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Chapter 3

"Ahhhh!" yelled Max, as Kai nudged him into the kitchen. Max had tripped over his blanket and fell with a deafening *SMACK*.

"Ouch," thought Kai as he looked away, "that did NOT sound pretty." When Kai turned around, he saw Max, face as red as a beet. It didn't go very well with his blond hair. Kai couldn't help but smirk.

"IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!" Max started to cry.

"Sorry, you ok?"

"… I guess… My Draciel here will make me all better along with Mr. Blanky, won't you guys?" Max asked as he snuggled with his turtle. Sighing, Kai started making dinner.

Max sat down at the kitchen table and looked outside. The storm was raging as hard as ever. Max shut his eyes tightly, as he pulled his blanket, from his shoulders, over his head, holding Draciel tightly. Thunder rolled in the background, causing Max to squeeze Draciel harder. After a while, it looked like Draciel's head was going to pop off. Noticing this, Kai didn't want to deal with Max's bawling again, so he decided to give Max something to do.

"Hold this."

"A bowl?"

"No, it's a plate," Kai said sarcastically. Max, however, did not pick up the sarcasm.

"Kai, I think you need to get your eyes checked. This is a bowl," Max said taking the bowl from Kai, "A plate is flat. A bowl is—"

"I KNOW what a bowl is," said Kai, annoyed.

"Then why did you say it was a plate?"

"Sarcasm. Duh."

"Oh… what's sarcasm?"

"Go look it up in a dictionary. But not right now. Hold the bowl." Kai went back to the stove to attend to the soup, as Max stared down at the bowl.

A few minutes later, Max spoke up, "Why do I have to hold the bowl?"

"So I can pour the soup in later."



"You could've just put it on the table… like this," Max put down the bowl on the table.

"No! Don't put the bowl on the table! It… it'll ruin the bowl!" Kai made up. Max quickly swiped the bowl and cradled it in his arms.

"Sorry, I didn't know."

"It's ok," said Kai. He turned back to the soup and thought, "boy is he gullible."

Max spaced out, staring out the window. Transfixed by the rain dribbling down the windows. Forks of light hit the earth and thunder raced after it. Each time, seeming slower and slower, like it was getting tired. Max shivered under his blanket, and then shook his head, breaking the trance. He turned his head to the stove, to see what was taking Kai so long. Kai wasn't there! Scanning the kitchen, he saw no sign of Kai. Max panicked.

"Kai… Kai!!! Where'd you go? This isn't funny! Don't be trying one of those pranks you pull on Tyson all the time! Kai!" Max stood up and tried to look for Kai.

"Stop hiding! Don't scare me! Please, I don't like the thunder as it is. I don't need you scaring me too. Don't scare me!" Max started to sound very pitiful as he searched the room.

The soup caught Max's attention. The spoon Kai used was stirring the soup itself!

"A… a ghost!!! Kai's mansion's haunted!!! Call Scooby!! Call the Ghostbusters!! Maybe Kai was caught by the ghost!!" yelled Max. Max stepped back, only to bump into a chair that fell with a crash. Horror filled his innocent blue eyes. Suddenly, thunder roared behind him louder than he's ever heard before, making Max jump and scream his girly scream.

Something just touched his leg. Max dropped the bowl with a loud crash, as the bowl shattered into a thousand pieces. The thing by Max's leg disappeared.

Max ran towards the kitchen door with his arms outstretched in front of him, when his blanket slipped off the top of his head.

"Mr. Blanky!!!" Max turned around in attempt to save his beloved blanket. Seeing the spinning spoon again, made Max forget about his blanket and only wanted to make his getaway.

Max tore out of the kitchen with his eyes shut tightly, only to bump into no other than Kai.

"Max! Are you ok? I heard you scream—" Kai said quickly when he was interrupted by a tight hug.

"M…M… Max!" stuttered Kai. Kai tried to pry the blond off of him, but failed miserably.

"Let go of me, Max!" snapped Kai. Surprisingly, Max let go of him immediately. Very shifty, Max started to fiddle with the edge of his blanket. Then burst out quickly,

"Kai!! I was so scared! I… I turned around… and… and you weren't there!! I called for you! But… but you didn't answer! Then a ghost was spinning the spoon in the pot! I thought the ghost got you! And something crashed and touched my leg and… and—"

"MAX!!! Slow down!!" Kai said exasperatingly. Max just started to cry and clung onto Kai once again. Kai didn't know what to do. He stood there stupidly for a few minutes, before saying gently,

"Max…" He gently pried Max off of him. Tears were streaming down Max's face.

