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Takes place after the third DOA. May have references from DOA 4 & 5.

Summary: Kasumi is on the run, but happens to find some former opponents from the tournament. These unlikely friends offer her a job working in Brad Wong's bar with Jann Lee as the Bouncer and Tina the barmaid.

Chapter One

She was so very tired of running. Kasumi had recently reached the Chinese mainland. It had finally happened. She was forced to leave Japan entirely. Perhaps the ninjas would stop in their search for her since they had already wasted so many resources.

Naturally, she realized that was highly unlikely, but a girl ccould be optimistic!

That optimism rapidly dissipated when she sensed the presence of five ninjas on the rooftops. Kasumi sighed in exasperation then took off at high speeds once again, hoping to lose the would-be assassins.

Before she knew it, she had rushed right towards the kind of establishment that she never would have entered. Or at least, never would have entered if the Bouncer hadn't been an old acquaintance.

"Jann Lee?" Kasumi asked as she paused in her escape to address the young man who was currently tossing a man outside of some bar.

Jann Lee was wiping off his hands when he turned around and smiled at Kasumi. "Hey, Kasumi, how you been?"

Kasumi looked around nervously for any signs of the ninjas. She couldn't sense them anywhere. Maybe she lost them in the crowded streets. "Things have been better," she admitted.

Jann Lee looked at her critically for a moment, taking into account the condition of her tattered clothing and the leaves in her hair. "I'll say." He grabbed hold of her elbow and pulled her inside the bar. "We were just closing up, that's why I was throwing out that drunk." He locked the door behind them.

Kasumi took in her surroundings. It was most definitely a bar. It was an empty bar at that. There were only two other people inside besides Jann Lee and herself. A blonde busty barmaid seemed to be wiping down the tables and the apparent white haired bartender was washing some glasses tossing them in the air and catching them after they were dried before putting them away in an open cabinet.

The two looked up and noticed whom the Bouncer dragged in.

"Tina? Brad?" Kasumi asked, clearly puzzled by the twist of fate.

"The one and only. What brings you into this neck of the woods?" Brad asked as he finished cleaning the last glass. He seemed to notice the leaves in her hair and grinned at her in obvious amusement. "Maybe you need a drink?"

"She was being hunted by those ninjas," Jann Lee answered.

Tina shook her head and clucked her tongue sadly. "Don't they give up? They are more annoying that that Zack character."

Kasumi hung her head low. "I had better leave. It was nice seeing you." She began to walk towards the door but Jann Lee blocked her path, crossing his arms and shaking his head at her.

"No you are not," he told her firmly.

Tina walked over and grabbed Kasumi's wrist to guide her to the bar. Brad smiled at her again and gestured behind him towards the stock of alcohol.

"How do you like my business?" Brad Wong asked.

Tina leaned over the counter and messed up his long white hair teasingly pulling out the hair tie that bound it high on his head. She then turned back to Kasumi as Jann Lee pulled up the barstool beside her.

"After the tournament, Brad sobered up and decided to open up this Bohemian style bar. Jann Lee was bored of the club he used to work at and offered to work as his bouncer," Tina explained.

Kasumi nodded but continued to look at Tina questioningly. "So why are you here? Aren't you a world famous wrestler? I thought you wanted to be in one of those rock and roll bands?"

Tina flexed her muscles. "Yep. But, dad's getting old and it isn't quite as fun fighting without him. Besides who would pass up the opportunity to work with a sober Brad Wong and an arrogant Jann Lee?"

Jann Lee bristled at the comment and narrowed his eyes at the American.

"What?" Tina asked with mock innocence. "And I can still play and sing here. I just have to convince Brad here to host an open mic night."

"Not going to happen. I've heard you sing. So, Kasumi, I see you have seen better days," Brad remarked. He reached across the bar and plucked one of the leaves from her beautiful red hair. "And that dress has seen better days too," he said indicating the dirt stains upon her dress.

