.  Forever searching but never finding.  My dreams were true. . . "

She looked at me, angry and sad at the same time.  "Everything hurts.  I want to die.  Forgive me for what I've done.  And what I will do."

All of a sudden, she stepped back.  From her back, two white angel wings sprouted and spread.  They beat slowly, in time with her heart beat.  Slowly, she was suspended off the ground.  Hovering over the bloody street.  Seth and Geoff looked on in shock.

"You are my lineage.  Be strong, child."

With that, ribbons and rays, pink and purple, passed between her and I.  It was like drawing magic.  And in a way, I suppose it was.

She was giving me her magic.

She was making me a sorceress.

She fell, expended.  Crumpled to the ground.  The wings disappeared.  All that remained a feather; white, floating softly, to land in front of me.

Her body lay there, in front of me.  Geoff and Seth came towards me, slowly.  They knew what had happened.

I had become a sorceress.

Geoff came to me, helped me up.  Looked at me, eyes imploring.  "Nothing's changed.  You may be different, our friendship's still the same."

I looked at him, then to Seth, who nodded solemnly.  I was a sorceress. . . and they didn't hate me.  The tears slid down my cheeks.

Seth, still bleeding slightly, walked closer to me, put his hand on my shoulder.

"Let's make a promise.  No matter what happens, we stick together.  We stay alive.  It's like Geoff said, nothing's changed.  This stays a secret.  If we have to, we go back.  To Centra.  To those ruins." He paused, dropping the silver chain onto the ground between the three of us.  "No matter what, we stay friends."

He wiped away my tears.  "Now promise.  Both of you."

Geoff looked up, starring first at me and then at Seth.  "I promise."

Both boys looked at me.  "I promise.  Thank you. . . "

We stood.  Looked around.  I looked up.  Night had taken over the sky.  Through the black, a flash of white streaked by.  I pointed.

Geoff grinned.  Seth spoke.  "It's a shooting star.  Make a wish."

And I did.  I wished that we could be together, forever.  I wished that we could stay together, that nothing would separate us.  That that woman was wrong.

 I looked at the boys, silent.  I nodded.  We silently left Balamb.  As we walked, I made my decision.  Every Sorceress needs her Knight.  I had two.  Seth, my holy. And Geoff, my dark. We walked back to Garden, silent.  And I made my self-discovery.

End Flashback

How had I forgotten?  That woman said it herself, I had the curse already.  I just never knew it.  Locked away within me.

I was born a sorceress.

What I never knew.  My parents were both SeeD.  Their missions had them kill many sorceresses, or possible sorceresses.  When my mother was pregnant with her only child, she and her husband killed a sorceress.  And unknowingly, that sorceress passed her powers onto the unborn child within my mother.


But I couldn't access those powers.  Until I was seventeen.  Until my second set unlocked the first.  Until I was unleashed.

So, that's the answer.  I passed on only one set.  My birth set.  I still had the one from the old woman.  And in death, I was being tortured.  Tormented.  I had to rid myself of them.  But how?  There was no one in this place, in this Void.  Was I to be cursed with these powers for the rest of my existence?

I looked towards the sky.  Tears sliding down my cheeks.  This time, I didn't try to stop.  What was the point?

I realized something, suddenly.  I knew who the old woman was.  The one who unlocked me.  Who gave me my second set.  It was her.  The Sorceress.  The girl in blue.  A name came to my lips.  Rinoa.  The old woman, that was who it was.  Older, less lighthearted, but the same woman.  Obviously the gap between our generations was less than I thought.  Possibly less than a hundred years.  What irony, that the woman who helped defeat me was the same woman who a hundred years later would unlock those same powers for use.  There was something very, sad, about that.

I wanted to go back.  To the place where we promised to meet.  Seth, Geoff and I.  To Centra.  To the ruins of the ancient orphanage.  Even if it was just for a moment.  I needed to see it.  One last time.  I would endure all the torture of the rest of time, just to see it once more.  Make my amends.  I touched the crystals, set into the necklace around my neck.  I was surprised to see them there, but in a way glad.

I saw it then.  Shimmering.

A portal.

To the Orphanage.

