Chapter 2: A New House

The Smashers' house had been destroyed by Kirby's impatience and hunger. While their house is being rebuilt, they are living in the apartment Ten Lives. The apartment consists of of two floors: The landlord lives at the first floor while the others live on the second floor. The second floor has 10 rooms, each room has a living room and kitchen combined together, a bathroom, and a bedroom, but overall, the room isn't big and can live about 5-6 people. The apartment has two toilets on the second floor and is for public use. Right now, only 5 rooms are available, so the Smashers need to find a way to fill all 26 into the apartment.

Peach: I will cook and give it to every room.

DK: Let's get moving.

So the groupings are:

Ness, YL, Kirby, Yoshi, Popo, Nana

Ganondorf, Bowser, Mewtwo, DK

Mario, Luigi, Dr. Mario, G&W, Fox, Falco

Marth, Roy, Link, CF

Peach, Zelda, Samus, Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff

Yoshi: But who will keep the fridge?

Zelda: Of course us. We need to prepare foods.

Ness: I shall keep the TV so I can play the Gamecube.

Falco: Master Hand gave us another free TV.

They began moving into the rooms.

Ness: Where's the remote control?

In another room...

Samus: Someone turn the refrigerator over, it's facing the wall.

Peach: I must find the frying pan first.

Zelda: Where's that luggage of underwears?

Samus: I say we turn the fridge over first.

Peach: I must find the pan first.

Pikachu: I remember the pan is inside the fridge.

Peach: Let's turn it quick.

Samus: Done.

Peach: Yep, the pan is inside the fridge. And there's a TV remote in the pan!

Pichu: I'll give it to the kids.

In another room...

CF: Where is the heater? We need it to stay warm.

Bowser: It's probably under those boxes.

CF: Move'em out.

DK: Done.

CF: This box is empty!

Bowser: Oh yeah, the heater is broken, so I threw it away.

CF: You should have thought of that earlier. Now we need to move the box back in order again.

In another room...

Roy: I say, what is this panty doing here?

Suddenly, Zelda barged in, grabbed the panty, and left.

In another room...

Mario: We're living in a new home.

Luigi: I like the old one better.

Fox: A mouse.

Luigi: AHHH!!!!!!! (Runs outside)

Falco: It's Young Link's rubber mouse. I'll return it to him. But before I do that... (Runs out)

Dr. Mario: What's he up to?

Falco: I threw it into the girls' room.

Then Samus entered the room and returned them the rubber mouse in pieces.

Soon, the moving was done.

Peach: Shouldn't we pay the neighbors here a visit? Let them know that we're new here.

Zelda: Let's give them these scarves as souvenirs.

Ganondorf: (Knocks door)

A glass-wearing guy steps out.

Ganondorf: Hello! I'm new here! Me and my friends just moved in and filled up the entire apartment. Nice to meet you! Accept this souvenir and let's be good friends.

Glass-Guy: Hi, I'm Reed A. Buke. Please don't bother me, I need to study for the college exam.

Mario knocks on another door and a young woman steps out.

Mario: Ehi!* We just-a move in. Please accept-a theez souvenia!

*Ehi means "hi" in Italy.

Girl: Hi... I'm Priscilla*...

*Priscilla is a girl you met in the GBA game Fire Emblem 7. I know she's not a shy girl, but this isn't a Fire Emblem story after all.

Mario: What shy girl.

Yoshi went to another door and out came a green horned monster holding a knife!

Yoshi: AHHHHH!!!!!!

The monster stabbed a cockroach on the floor.

Yoshi: Uh... Hello...

Monster: ...

Yoshi: Can you understand?

Reed: That's Mr. Binko, he's from the country Monstry. He just moved in some days ago.

Yoshi: Hi, Mr. Binko. I just moved in and want to have a friendly greeting with you.

Mr. Binko: ...

Yoshi: Can you understand? Please accept this gift.

Mr. Binko bites the gift.

Yoshi: That's not for eating!

Mr. Binko: Just kidding!

Yoshi: Oh, you can talk.

Link: This room is empty.

???: Who are you?

Link turned around and saw a big muscular man dressed as a woman and is wearing make-up and a wig.

Link: You must be living in this room. I'm new here.

???: You here to greet me, right? That's a gentleman! You're so handsome! My former name is Debuo Fasso, but now I changed my name into Susanna Luvly! I work at the night club "Neon Bar"! Come here if you want some fun, sweetie!

Link: Thanks...

Peach: This room is empty.

Samus: There's no one living here, I guess.

Peach: I think we'll come back after a while.

And so, the Smashers started their lives in Ten Lives Apartment. This will be the end of this story. But things will not end here, I'm planning another new story that will take place in Ten Lives Apartment. Please look around.