Kasumi looked down upon herself self-consciously. "I've been on the run for while."

"Ever since the tournament?" Jann Lee asked.

Kasumi nodded.

"But, isn't your brother the one in charge of your clan?" Jann Lee asked confused. "You gave up being a princess to save him. He does realize this, right?"

Kasumi nodded again.

"Here you should have some of this then," Brad Wong said. He reached behind the counter and poured some of his more popular concoction for the troubled kunoichi. "Sometimes, its best to not think too hard about ungrateful, murderous family. Besides, you deserve it as one the champion of the first official DOA tournament."

Kasumi smiled at him lightly. "That's okay, I don't drink. Besides, I'm no longer a member of the clan. Because I left them I became a runaway shinobi. So it is my brother's duty to hunt me down. I will admit, it's unfair that they accepted him back with open arms considering he left the clan to pursue personal goals and I left to save him. The clan is sexist like that. Besides, if I had stayed I'd probably have been forced into marriage with someone for political gain by now. DOATEC isn't the only one that wants to use my genes. I'd rather be a runaway shinobi than a baby-making machine."

"Then it's settled," Tina declared flippantly tossing her hair over her shoulders and wearing her celebrity grin. Kasumi looked at her confused and Brad put the drink in front of her expectantly. "You'll stay with us then."

"Oh no, I couldn't." Kasumi waved her hands in front of her.

Brad ignored her antics and shoved the drink under her nose. "Sure you can and you will. My bar's getting pretty popular and I need the help. Let's drink to that!" He raised the glass to Kasumi's lips but she held them firmly together. Brad shrugged his shoulders and downed the glass himself. "Waste not," he replied.

Jann Lee and Tina glared at him. "You quit!" Tina shouted at him.

"Yeah, well, he's around alcohol all night long, what do you expect?" Jann Lee rolled his eyes in annoyance. He knew Brad wouldn't stay sober for long. But then again, he was pretty fun when he was drunk. But then on the other hand he was a much better friend when he was sober.

Either way, he was a fun guy to hang around with.

"Okay. But, do you have a place I can stay? I've been living off the forest," Kasumi admitted sheepishly.

Brad smiled widely and looked her up and down. "I've got a pretty big room," He said with a suggest wagging of his eyebrows.

"You must be crazy! The alcohol already gone to your head, you drunk?" Tina cried. "You can stay with me. Besides I want to talk to you more about that boyfriend of yours. You know, the one that won the second DOA tournament? He obviously isn't doing a good job of protecting you if you've been on the run for these past many months." Tina stood up from her stool and helped Kasumi rise as well. She began to walk her towards the back of the bar where the hidden staircase that led to the bedrooms upstairs was located.

Kasumi blushed. "If you're talking about Ryu, he's not my boyfriend. He's not even my friend. He was only protecting me because of a promise he made to my brother. But since my brother is the one writing my death warrant I think that promise has become null and void," Kasumi told her bitterly.

Jann Lee had been following them up the stairs. His room was across the hall from Tina's. "Somehow I doubt if he was only protecting you for the sake of your brother," he replied looking thoughtful and rubbing his jaw.

Kasumi turned around to address him upon reaching her new bedroom door. "Why did you grow weary of the club you used to work at?"

Jann Lee wouldn't look at her. Suddenly the wall was a very interesting sight. He ran his right hand through his spiky hair nervously. "I, um, well, you see..."

"That girl Leifang wouldn't leave him alone. She kept ranting on and on about how they were rivals. Apparently it wore on his nerves," Brad said after he made the ascent up the stairs and joined them at the landing.

"Really?" Kasumi asked with sparked interest. She had always thought the young Chinese woman fancied him. Maybe Jann Lee didn't realize her stubbornness upon insisting that they were rivals sparked from her interest in him. She obviously respected him. When she beat the girl in the last tournament she almost felt bad to find her sobbing afterwards and whispering about how Jann will never respect her now.

