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Chapter 1:Genesis

Luke stood there at the front door of his home.He didn't want to go in,he knew his mother was home and was waiting for him.He had gotten in trouble with Sheriff Donner for speeding again and this time Sheriff Donner took his keys away and made him walk the last 3 miles to his house.Luke knew that his mother knew all about it already.He would rather be anywhere but here right now.He took a deep breath and opened the door to the mansion and there his mother was,sitting in his father's old chair by the fireplace.It killed Luke to see someone besides his dad sitting in the chair,why did they have to kill him.He was 16 years old and his mother is the only that could still scare him to death,when she was mad,her eyes would glow when she was angry.She didn't get up,she just looked at him.

"Sheriff Donner came by"Vivian Cates said."Can you explain to me why you can't keep from getting in trouble for more than a day."

"I was just trying to have alittle fun with my friends,God knows I need it living here in this house."

"And what is so bad about living here?"

"Well let's see,dad's dead and you are acting like you are in charge,and you aren't and you never will be."

"You watch your tone"she growled as she stood up to get right in Luke's face."I am still your mother and you will show me some respect!"

"Sorry,but ever since dad died,I can't stand to be in this house."

"Missing him and getting into trouble are entirely different things.Sheriff Donner brought your car home,do you know how embarrassed I was?".her eyes getting angier by the minute. "Our family is looked upon for guidance,because I am the leader of the pack now that your father is gone.Do you have any idea how it looks when my son can't keep his feet of the gas petal?"she continued. "Be a man Luke,stop acting like a child."Vivian said as she turned away from Luke to walk out of the room.

"Can I have the keys?I would like to go to the lake to hang out with my friends at the lake."

"No,you may not,until you learn not to speed,you cannot have the keys.WALK!!".screamed Vivian Cates as she left the room.

Luke headed out his front door,slamming it,his mother had been unfeeling since Luke's father had been murdered.She couldn't understand that Luke missed him too.But enough of that,he couldn't bare to think about his father.What made it worst is the fact that still didn't know who did it.
Before he made it all the way to the woods beside his house,he has shed his clothes and changed into something easier to run in.He had changed like all his ancestors before him,into a wolf,or a Skinwalker,that is what the Native American called it,the ability to change from human to wolf at will.He was the resident bad boy in town,but he let one person see his soft side,well as soft as he wanted to be anyway,too bad it was the sheriff's daughter,Sophia.They would spend hours talking about everything.He admired her for wanting to leave Wolf Lake.She wasn't a Skinwalker.She was the closest thing he had to a best friend.She reached out to him when he lost his father,she was the only one who he would let near him at that time.He wouldn't even let his sometime girlfriend Presley near him.And when it was believed that Luke would be killed too,Sophia's the one that tried to help him get out of Wolf Lake.That in itself was a risk,no Skinwalker was allowed outside Wolf Lake city limits.
His sister Ruby tried,she was gone for about a year,he thought she had actually made it out.Then one day the pack found her in Seattle,about 5 miles away from Wolf Lake,living with a man,John Kanin.The pack brought her back and locked her in the family cabin so she couldn't run again.The only reason she is out now is because she agreed to marry Tyler Creed.But to make things worse,John Kanin was a cop,and when Ruby was kidnapped outside of his apartment he searched for her and made it as far as Wolf Lake,but fate has keep them apart,he doesn't even know she is also in Wolf Lake.And to make matters even worse,just when they thought John Kanin was leaving town,Sheriff Donner up and offered John a job as Deputy of Wolf Lake.Way to betray the pack.Sheriff Donner was also a Skinwalker,and the pack wasn't to happy with him when he offered the job to the outsider.
Luke needed go for a run with his friends ,the Hill kids,as they liked to themselves,teenage Skinwalkers like him.After his run was over,he decided to get into his car that had been returned to the house,he always left a spare key in the visor above his head.Had the Sheriff not had a wrecker pick it up,Luke would have just waited for the Sheriff to leave and resumed his fun.He knew he would have to deal with his mother when he returned,but he needed to drive and clear his head.Just as he is pulling out of the drive,he notices a car coming,and decides to wait for it to pass before he pulls out,maybe if he was behind someone that will curve his need for speed.
It was Scott,with Sophia in the passenger seat.Luke decided to follow them.He followed then till they got to the diner.And watched as they chatted over dinner.