I looked around.  This couldn't be possible.  Slowly, I made my way forward.  My footsteps were heavy now. I could barely move.  The pain was back, unbearable.  I stumbled forward, on unsure feet.  I stood before the threshold, hesitant.  But I needed to see it again.  I stepped through. . .

Pink smoke clouds my vision.  I look around.  And see.


The boy, the Leader.  The Sorcerer.  Squall.  He stood beside a woman in a black dress, her long dark hair flowing down her back.  They turned to me.  The boy and I meet glances.  For a second, I think he understands me.  Perhaps I can give him my remaining powers, be free.  He stares at me.

". . . Your alive!?"

The woman looks from him to me.  ". . .The sorceress?"

He nods. "Yes, Matron. We had defeated her. . .  Matron, stand back." He draws his blade.  He doesn't remember.  I was wrong.  He takes a step forward.

The woman steps between him and me.  "It's ok. There's no more need to fight. That sorceress is just looking for someone to pass her powers on to. In order to die in peace, a sorceress must be free of all her powers. I know. . . for I am one, too. I shall take over that sorceress' powers. I do not want one of the children to become one."

She steps towards me.  I want to talk to him again.  The boy.  But this woman walks closer.  I feel lighter. As if I'm fading.  No. . . I can't go yet.  I speak, she nears.  I need to tell the boy then truth.

 "I. . . can't. . . disappear yet."

Dark wings sprout from my back.  I hover slightly above the ground. The ribbons and rays transfer between us.  Time seems to freeze.  So close.  The transfer is fulfilled, but something is left unfinished.  I realize it then.

I still have Geoff's power.

The memories.

Time stops in a snap.  A boy sits in the long grass, hugging himself.  Out of sight, so small.  He is dressed entirely in black.  His cheeks are red and tear stained.  He can be no more than three years old.  He looks up at me.  I smile weakly, reach out.  Touch the boy's cheek.  The memories overwhelm him.

"It's ok.  Everything will be better.  You're not alone. . . Devas."

How I know this boy's name, I don't understand.  He looks at me, his eyes seem huge.  Before the transfer was complete between him, I got a memory.  His.  In the future.  He would be strong.  He would be intelligent.  He would fight for those who were different.  With him this power wouldn't be wasted.

Another snap, I looked back at the orphanage, in perfect order.  Not a ruin, but a building.  This must be the past.  The woman, Matron, would become Edea, the woman I would use to annihilate Garden.  In the distance, on the beach, I saw children playing, happy.  Laughing.  Somehow I knew they would become those that were destined to defeat me.

We have come full circle.  Somehow, I felt a sense of continuity.  Cyclical.  Another snap.

I opened my lips, to speak.  It was too late.  My time was up.  I tugged on the crystals, suspended on the chain of my necklace.  I pulled too hard.  The clasp of the necklace broke and the necklace fell, into the long grass along the edge of the orphanage.  I smiled.  Somehow, it felt right, just to leave it there.  Pink light flashes, and the pink smoke returns.  I fade back, away.  All I can do is smile.  I saw it one last time.  Before I totally fade away, I hear the boy running to his matron.  Its like for a moment, I can see through the other woman's eyes.


The dark-haired sorceress, fallen, looked up at him. "Is this. . . the end?"

The boy shrugged, and then nodded.  ". . . Most likely."

And it was.  It was my end.  I faded, back.  Back to my prison.  Back to the Void. . .

I waited.  Waited for the blackness, the sharpness.  I opened my eyes.

I'm back.

I look around me.  The sharp, jagged plains on which I stand seem to go on forever.  I sigh, realizing I have quite a walk ahead of me.  I start forward.

I walk.  Normally at first, but I start to slow.  It just keeps going.  I feel like I've been walking forever.  The sky is off-grey, clouded.  This is worthless.  My steps become slower, shorter.  I can't go on any longer.  All of a sudden, the plains stop.  Sudden.  They drift off into nothing.  I turn.  The once-huge plains of the Void are reduced to a small island, floating in the nothingness.  I take another step forward, and collapse; my legs giving out from under me.  I fall hard, sharp rocks piercing my side.  I scream out, echoing across the oblivion. I look around.  The island is slowly shrinking.  I look up.  A feather drifts softly downwards.  I reach out with the last of my strength.  Catch it.

It's silver.

The colour of my wings, before.  Before I used my powers for vengeance.