Jann Lee turned to open his door and with his back facing her her answered. "Tell you what, Kasumi, if you promise not to make some sort of rivalry out it, I'll protect you."

"As will all of us," Tina added before Kasumi could say anything. "I mean, you're obviously capable of taking care of yourself. But it's nice to have people that will watch your back."

"You don't have to do that," Kasumi argued. The trio had astonished her with their generosity. She hardly knew them. They had been opponents at the Dead or Alive tournament. Never before would she think they would become involved in her wretched life. If she wasn't careful she might break down into tears at their unexpected support.

"I'm sorry Kasumi, but we have no choice. When a beautiful, innocent, sweet young kunoichi, such as yourself, walks into our bar with her brother and boyfriend hunting after her we must defend you." Brad Wong answered solemnly as if saying an oath, complete with the hand gestures of allegiance and everything.

"Besides, we're bored. We could use a good fight or thirty." Jann Lee turned around with a huge arrogant grin upon his face.

Kasumi couldn't help but laugh. It had been so long since she had any fun or could even relax. Suddenly, amongst these three former opponents she found herself feeling more at home than she had in the past few years.

"We'll be your new clan," Tina said softly.


Ryu Hayabusa was worried. He stood upon the roof of the dojo where he had just met with his best friend. He had hoped to convince Hayate to end the quest for his sister's death. After all, the only reason she ran away from the clan in the first place was to avenge him. It was done out of nobility and love. What more could a ninja clan want in their leader? She'd have been praised in his own clan.

Hayate shook his head stubbornly. "You don't understand. It is the way of our people. She broke the code and she did not kill herself. Therefore, the task falls upon us."

Ryu turned an ice-cold stare towards his friend. Hayate didn't understand what it was like to lose most of the people precious to you. Most of the Hayabusa clan had been massacred not too long ago - Ryu knew the feeling all too well. Kasumi and Hayate were both precious people to him as was Ayane. "She is your sister. The reason she broke the code was to save you. You too left the clan for much less noble reasons and yet they accept you back as their leader?"

"You think I don't realize that? It pains me that I must be the one to have her hunted down," Hayate replied, his voice breaking in emotion.

Ryu turned away and watched the stars in silence. "Why do you not say that she is dead? Let her live her life in exile, but in peace," he suggested breaking the silence as the quiet grew too thick.

"I can't do that. It is my responsibility to the clan to carry out her death," Hayate answered.

"Very well." Ryu turned to face him once more. "Know this, I do not break promises. I once promised you I would protect her. I will do that. Even if it is protecting her from you. Farewell." He turned into a swirl of green leaves and was gone, a whisper on the wind.

Hayate sat upon the roof and hugged his knees to his chest, rocking gently. A single tear escaped his eye. He lost his sister because of the responsibilities of leadership to the clan. The same clan that she forsake leadership in search for him. He only wished that he could be as strong as her, but he was a coward.

Now his beloved sister and his best friend were now his enemies. But a small smile escaped his lips. He was happy that Hayabusa would be protecting his little sister. They were both more honorable than he.


Tina couldn't sleep. It had been so long since she had another female to talk with. Brad Wong and Jann Lee were fine companions, don't get her wrong. But, Kasumi was someone she could go shopping with and gossip about men. She flipped over on her bed to notice that Kasumi was sitting alert and wide-awake upon the window seat with her attention on the streets below and the neighboring rooftops.

The female ninja turned to regard her American roommate with a quirked eyebrow. "Trouble sleeping?"

"Why aren't you asleep?" Tina countered. "You can relax you know. Those ninjas can not attack you here."

"They can attack anywhere," Kasumi said on a sigh. Her gaze fell back to the sky outside. "I like to watch the stars. They remind me of more simple times. Times of when I was young and would sit on the roof with my older brother, or when I became older and would do the same with Ryu. I had hoped one day that Ayane would finally forgive me and enjoy the pastime with me."