Sophia needed this date to prove to herself that she didn't need or want Luke in her life or heart.Luke was great guy for the most part,but his anger scared Sophia.There were times that he would get so angry and careless that she feared that he would hurt her.But in her heart she knew he never would,on purpose anyway.Scott was a great guy,and she really felt that he was someone she could trust with her heart.They had been to the movies and back to the diner where she worked and now they were sitting outside the diner in Scott's car talking.Scott leaned over and kissed Sophia,and she wanted him to.
Just then they heard the screeching of tires as someone slammed on brakes and looked up to see Luke Cates,walking over to the car.His eyes were glowing with anger.

"Get out of the car,Sophia!"yells Luke.

"No,I won't.Go away and leave me alone"

Luke opens the car door and pulls Sophia out of the car.And slams the door and tells Scott to go home.Scott didn't want to mess with Luke,everyone knew that Luke was a Skinwalker.They also knew that nobody messed with Luke without a scar to show for it.Even at great risk to himself Scott wasn't about to leave Sophia with Luke when he was that angry,there was no telling what Luke would do to her.He stayed in the car ready to get out and help Sophia if she needed him.

"LEAVE ME ALONE,LUKE"Sophia screamed.

Sophia didn't realize it yet,but her eyes were glowing amber color.She didn't realize it because it had never happened before.But Luke saw it,he knew he had gone too far,and that Sophia was close to flipping(changing into a wolf).They were never sure that she ever could.Luke wanted to tell her,but before he could,she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and threw him on the hood of his car,breaking the windshield. Sophia was shocked,and then she realized that she felt different,she has never been that angry or that strong."Oh my God,I'm flipping."she said outloud.
She looked over at Scott.How was she supposed to explain to him how a 100 lb girl just threw a 180 lb guy.She didn't have time to explain,she just turned and started running.She needed to get to her dad,he would know what to do.
Luke was stunned,but fine.He couldn't help but grin,he had brought it out of her.He had made Sophia Donner flip.In another couple of hours,she would be a Skinwalker.But just then it hit Luke. * What if she doesn't make it through the flip.Great going Cates,you just might have killed your best friend.*he thought,as he came close to doing something he had never done before,pray. Luke started walking in the direction of his house,because there was no way his car would start with all that damage.But it wouldn't hurt to swing by Sophia's house and see if he can sense how she is doing.It was a wolf thing,he could use his senses to feel Sophia.There was also a link that Skinwalkers shared,they could talk telepathically,he would try that if nothing else worked.


Jesse needed this vacation more than Adam and the gang knew about.A chance to be normal,where nobody depends on him or expects anything of him.He loved belonging to Mutant X,it was the family he had always wanted,but he still needed a vacation.So here he was in his car driving to a place he picked out on the map,a place that he thought he could get lost in for a couple of weeks.He turned on the radio to find some tunes to keep him awake."I need to find another station,the frequency out here sucks."he said as he starts pushes SEEK on his car radio.
There's the sign up ahead : 1 Mile to WOLF LAKE.There was alot of woods in Wolf Lake,he was sure he would enjoy hiking on this vacation,but his first agenda was get a room and take a hot shower.He should have made reservations with the local motel,but he was in a hurry to get out of there before Adam found something for him to do.He couldn't wait to get to bed and get some sleep.He reached down to see if he could find another station,the radio was playing No Doubt's "Hey Baby".Jesse hated that song,he would rather turn the radio off as opposed to listening to that crap.

Just then a something ran out in front of Jesse,and he slammed on brakes.It was a girl and she looked scared.Jesse got out of his car,he was shocked to see her eyes were glowing like Shalimar's,except her's were amber colored and Shal's were yellow.He checked to make sure that he didn't hurt her.

