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NARRATOR: Not so long ago, a love story took place right here in Midgar. But it started in Nibelheim.
Tifa: "Just leave me alone!!" the young woman of about twenty yells to the line of boys below. "Quit bringing me stuff! I don't like all this attention!"

NARRATOR: Ok, so it didn't start out a love story. In fact, our leading lady was quite depressed. It seemed that the men in town came only to worship her, not to woo her.

Crowd: "But Ms. Lockheart! We only wish to look upon your beautiful face." The line turns into a crowd.

NARRATOR: She found this a little weird.

Tifa: rolls her eyes. "Riiight." she thinks. "Guys. You're freaking me out. Leave me alone! What are you, zombies?" She shakes her head and closes the window, hearing a loud "awww" from the crowd. This had gone on long enough. "That does it! I'm moving to Midgar."

NARRATOR: Join Tifa as she finds herself and her sense of trust in: Beauty, Love, and Trust.

Finally settled into her new home, a bar with an apartment built into it, Tifa sighed. She poured herself a tall glass of milk and plopped onto the couch. "I wonder how my sisters are." She thought aloud. Both of her sisters were married and lived in different parts of Midgar. Aerith (A/n: Yes, I am going to use Aerith!) was married to a family friend, Cloud Strife. Theirs was a happier marriage than their younger sister, Yuffie, (A/n: Yes! And Yuffie too!) who had eloped with a boy from Kalm. But stubborn as Yuffie was, she was going to grin and bear it, not going to admit defeat and look bad to her sisters.
In Tifa's case, it was more like men flocked to her for her looks, not her personality. Moreover, they didn't ask her out, they stood and stared. It was more than frustrating.
She heard the bell in the front and got up to see who it could be. "Can I help you?" she asked the tall young man.
He looked down at her from his higher viewpoint. "Whoa! Yes ma'am. Uh, I was just checking out who owns this bar now, it was my favorite before it closed down. May I ask your name?"

She rolled her eyes mentally. "Here we go again," she thought. "The name's Tifa. I own this bar now. Who are you?"

"I'm Reno. You must be new to the city. From Kalm?"

She quirked an eyebrow at the redhead. "How'd you know?"

He pointed to the boxes behind her. "They're labeled from Kalm." A PHS ring broke the awkward silence. "Yes? Oh, sir, hello. Yes, I was on a lunch-Oh, yes sir. Actually I was greeting a new young woman to the city. Oh definitely sir. Very. Of course, sir. Right away. Thank you, Mr. President." He hung up. "Miss. Tifa you said? President ShinRa would like to welcome you to Midgar personally. He's invited you to a dinner at the HQ in the middle of the city. Would you accept?"

Tifa's eyes widened. "Uh... Well I don't know. I don't know this guy or his reputation, and--"

Reno cleared his throat. "It's only dinner, Miss Tifa." Inside, he was mentally kicking himself for even mentioning her to the President, everyone *knew* his reputation, of course. Unfortunately the President was now expecting her, and if Reno couldn't get this new girl over to dinner, heads would roll. "Please accept." Not only was he surprised at himself for telling his boss about her, he was also surprised about how polite he was being. Normally he wouldn't care what people thought. But being around this woman made him act more proper. Unconsciously he straightened his wrinkled tie.

For Tifa, warning bells were going off the entire time in her head. "With this guy being so polite, I'd hate to turn him down. But it doesn't feel right. Oh well. If this doesn't go well I can always put my martial arts to good use. I could use a good workout." She thought, sighing. "Sure. By the way, just call me Tifa. I hate formal titles."

Reno smiled half-heartedly. "Thank you ma'am-- I mean, Tifa. I'll be back to pick you up around seven o'clock." *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"WHAT DO I WEAR?!" Tifa was freaking out. Should she go formal, or casual? She also didn't ask if this president was young or old. "Good Lord, what was I thinking?"

An hour later, about six o'clock, Tifa decided on a skirt that came to her knees, and a silky sleeveless white blouse. She put on her high heels and put on some matching jewelry. All that was left was hair and make-up. (A/n: And guys wonder why it takes us so long. Do you WANT us to look like crap?! J/k. I know a lot of people who can just wake up beautiful.)

At seven o'clock Tifa sat on her couch. "Whew. Now, where is that guy Reno?"

At seven thirty, Tifa was just about to fall asleep when she heard knocking on the door. Getting up, she looked at her watch. "He's late." She opened the door. Two men were standing there, one she recognized as Reno, the other looked wutain, was shorter and had long black hair and dark eyes.

