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Hot Soup


The Bladebreakers had been invited to a local tournament as guests. All the Bladebreakers were excited. all except Kai of course. Kai couldn't have really cared less about the tournament.

Kai was lazing on the couch and not wanting to do anything. As Kai was channel surfing and eating some snacks, the doorbell rang. Kai scowled. He had a good mind to yell at whoever it was at the door for disturbing him. Sure he was bored, but yelling at someone would give him something to do, right?

Kai walked over to the front door and put on his evil glare.

"What the hell do you guys think you're doing? I was-" started Kai when he was interrupted by a boy.

"Hi Kai." It was Ray. A little startled, Kai looked behind Ray and saw Tyson, Max and Kenny. Tyson didn't look too happy as he stared at the bushes by the door. Max was his old happy self and had a big grin on his face. Kenny was hiding behind Tyson and Max, and looked a little frightened though, but Kai thought, "Good." Kai looked away and asked, "What do you want?"

Max nudged Kenny forward. "Uh. uh. hi. there. Kai. how are. you. doing." stuttered Kenny. "We're. all fine. and-"

"Get to the point," snapped Kai. Kenny hid behind Dizzi at this, thinking to himself, "he's gonna get mad! I don't want to be hurt!!"

Kenny squeaked, "Um. well, you know, since. since we have that local tournament to go to. and Tyson's place is kinda. undergoing rat extermination. we were wondering. if we could. um. maybe stay here. I mean, the tournament isn't too far from here, and we really don't have anywhere else to stay. I mean, my parent's place isn't too big and everything."

There was an awkward silence. After a few minutes, Max broke the silence. "So. we were wondering if we could stay at your place for a while."

"Hmph. we still could've stayed at MY place. It's not that bad after a while," said Tyson, annoyed.

"You're not gonna leave your own team out here living on the streets are you?" asked Ray. Kai gave a small, evil smile at this. He imagined his team living on the streets near garbage cans. They'd be covered in dirt from not washing for a while. Then at the tournament, they'd arrive all dirty, smelly and hungry.

"Uh oh. don't give him any ideas Ray!" said Max noticing Kai spacing off a little. Kai snapped out of his trance. Thinking it over for a bit, he said, "Well, I guess you guys could-"

Kai never finished his sentence as a flash of colours knocked him back. When Kai turned around, he saw that his teammates had rushed into the living room. They were comfortably sitting on the couch pigging out on HIS snacks. Kai locked the front door and approached his teammates.

"What do you guys think you're doing?!" Tyson looked up from the bowl of snacks and slowly put it down on the coffee table, trying to look as innocent as possible.

"Well, we wanted to get in before you changed your mind," said Kenny, calmly waving a chip in the air. Kenny had calmed down quite a bit now, much to Kai's dislike. Now he couldn't wait for the tournament to arrive.

"The sooner the better," Kai muttered under his breath.


Days passed by slowly, and Kai had kept himself occupied in his room, playing video games, watching DVDs, and the occasional training. He didn't want his beyblading skills to deteriorate. If they did. well, he'd never hear the end from his grandfather. Voltaire was off doing some business, and he had the whole mansion to himself. Sure, there were a few servants still there, but he didn't bother with them. He was independent and didn't want any of their services.

Everyday, Kai would go to the kitchen to get something to eat. One day, while he was making some soup, the rest of the Bladebreakers walked in.

"Hey Kai. We haven't seen you around too much. What have you been up to?"


"We were just gonna grab something to eat."


"What cha making? It smells pretty yummy."


Kai shifted slightly so that he could see the Bladebreakers from the corner of his eye. He could see Ray trying hard to make conversation with him. Tyson, Max and Kenny, on the other hand, were watching Kai stir the soup in the pot, hypnotized. Tyson was drooling as the pleasant aroma filled the kitchen. He clutched his stomach as it growled.

"Why don't you cook something yourself? Aren't you suppose to be a good cook, Ray?" asked Kai, continuing the mesmerizing motion of stirring the soup.

"Well, you see. I'm not used to the ingredients you have here, so I really have no idea how to use them."

Max piped up, "Uh. Kai, you mind sharing some of that soup with us?"

"NO!" exclaimed Tyson, "he'd poison it! And. and. we'd ALL DIE!!"

