Here is another beyblade fic; my angel/demon series is over so I thought I'd start another. As always I have no clear idea where this will go, it depends on my mood and how people react and review. As for couples (sweatdrop), I have no idea as of yet.

Picking up the pieces

By Firehedgehog

Chapter One: Lost then found

      Blue hair fluttered in a gentle wind, eyes as blue as Sapphires stared off at the shifting waves at the beach. These hair and eyes belonged to no other then a sixteen-year old teenage boy; he had no name for he could remember none.

      All he could remember were the three years he had been trapped on this jungle island, three years alone except for the small animals that lived there. He wore rugged clothing long past most usefulness, thankfully because he didn't have much food on the island his growth had been stunted and he hadn't grown much... so his clothing still fit.

      Yet he had grown in other ways, he had lost the chubbiness he once had when he first woke on this island and slimmed down. He had also made his hair short using a knife he had found washed up once, his hair was now chin length and messy. He had a slim heart faces face with gentle sloping cheekbones, somehow on the god forsaken island he was on this teen had grown into a bishi.

      He really only had one object from his past, it was circular in shape and on its top was a picture of some blue dragon.

      He knew this belonged to him, if only he could remember... remember anything of his past... even his name.

      Long ago he had forgotten how to talk, after all there was no one to talk to and he didn't remember anything to talk about. So he lost that skill, but he knew that if he had someone to talk to that skill would return.

      'Still I wonder, how did I get here and who am I?' he thought confused, he had waited three years for that answer and he was still answering.

      And so a boy once known as Takao world beyblading champion to the world stared off at the ocean beyond the beach wondering... wondering of what had been and what would be.


      It had been a normal flight for the helicopter pilot, a beautiful day, ocean glimmering below and a beautiful blue sky above. Nothing could spoil this day, especially since he owned the helicopter and didn't have to listen to anyone's demands.

      It was at that moment the man noticed an island a mile ahead, from what he knew it was a tropical jungle island too small for any natives... it was on the map but the last time it had been explored had been six years ago.

      On the spur of the moment he decided that he would land on it, he really needed to stretch his legs and pour more gas into the tank from the small storage area in his aircraft.

      Maybe he would find something interesting, something to make himself famous or at least put his name in the newspapers.


      It was almost evening when it happened, for the amnesic boy it would change the rest of his life.

      At first it was a strange sound that reminded him of thunder, but it wasn't quite eight... it didn't sound like any of the sounds of the island or the ocean life.

      Quietly he slipped through the foliage almost like a ghost, it almost seemed as if he wasn't truly there... it would of put people in awe at how graceful the blue haired teen moved.

      Curious and also nervous he almost glided to the beach, carefully he peered through the branches of a thick tree to the source of the sound.

      His eyes widened in awe at the sight he came upon, a strange metal contraption was slowly lowering itself from the sky the wind its rotors causing sending sand and other things flying about.

      A word came to his mind, helicopter... apparently he at least remembered its name. Finally it landed completely and powered down, the boy was quiet... was that all that was going to happen.

      He had expected more, but he did wonder if this helicopter was alive... maybe that was how it moved. It did look funny, especially with the thing on its top that circled and made wind.

      Suddenly his ears caught another sound; his eyes gleamed as the helicopter actually opened. With great interest he watched; he made a silent gasp as a figure stepped out... a human figure.

      He had seen many figures on the island, all animals... but this was the first time he had seen another human.

      Yet he felt fear, would this human hunt him as animals hunted other animals... would he be nice... he had so many questions ands fears about this other human.

      No... he would not confront this person yet; he needed to watch this human more. But he was sure of one thing; he would definitely meet this human face to face before the other human left.


      The owner of the helicopter sneezed as he stepped onto the sandy beech; he sighed... looked like his allergies would be acting up while he was here.

      But he was glad that he had stopped, the day had passed quicker then he had thought and night was coming. Tonight he would camp in his helicopter with a fire to keep away the animals.

      Quickly he started gathering wood for a fire and rocks to go around it, twenty minutes later he had quite a pile of wood and started to set up his sleeping arrangements inside the helicopter.

      It was around... well quite late when he started supper, boiling water from his canteen in a pot he started readying himself some ramen.

      It was then that he realized something, he could feel something watching him... but wasn't this island empty of human life.

