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Picking up the pieces

By Firehedgehog

Chapter Two: Shattered

Dr. Anne Hikari stood silently, her raven hair fluttered gently around her face in an early morning breeze. Three hours ago they had been contacted by the authorities, apparently a helicopter pilot had landed on a tropical island and come upon a castaway.

The pilot Yamato had gotten in contact with the authorities as soon as his helicopter was near enough to get in contact.

Once they arrived she was to take him to the hospital to be examined; they had to make sure nothing else was wrong with him other then amnesia. They had no idea of the boy's age or name. Only the fact he was Japanese and at least understood the language. Already Yamato had told them what he had found out, the kid hadn't spoken for a long time and would have to be taught to talk again, also the boy's only possession was a beyblade he still had from his past.

Finally something appeared in the sky, narrowing her eyes she saw that it was the helicopter they were waiting for. Slowly and carefully the metal lowered and landed, Anne didn't move till its blades stopped moving.

Finally the door opened and two figures excited the helicopter, the first was a man with greying hair who had to be Yamato. The second was a small teen, who could have been thirteen for all she knew, her patient.

He was dressed in the pilots extra clothing; he wore a pair of shorts and a loose T-shirt that had the Kanji word Wind across it. He also had the man's leather coat on; he was looking around with large rather confused and frightened eyes.

Anne still didn't move; she had to be careful... in cases like this you had to gain the patients trust and she didn't want to scare him off. She watched as the authorities walked over to talk to the man, the boy obviously nervous hid behind the man.

Finally after ten minutes the man Yamato and the boy walked over, actually the boy followed while staying behind Yamato.

"Hi, your Dr. Hikari?" the man asked, she nodded and smiled.

"And you must be Yamato, the one who found the boy," she said, smiling they shook hands. Yamato moved slightly and she got a better look at her patient, he had large gentle blue eyes that shone like Sapphires and his blue hair looked like it had been hacked shorter with a knife. He was awfully malnourished and short for his age, but in his situation that was expected... from her guess she guessed he was around the age sixteen.

"Kiddo, this is Dr. Hikari... she'll be looking after you for now so you'll have to go with her now," Yamato told the blue haired teen, blue eyes widened showing fear.

Quickly the boy grabbed his arm fearfully and held on, Anne smiled softly... at least the boy trusted Yamato.

"Yamato, why don't you come with us to the hospital... then he won't be totally with strangers," she suggested, the man looked thoughtful and looked at the boy still hugging his arm.

"Might as well, you can let go kiddo... I'll be going with you," Yamato said, the boy blinked and smiled.

"Yamato," the boy said happily and hugged the man, Yamato looked embarrassed but didn't tell the kid to let go... the kid had enough to worry about.


He did not like this, not at all.

The metal thing Yamato had told him was called an Ambulance he did not like, it moved on it's own and he didn't like being inside the metal beasts.

The boy looked around nervously; the only people who were in the back of the ambulance with him were Yamato and a woman who said to call her Anne.

He hadn't called her that yet, he had only spoken Yamato's name since he had been found... and that had only been twice.

Silently the amnesic boy bit his bottom lip nervously; everything was so confusing... maybe he should have stayed on the island where at least he knew everything.

'But then, I wouldn't have a chance to find out who I am' he thought finally, and that was that. He so wanted to know who he was, his age, his name... did he have a family.

'So many questions, and I know none of the answers' he thought sadly, answers he knew that he had once known.

As the ride went on he felt his eyelids become heavy and a small yawn escaped his mouth, he wasn't used to the motions of the ambulance and he felt himself being lulled into sleep.

The next thing he knew, sleep ambushed the blue haired teen.


"Looks like all this was too much for him," Anne said, Yamato nodded.

As he fell asleep the blue haired teen had curled up on his seat, how he did that on such a small space was amazing... but he did it anyway to their amazement.

"So, what type of tests will the hospital be doing?" Yamato asked curious, he knew the boy had to be scared... heck he would have been scared if he was in the kid's place.

"Well, we will have to do some blood tests to make sure no nasty illnesses are in him so we can get rid of them. Also the blood test will help us find out who he is. Also some other tests, intelligence, physical... a lot to say the least," Anne said with a frown, Yamato sighed knowing that this would be a long day for the kid.

