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She sat there, her crimson orbs staring up at the night sky, enchanted by the comforting twinkle of the stars. A small breeze danced across the back of her neck and playfully tugged her auburn hair. The park provided the usual isolation as she sat under the willow tree, the silent was relaxing and allowed her to look deep into her thoughts and sort out her troubled mind.

Casually she fingered the crest around her neck as a single tear of many and what would be more slid down her ivory cheek, no one close to her could understand her situation, many had already forgotten and showed forced sympathy while the closest still treated her like a fragile china doll. Yes they shared the same qualitys ivory skin, a forced scarlett smile and fragile appearence but under the painted exterior lay a restless mind.

Life can sometimes be so cruel before its at its sweetest and she should know, life had taken many ugly turns before now and robbed her of many things in its time until giving her the its gift.

Love is a confusing maze for anyone and everyone, yet why did the emotion which was supposedly her strongest quality be such a mystery, an endless web of lies, deceit, anger and pain. Still life had blessed her with a love so strong, eventually and for that she was thankful.

But still the tear rolled down her cheek and she still sought console in the stars and this

Is her story......................................

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