Note: The thing that happened in this story won't stop here, it will be passed down throughout future SSBM stories.


It was a stormy day in Onett. The Smashers are cozy inside there house.

Phone: ring

Bowser: (answers) For the 283rd time! This is not Caesar's Pizza Palace!!!!

Pikachu: When will this storm stop?

Mewtwo: It'll stop.

Suddenly, some hard thing flew in and broke the window from outside.

Mario: Mamamia! Da window eez broken!

Link: Someone get the wooden boards!


Link: Done. But this board looks like...

Young Link (YL): Anyone saw the Snake & Ladder board game?

Peach: No!

Mario: What?

Peach: We forgot the shirts outside! It's wet for sure!

Dr. Mario: Calm down, I got them in already.

Peach: Thanks a lot!

Zelda: The plumbing backed up and the water soaked the clothes!

Peach: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I was hoping to try that new dress right when it dries!

Suddenly... BLACKOUT!!!!!!

Luigi: NO!!!! THE DARK!!!! AHHH!!!!!

Ganondorf: YES!!!!! THE DARK!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!

Roy: Someone get some lights!

Pichu: The flashlight... I traded it with someone for a...

Roy: That's our only flashlight! Why did you trade it off?!

Pichu: I traded it for a bigger flashlight.

Roy: Great trade!

Pichu: But the beam of light is smaller than the old one. You see, the beam isn't even thicker than a pencil...

Game & Watch (G&W): We'll get a candle.

Ganondorf: The last candle was used for Webby's birthday yesterday.

Captain Falcon (CF): Who's Webby?

Ganondorf: That spider in the attic.

Luigi: NO!!!!! THE DARK!!!! OH! THE HORROR!!!!

Peach: My dress...

Samus: Why don't we sleep early? There's nothing to do during a blackout.

The next day, the storm had stopped.

Marth: Would you believe the there are 5 windows broken?

Dr. Mario: I know, the one in my room broke and soaked my lab coat.

Zelda: The gazebo is smashed to pieces...

Phone: ring

Bowser: (answers) No! I tell you this isn't Pizza Palace!

Kirby: I'm hungry!

Yoshi: So am I!

Peach: Dang. We're out of gasoline. Now I can't cook. Call the gas company to sent one here.

Kirby: I can't wait any longer!

Yoshi: Food! I need food!

Peach: Patience!

Kirby: We'll set fire to cook it! (Inhales and copies Bowser) Breath fire! (Burns cooker)

Peach: Don't!

The fire burned the gas tank, causing an explosion. The Smash Mansion exploded.

Passerby: What the?!

Woman: That house exploded!

Man: That's the house of the Smashers!

Luckily, the Smashers survived the explosion.

Fox: Our house...

Falco: Nothing but burned piles...

Ness: Phew, my Gamecube is still working.

Jigglypuff: So's the phone.

Phone: ring

Bowser: (answers) Are you calling us just to torture us?! Our house is gone and you're still calling the wrong number! One more wrong call and I'll burn your house down!

Kirby: Sorry...

Peach: NO!!!!! THE DRESS!!!!!!

Marth: For 3 years we call this home...

Roy: It's demolished...

Samus: Thanks to Kirby.

Mastert Hand: Yo! What's up?

Mario: Can't-a you see?

Master: I see. You should've be careful with the gasoline tank.

Pichu: Most of the things are destroyed.

Yoshi: At least the fridge is still usable, so's the food inside.

Luigi: Where will we be living while the house is being built?

Master: I got some cash here. It isn't very much, but should be enough to rent a small apartment room.

After some discussion, the Smashers agreed to move to a nearby apartment and wait for their house to be rebuilt. They gathered their remaining properties and moved off. The unharmed stuffs are: TV, Gamcube, sofa, some clothes, fridge, phone, computer, a pillow, a skateboard, and there long limousine. There are many other things that are unharmed, are they not written in this story? Have patient waiting for the next chapter.