"Didn't you hear me, before? I said I was going to the bathroom and I told you to watch the soup. What's this ghost you're talking about? There's no ghost in this mansion. Wait a minute… ohhh… the spoon… The spoon must have been spinning because I left it quickly. I didn't mean to scare you. As for the thing that 'grabbed' you…" A little kitten jumped onto Kai's shoulder. It must have been this little guy," he said as the kitty nuzzled Kai. Max blushed, he felt very stupid for overreacting.

He turned away and muttered, "Sorry about the bowl… it must have been very special to you if you didn't want it to touch the table. And now it's in pieces. I'll clean it up."

"Nah, I only said not to put the bowl onto the table so you would hold the bowl and have something to do."

"…" Max bent down to pick up the pieces of the broken bowl. A broom had suddenly appeared beside him. Kai was holding out a broom for Max to use. Max grinned as he took the broom.

As Kai turned back to attend to the soup, Max thought, "Whoa. What a weird day. Getting stuck under a bed, smacking into the floor, ghosts, kittens… and the weirdest thing of all… Kai seemed like he was really worried about me." Max picked up his blanket and looked out the window. The storm was over, and the sun could be seen shining down through the window. As Max sat down at the table, Kai walked over with 2 bowls of soup. Placing one in front of Max, he walked over to the other side of the table and ate.


*SLAM* Tyson, Ray and Kenny had returned from their search outside. They were soaked from head to toe. Their hair was matted and pasted against their faces. The boys stood by the door, shaking the water from their hair, and wringing it out from their clothes.

"Augh!" exclaimed Kenny, "who knew Kai's mansion was THAT big?!?! We got lost like… how many times?"

"I dunno… a LOT? I lost count after a while. But it was all Tyson's fault. He kept on saying he knew where we were going." Ray shot an evil look at Tyson.

"After a while, even Dizzi got mixed up, and that's not something you see everyday," said Kenny.

"Next time, don't let Tyson drag you around. He'll just get us all mixed up again. Consult me BEFORE listening to Tyson… please," said Dizzi.

"We couldn't trust you, you could've short circuited in the rain for all we know. That would have messed you up, so bleah!" Tyson said, sticking his tongue out at the laptop.

"If I short circuited, I wouldn't even be turned on, you idiot!"

"Watch who you're calling an idiot. I can bash you into the wall right now." Tyson made for Dizzi.

"No, Tyson! I don't go bashing your stuff into the wall, don't do it to mine," said Kenny, pulling Dizzi out of Tyson's reach. Dizzi could be heard laughing at Tyson.

Scowling, Tyson ran off to look for Kai to see if he found Max, leaving behind a trail of water.

"Kai! Kai! We couldn't find Max anywhere! Kai! Ka—" Tyson had walked into the kitchen, and saw two figures drinking soup. As Ray and Kenny arrived behind Tyson, Ray said, "What's up, Ty—" as he followed Tyson's gaze.

"SOUP!!!" Tyson, Ray and Kenny cried. They ran over to the pot, fighting for the pot. Max smiled at his water-drenched friends. As he turned back to face Kai, and to his surprise, he was gone.

"Where'd Kai go?" Max asked. The knot of tangled limbs paused and looked up from the pot.

Unsurprised, Kenny said, "I dunno. He's cold, doesn't answer us, deserts us all the time, and is mean sometimes. It's not like he's changed a lot from when we all first met him."

Smiling, Max said to himself, "That's what you think," as the dispute over the soup resumed. All of a sudden the pot of soup flew into the air, spilling its contents on the 3 boys.

"AHHHH!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!" exclaimed Ray and Kenny.

"My soup…" said Tyson sadly.

Max laughed at them. Then the pot fell squarely on Tyson's head, knocking Tyson out. Since the 3 boys were still tangled up, they lost their footing with their wet socks. They fell down with Tyson with a *THUMP*. Kenny fell onto his back while Ray was pinned in a funny position by Tyson. Kenny, being the smallest of the boys, wriggled out from the mass of limbs, soup and water.

"Owww! My butt!" exclaimed Kenny. Kenny stood up rubbing his sore behind only to slip on the spilt soup and fall once again. Max laughed harder.

"IT'S NOT FUNNY!" exclaimed Kenny extremely annoyed. Max wiped a tear from his eye, as he calmed down, and got up to help his friends. As he bent down to help Ray heave Tyson off of him, Max saw Kai leaning on the doorframe, arms crossed, grinning at them.

When Kai noticed Max watching him, his grin disappeared immediately, replaced with his expressionless mask. Then, with a whip of his scarf, he was gone.

Ray, noticing Max was distracted, asked, "Whatcha looking at Max?" as he turned to the empty doorframe.

"Nothing," grinned Max, "nothing at all."

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