"Were here," the Doctor said as the ambulance began to slow, soon the ambulance stopped. The door's, to the back of the ambulance was opened by another Doctor.

"I'll wake the kid up," Yamato said, with that in mind he placed a gentle hand on the blue haired teens shoulder.

That was all it took to wake the teen up, he looked around wildly till he realized where he was and that the only familiar person 'Yamato' was still there.

"Were here kid," Yamato told him, the boy yawned silently and uncurled.

A few minutes later the three were out of the ambulance, luckily the boy wasn't too startled when the ambulance drove away without them.

"Welcome to the place you'll be staying for the next while," Anne said, the boy didn't answer for he was looking at the large building in front of them.

"Let's head inside then," Yamato said, with that the three of them started walking to the hospital with the boy looking around with amazement... and yes a bit of fear at the unfamiliar surroundings.


He looked around with curiosity and fear; the halls were long and mostly white in colour. Strange smells filled the air; they were unfamiliar and were annoying also.

He found for every step Yamato and Anne took; he would have to take two or three. He found it annoying that everyone was taller then him, it was almost as if everyone was taller then himself.

His eye twitched a bit at that thought, he so hoped that wasn't the case.

Everything was so overwhelming to him, his mind buzzed... everything was so different. So confusing, everything was so new... shouldn't he at least recognize something at this point?

Finally they came to a room, a simple room containing a bed with a privacy curtain, there was also a large window that looked down at a large green area... a park he realized… somehow he remembered what that type of place was.

"This, will be your room for a while kiddo," Yamato said looking at him, sapphire coloured eyes looked at him sadly.

He knew, sadly enough… that while Yamato was the first friend he met. That Yamato would soon leave him, after all Yamato was an adult and he a child.

He only hoped, that when the time came. He'd know who he was and have more friends.


It had been three years; three years that made him feel dead inside.

It was beautiful out, but to his empty heart the world seemed a grey haze of nothingness.

When had this started?

Yes… when Takao had left his life…

Inside he had died.

"Takao..." he whispered, he stared at the sky with his crimson eyes that seemed to burn with an unearthly fire.

Then he fell back into silence, and without another word Kai walked away ignoring the admiring looks maybe people gave him.

After all, the world was dead without the bluenette at his side.


Kyouji or chief as most knew him, was the brain's behind the bladebreakers. Kai was the leader, Rei was the sneaky one and Max the hyper lets go for it blader.

And Takao… the one who had always seen a way out, a way to the top... the one everyone could always count on.

Everything had started falling apart the moment Takao had vanished, Kai kept falling into depression and moodiness even more often… enough that even his fangirls avoided him when he went into that state.

Max kept on looking over his shoulder, a fear that another of their group would vanish with out a trace.

Rei; had gone back to his village and when he returned… it seemed as if he had learned more then a new beyblade move.

Himself… he felt insecure, he bladed a bit more… but he felt incomplete. Takao had been his best friend, a brother in way... without him he felt out of the loop.

What was worse; was that no one truly knew if Takao was alive or not so there couldn't be any closure.


Max had to force himself not to turn to look as a sound alerted him: ever since Takao had vanished he had become paranoid... very paranoid.

Unknown to the others, he had actually had a breakdown a year ago… to prevent that again he had therapy.

Why had Takao vanished, he would never leave... just leave like that so Max knew someone had taken him... kidnapped.

Who knew if he was alive, or if he was alive what condition he was in.

If this person returned, would he take another of his friends… would he take him?

Kami-sama he hoped not.


Rei leaned against a tree, his eyes narrowed to slits. The world around him was normal, but he always had to watch.

If he stopped, he might loose another friend… in a way a brother.

After Takao had vanished, he had gone home… to learn something… something that could save all their lives.

Yet, he had promised not to reveal what he learned to anyone outside his family.

He had learned, the trade of the assassin… also that of a protector, he would never let anyone take away his family again.

One day he would track down the monster that took away his brother, and when that day came it would be the monsters end.

Until, anyone who tried to steal away or kill his friends…

Would soon meet cold steel.


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