"Sorry about our tardiness, ma'am. We wouldn't have gotten here at all if I hadn't of accompanied Reno. My name is Tseng. And may I be the first to say you look marvelous." The dark headed man took her hand and kissed it.

Reno stared at Tseng. He *definitely* was never this nice. "I wasn't going to be the one to send Tifa off to her doom. I was going to take the limo around the city a few times, ride back, and then say that she got sick or wasn't home, or make up some other reason for her not to come. Then Mr. High-an'-Mighty comes along to make sure I get the job done. Yeah right. He just wanted to see this chick himself. I don't know what Elena sees in this guy."

Tifa drew back her hand politely yet warily. "Thanks. So are we going?"

Reno cleared his throat. "This way, Tifa." He helped her into the limo, and then spotted Tseng about to get in with her. "Sir, I'd really feel better if you rode up front with me. I think the President would feel better also." Reno's guilt was what kept Tifa safe that night. Normally he wouldn't care, and would even pay money to see Tseng get chewed out. There was just something about this girl that made him feel like something good was bound to happen if she stayed safe.

Tseng glared at Reno. "Why that little... Who does he think he is, talking to his superior like that? But he is right, if the President sees me get out of the back, I might get a salary deduction for flirting with his dinner guest. Fine, you win this round, Reno."

Tifa felt very alone in the spacious back seat of the limo. The ride was a bit longer than she expected. That knot in her stomach was tightening too, she felt like she was being driven toward impending doom. Yet her optimism kept her from having a nervous breakdown right there in the car. "Something good is bound to happen from this, I know it."


"This way, Tifa." Reno led her to the dining hall of the HQ. Mainly this area was used for high society parties. The room was huge. There were 3 long tables in the middle of the room. The only one decorated was the shortest one in the middle. "Here." He pulled out the chair on the end. "Sit here and the President will be with you shortly."

When Reno started to leave, Tifa began to feel vulnerable. He had been protecting her, and she knew it. She could tell that he felt guilty for something, and for some reason, she believed it to be that he had even mentioned her to his boss. "Hey! Where are you going?"

He looked back at her. "I'm not staying. I can't. But I might be able to get a reinforcement. Good luck, Teef." He walked from the room, taking a deep breath. "Sorry, kid." He said under his breath.

She watched him go. "Reinforcement?" All hope left with Reno. Tifa sighed and waited.

Soon after Reno left, doors on the opposite side of the hall opened, and in walked a huge man, fat from years of sitting behind a desk. He was balding, a wreath of what used to be blonde hair covered the sides and back of his head, leaving the bare shiny scalp in the middle without cover. He smoked a large wutain cigar, and when he smiled, he revealed his yellowing tobacco stained teeth. He had little squinty eyes that darted back and forth; you couldn't even tell what color they were. He strode over to Tifa who stood up, half in horror, wanting to run, the other half out of polite manner. "Good evening Miss...?"

"Lockheart." She was completely repulsed by his appearance. "And you are?"

The man held out his fat hand to shake. "I am President Ivan E. ShinRa. Welcome to Midgar. I hope you find the city to be what you've been looking for. Sit down and we'll begin our meal."


Forty-five minutes later, Tifa was bored out of her mind. All this man did was talk about himself and what he'd done in his lifetime. They were on dessert now; soon the dinner would be over. "Thank God." She thought. The President's conversation was beginning to turn sexual. She was getting nervous. "Hey, where's that 'reinforcement'?"

As if on cue, the doors opened and in walked in a young man of about twenty-two. He was tall, muscular framed, and he had blonde silky looking hair, slicked back, a few strands falling into his eyes. And oh, what beautiful sapphire eyes they were, intimidating as they were inviting. "Father I need to discuss... Oh. I didn't know you were having dinner with a... guest." Those gorgeous eyes fell on Tifa, who was frozen to the spot.

"Ah, Rufus. Son, this is Miss Tifa Lockheart. She's new to the city. I was showing her good Midgar hospitality." The fat old President chuckled. Meaning of course that he was lulling her into a false sense of security and was going to seduce her after dessert.

"Or at least try." The President's son thought. He knew his father all too well. "Doesn't bode well for that Lockheart girl though. It's demeaning enough just being with the old man. And if she turns him down flat, he'll sabotage everything she's lived for. I've seen it many times before. Oh well, not my problem." He thought as he shook his head. "Sorry to bother you two. I'll be in my office." As he turned to leave, his icy eyes fell on Tifa once more, this time he paid attention. What caught his eye the most was her innocent charm. She looked helpless. And hopeless for that matter. She looked like she knew what was going to happen. Her cherry eyes glanced at him for a moment, they pleaded for refuge from the man he called father. Rufus shook his head again and walked from the room.


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