I closed my hand around the feather, a single tear slipping down my cheek.  It freezes there.  The island gets smaller.  I close my eyes.  I don't want to see how it ends.

Timidly, I open my eyes.  I'm surprised when its not utter blackness I'm met with.

I lie in a field of flowers, vibrant.  Blues and pinks and yellows and purples and reds and oranges and greens. Wherever I am, its not the Void.  I stand, unsure.  I look around.  The flower field seems to go on forever.  I open my fist, and the silver feather falls softly towards the flowers, before floating on the light breeze.  The feather blows off on the wind into the distance.  My eyes follow.  I take a step back when my eyes meet with another's.

A woman.  Dressed in silver.  Her hair brown, streaked with red and blonde.  She steps forward, towards me. I stand there, frozen.

It's Katherine.

I look at my feet. She stands in front of me.  She waits until I raise my head, until our eyes meet.

"Hello Ultimecia."

She pauses before continuing.

"Welcome to the Via Infinitatis; the Endless Road.  Are you surprised to be here?"

I stare at her.  Hesitant to reply.  "Yes."

"Do you know where you are, do you know what this place is?"

I shake my head, confused.

"The Via Infinitatis is the plane of the dead.  One of multiple.  Only the pure of heart; the deserving come here.  Do you know why you're here?"


"Because.  You never deserved your fate.  Your tragedy.  You did the best with what you had.  Everything you did you did for someone else.  You were unselfish, self-sacrificing.  You were willing to give up your own life when you realized who the True Form truly was.  You are a tragic heroine.  You didn't deserve the Void, you didn't deserve your suffering.  And that is why you are here.  Your wish.  You wanted to be with your friends.  With Seth and Geoff." She waved off into the sea of flowers.  Motioned in a direction.  I followed the hand with my eyes.  And saw.

Standing in the field of flowers stood three teenagers.  One had brown hair, and wore his typical leather jacket.  The second had silver-black hair, in a T-Shirt of the same colours.  Beside him stood another, younger boy.  His hair was bright blue, streaked with silver.  His clothes were of similar colours.  They stepped forward.  Happy.  I looked at them.



And. . . ?

Gabe.  Geoff's 'baby'.  All grown up. . . mostly.

Seth came to me, drew me into his arms.  Hugged hard.  Geoff and Gabe stood on either side of us.  Tears slid down my cheeks.  For the first time in years, they were tears of joy and not grief.  I had found my place in the world.  In time.  I was here.  With them.

A crowd gathered.  Faces of those I knew, those I did not.  Smiling faces, happy.  Seth hugged me closer, whispering in my ear.

"Welcome to the Endless Road, Ultimecia."

I smiled, looking down.  A glyph radiated beneath our feet.  In the centre of the glyph, like before, was VIII. The old woman was wrong.  Not everything that happened at eight was a tragedy.  I smiled. The crowd cheered.  I couldn't be any happier.

 Because I'm not alone.

 Because. . .

My Final Fantasy Ends at Eight.

The End.

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Next, Geoff's memory powers. For simplicity, I'm gonna call them his visions. Just remember they can be memories from the past, present or future, ok? Basically, Geoff, when he dies, passes them onto Ultimecia. Ultimecia gives the visions to Devas. Devas, in turn, gives them to his brother's son. From there, it goes down the line till it reaches Geoff. Devas is Geoff's great-great-great-great great uncle. Or something…I'm considering very strongly a Devas-centred short fic that'll explain that…and it'll be in Children of Fate, the fic, whenever I start posting it….I have 12 or so chapters done…I just have to get around to posting them….  Anyway, just know that this vision power thing makes another circle.

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Lastly, the flashback in this chapter, Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec. This is a lyric from the opening theme of the game, Liberi Fatali. Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec is an anagram, which, basically speaking, translates to Succession of Witches (Sorceresses), with the word Love left over. I thought it went well with the flashback. The lyric is Latin, in case you wanted to know. Also, for those interested, I came up with the title Children of Fate based on the opening theme's title. Translated from Latin, Liberi Fatali means Children of Fate, or Fated Children. So there you go. You've just learned some Latin.

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And with that, my final fantasy ends, at eight.

~Shive Frost

PS: I'll update if I forgot anything…which I think I did. Check back every-so-often, ok? Thanks.