Tina was frustrated. She needed to think of something to get this girl's mind on less depressing things. She thought back to what she knew about Kasumi. Suddenly a bright smile lit her face.

"Hey! Do you think you could read my fortune?" Tina asked excitedly.

Kasumi's face immediately broke into a grin and she vacated the window seat to sit upon Tina's bed. "Give me your hand, I'll tell you everything you need to know."

Tina offered her hand towards the suddenly chipper girl. "You are a lot more fun when you're cheerful," Tina commented as Kasumi began to frown over the lines in her palm with concentration.

"I wouldn't know. I'm usually by myself so I don't have to be fun."

"That's about to change now, I can tell you," Tina replied.

Kasumi cracked a smile. "That's exactly what I was about to tell you! Look at this line, it says that a new friend will enter your life and turn it upside down. Fun will be had all around." Kasumi pointed a thumb towards her chest. "That is obviously me."

Tina had a thoughtful expression on her face. "Well that could also be Brad. I would definitely say he's made my life alter into something new."

"Yeah, that's what I meant," Kasumi said with a clearing of her throat. "There's a break in that line of friendship, I obviously must represent the second life-altering friend."

"Obviously," Tina agreed before giggling.

Across the hall, Jann Lee grumpily pulled his pillow over his head tight. Stupid girls, giggling at four in the morning. If they didn't shut up soon he'd have to go over there and...suddenly he shot out of bed, re-energized. Why shouldn't he go over there now?

He got out of his bed and opened his door with every intention of joining the girl's overnight party. He was a bit surprised when he saw Brad had the same idea. They looked at one another for a moment, noticing they each only wore boxers.

"Shall we join the party?" Brad asked as he rubbed his eyes, willing himself to become more alert.

"What kind of party is all girls and no guys?" Jann Lee replied with a smirk.

Jann Lee opened the door and saw the two girls suffering from a giggling fit. They both looked towards the door and noticed the new arrivals. Tina ushered them in while Kasumi blushed again.

She wasn't used to seeing two incredibly muscular guys strutting around in only their boxers and she was borrowing clothes from Tina. Let's just say Tina didn't have anything modest for a female ninja to borrow.

"Couldn't sleep. Mind if we join you two?" Brad asked as he made himself comfortable on the futon Kasumi was using as a bed.

Jann Lee sat himself on Tina's bed between the two women. He wrapped an arm possessively around each of their shoulders. "Surely, two beautiful ladies, such as yourselves, can find it in your hearts to allow two humble men, such as Brad and I, the pleasure of your company."

Tina leaned over Jann Lee to smile reassuringly at Kasumi. It was obvious that the younger woman was unused to such obvious flirting. "I suppose we could grace you with that honor." She calmly pulled his arm off her shoulder.

Jann Lee smiled and turned to Kasumi and enveloped her into a large hug. He was getting a real rise out of her embarrassment. After her shocked, unresponsiveness he released her and ruffled her hair. He then stood up and moved to sit on the floor. "Welcome to the family, kid," he told her with a wink.

Kasumi grabbed Tina's pillow and hit him upside the head. "I see a short life in your future if you keep up that kind of behavior," Kasumi told him with a serious look. Then she and Tina burst into giggles again.

Jann Lee looked at them confused. Then he looked back to Brad for possible clues, but that lazy Bohemian was already asleep.

A/N: Edited January 25, 2014

I wrote this story a decade ago, but decided to go back through and edit it. I see several flaws in my early writing style. I do shift between POV a great deal, but I think it works for a non-serious humorous story. And the past and present tense verbage shifts a lot, but I'm trying to make that consistent. I still love these characters. I really enjoyed the fifth DOA game and my husband bought me that terrible live action DOA movie, but I loved it anyway. Especially the actress they had for Tina - she was spot on. And the Kasumi x Ryu loving relationship was VERY obvious in that movie. Anyways, if anyone is doing a read-through hopefully you enjoy the new version more!