      'Looks like they were wrong, better not make any fast moves or I could get hit by some weapon or even scare whoever it is off' he thought, with that in mind he decided to ignore his watcher and just cook dinner.

      It was almost done when he went off to some bushes to take care of some business.

      What he came back to he did not expect to see; at his campsite was a figure... and to his shock it was a young boy. From what he could guess the boy was from Japan like himself, in the wan light he could see the boy had dark hair and looked like it had been hacked short with a knife at least.

      The clothing looked ready too fall off, looked like the kid had been on the island for awhile.

      He frowned at this, how would he deal with this... he wasn't good with children. The boy was probably alone, how long he had been here he didn't know but from the way the kid was looking at the helicopter it had been a very long time.

      Carefully he stepped towards the camp; he stopped ten feet from the fire not wanting to startle the kid. He stayed silent for a few minutes, finally after staying still long enough the kid noticed him but didn't run away like he had feared.

      Knowing the kid saw him he walked to the fire where his dinner waited, sitting down he pulled out some bowls. He had enough to share, and looked like the kid hadn't eaten right in quite a while.

      To his startlement the kid settle across the fire from, a curious gaze at the ramen. As he put the ramen in the bowls he realized the kid was actually older then he thought, he looked to be a very small sixteen-year old.

      "Hungry kid?" he asked, sapphire eyes studied him then nodded. Slowly he passed the bowl to the teen, at first the teen studied it as if he didn't know what it was then slowly began to eat it.

      A smile came to the small teen's face, apparently he liked the food. Slowly he himself ate his own food; he watched the teen as he did. His eyes narrowed not liking what he saw, A scar was almost invisible by the boys left temple... a head Trama then... could mean lots of things.

      Finally they both finished eating; they both put the bowls down and looked at each other. Th teen said nothing but remained quiet; looked like he would have to start the communication lines. But at least the boy had eating something filling for a change.

      "So Kid, what's your name?" he asked, the boy frowned at him... maybe he was wrong and the kid didn't speak Japanese.

      "Let's try this again' he thought, he would introduce himself first.

      "I'm Yamato, Yah-Mah-toe," he said pointing to himself, he also said it slowly so the kid would be able say it properly.

      "Yamato?" the kid said frowning, at first Yamato thought it was his imagination... for it was just a soft whisper and in a rough voice. Then his eyes opened wide, the kid had spoken his name... and then he realized why the kid probably hadn't spoken yet.

      The teen probably hadn't spoken in years so hadn't really known how to, also he had a feeling the kid didn't remember much of his past.

      "Yeah Yamato, you?" he asked pointing to the blue haired teen.

      The boy frowned then shook his head; this wasn't good.

      "Kid, do you even know your name?" he asked, a complete downcast look came to the teen face.

      That explained a lot, amnesia... it had to be.

      "Kid, do you want to come with me... get of the island?" he asked, blue eyes widened and the kids head nodded wildly.

      "Good, have anything you want to take with you?" he asked, the boy nodded. Then before Yamato could say anything the teen had ran out of sight, he frowned... he hoped the kid wasn't running away.

      Ten minutes later the kid returned; something was clutched in his hands. Smiling he sat down by the fire, Yamato was instantly curious of what the kid had gone to retrieve.

      "So kiddo, what did you go get?" he asked, the teen frowned the held it up so that Yamato could see.

      A circular object lay in the boy's slim hands; Yamato smiled when he saw what it was.

      "A beyblade, looks like you were into the game before you got here... somehow. Maybe we can use this to find out where you came from and who you were," Yamato said, the teen smiled and nodded.

      "Come on kid, lets put some of my clothing on you... it will be warmer and you can sleep in my sleeping bag tonight," Yamato said. Then talking a very confused teen into the helicopter; Yamato started to dress the boy into some of his clothing... no way was he going to let the kid stay in those rags any longer.

      Awhile later he lay on a blanket in the helicopter, he gaze settled on the sleeping form of the blue haired teen. He was very curious of who he was and how he had ended on the island, but once they got back to Japan he would find out.

      The kid needed to know, also the kid would need his family to learn all the things he had lost to amnesia... he was only glad he had gotten here in time before the kid had forgotten he was human.


FH: A serious more realistic fic then my last beyblade fic, oh well... I'm going to continue this fic even if people don't like it. I want people to tell em what couples you want, this has a good chance to end up as either a Kai/Takao or Tala/Takao couple fic.

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