"He wouldn't do that. would he?" asked Ray. Ray didn't want Kai to be a bad person. Ray had been trying to find a good side to Kai for a long time, but he hadn't been too successful.

Tyson, Max, Ray and Kenny were all disputing over whether Kai would poison their soup or not. Ray was arguing Kai hadn't done it before. The others, however, believed that that was just a ploy to get them to trust him and that they were in public places before.

As the debate raged on, Kai slipped pass behind Kenny with a few little cakes. Startled, Kenny jumped. As they watched Kai disappear up the stairs, the boys turned back to the stove. The soup was still there. Kai hadn't taken any at all.

"SEE!!! It's a trap, I'm telling you! We can't eat it!" yelled Tyson, though his stomach completely disagreed with him.

"Well, we won't know until we try now can we?" said Ray, approaching the soup. He was determined to prove the others wrong, and noticed a note beside the pot of soup. Kai wrote it.

"Hey, look what I found. Ahem. Dear Idiots-"

"SEEE!?!?!??! IT'S A TRAP!!"

"-Since you guys were so busy acting like I wasn't there, the soup didn't appeal to me as much after Tyson kept on talking about soup with 'clumps of stuff' in it. You guys can have it. -Kai

"Well, wasn't that nice of Kai," smiled Ray. Kai had done something nice. Ray brought down a bowl and filled it up with soup. As he brought a spoonful up to his mouth, Tyson pounced on Ray, making him fall.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Ray's too young to die!!!" As Tyson was yelling, a few drops of the soup landed in his big mouth.

"AUGH!!! I drank the soup! I'm gonna die! I'm-mmm. this tastes really good." Tyson picked up Ray's deserted bowl of soup and drained it.

"Hey! That was my soup!"

"Too bad, I drank it." Tyson stuck out his tongue as Ray tackled him. As a fight erupted between the two boys, two other boys were sneaking over to the pot.

"THE SOUP!!! GET 'EM!!!" exclaimed the beat up boys.

"AUGH!!!" screamed all the boys, whether it was from surprise or as a war cry. Creating a big dust cloud, the boys knocked the soup down from the stove. The hot soup flew into the air.



Back up in Kai's room, Kai was busy playing "Mario Kart Double Dash!!" when a he heard a knock at his door. Pausing the game, Kai got up and walked opened the door. And there to meet his eyes, was really a sight to be seen. There, in front of him, were his teammates, covered from head to toe in steaming hot soup.

"Um. Kai. you mind. making some more soup for us?"

Kai smirked at them. He wanted to savor this moment. Seeing his fellow teammates covered in soup, well, let's just say it's not something you'd see everyday.

"Please Kai?"

"You sure it doesn't have poison in it?" The boys were completely surprised at this statement. They forgot all about the poison.

"Please!!! I'm sorry; I didn't mean to criticize you-" started Tyson

"Too bad."

"Figures, being the poopy head he is," said Tyson, crossing his arms.

"Awww. come on Kai! Please! The soup was really good!" whined Max.

"Save your breath Max. You're not gonna get anything-ooooooo!!!!! Mario Kart! I want in I want in!" said Tyson.

"Mario Kart? REALLY!?!?!" gasped the other boys.

As Tyson entered Kai's room, a door met up with his face with a loud SMACK.

"OWWWWW!!! What was that for? I just wanna play Mario Kart."

From the other side of the door, the soupy boys heard the door's lock click.


"There is no way you're gonna come into my room covered in soup. I like my carpet the way it is: not edible."

"If we wash up, can we play Mario Kart?"

"Sure," and off the boys ran, fighting for the nearest bathroom.

2 minutes later, the boys appeared outside Kai's room clean of soup, and gasping.

"See, Kai's nice. He's gonna let us play Mario Kart with him!" said Ray as he began to knock on the door, "Hey, Kai!! We're all clean now! Can we come in and play Mario Kart?"

A slightly muffled "Sure you can," replied.

Kenny tried the door, but found it locked, so the boys stood there for a few minutes, waiting for Kai to open the door for them. Kai didn't come.

"Um. Kai, can you open the door for us?" asked Kenny.

"I can," came the reply.

Ray, catching on, asked, "Will you?"

"I will."

"Right now?"


"Oh yea, Ray. Kai's REAL nice," said Tyson, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, shut up." It was pointless to try and persuade Kai, and they all knew it. The boys grumbled to themselves as they walked away.