*Is she a mutant?Of course she is,what else could it be,look at her eyes.But a mutant all the way out in the middle of nowhere.Well I guess that would keep Genomex from finding her,gee Kilmartin you should of thought of that.*

"Are you alright?"asked Jesse.

"I fine,I just need to get to my dad."said the girl.

*So her father knows she is a mutant.She is lucky her father didn't send her away like my family did.*

Either way, he felt she needed help,who better than he could help a fellow mutant?He hoped that he wouldn't have to call Adam in on this.But he might if nobody in this town knew how to help her.

"What is your name?"


"My name is Jesse,how about you get in my car and I will take you to your dad."said Jesse.

"No thanks,it isn't that far"

"You can trust me".

Something in his eyes told her he was being honest,and she decided to let him take her.She needed to get to her dad fast,before it was to late.She had the stories of the others who didn't survive the flip,and she knew that she couldn't do it alone,nor did she want to. "Please hurry".
Something in her voice made Jesse realize that she needed help,and fast.Jesse started driving as fast as he could go.He was less than a block from town.

"I will,are you in alot of pain?Did I hit you?"asked Jesse.

"No you didn't hit me.But I am in alot of pain,please drive me to the police department".

"The police department?Is your dad a cop there?"asked Jesse.He was trying to keep her talking because he had a feeling that if she went to sleep,she would never wake up again,ever.And she was looking tired,but the pain was way to severe for her to go to sleep,unless she fainted from the pain.

"Sheriff",just before she let out a scream that sent chills down his spine.And not many thing could do that to Jesse Kilmartin,he had seen to much in his life for that.But that scream made the hairs on the back of his neck stand straight up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Brennan was pacing back and forth in the lab at the Sanctuary.He missed Jesse,this was the worst time in the world for Jesse to go on vacation,just when Brennan really needed him.One of the things Brennan missed about Jesse was the fact that Jesse knew how to use the blasted computer,and Brennan needed info."Ok how hard can it be,I mean if Jesse can do it,I can do it,right?"he said outloud to himself as he sat down at the computer.He needed information on a friend of his from the old days.He had just found out his friend died and he needed to know why.Max was the same age as Brennan,he had seemed the picture of health the last time Brennan saw him,and that had to be about 6 months ago. Emma and Shalimar came into the room.Brennan tried to hide the fact that he was lost without Jesse from the girls.

"Hi Brennan"echoed the girls at the same time.

"Hi girls,what have you been doing today?"

"Working out in the dojo,you?"said Emma.

"Oh just hanging around trying to relax,you know."

"You miss Jesse to, huh"said Shal.

"No,I am doing just find,thank you,trying to find some info,that's all"

"Are you ok,Brennan?asked Emma."I am getting a feeling that you are disturbed about something."

"I wish you would quit trying to read me."

"I wasn't reading you.I don't have to,it is written on your face.Tell us what's wrong so we can help."

"If you must know a friend of mine died and I am trying to find out what happened."

"What is the name and I will help you search,"said Shalimar.

"No thanks,I can do it,later.Right now my head is so full of stuff that I can't think"

"Want to work out with me in the dojo?"said Shal.

"Actually I think I just catch up on some reading"

"Oh ok.Well me and Emma are going out for lunch,you want us to bring you back something?"said Shal.

"No thanks,have fun"

As Shalimar and Emma are leaving they look back at Brennan.And Emma says"He really does miss Jesse you know?"

"Yeah he does".

"NO I DON'T!!!"screams Brennan.

The girls leave the room giggling.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Adam was in the hanger with the Helix.He was very busy since Jesse went on vacation.There was a glitch somewhere on the Helix and Adam was trying to figure out how to fix it.But he was not a mechanic,he was a scientist.He knew it was a technical problem that he would be able to fix with the computer.He leaves the hanger and heads to the lab to work it out on the computer.But as he walks into the lab he finds Brennan typing on the computer.Not something you would find Brennan doing.As Adam moves closer,Brennan looks up and says"Hey,Adam can you help me find the information I need?"

"Well,can it wait?I need to find out what is wrong with the Helix."

"A friend of mine died,and I need to knkow what happened.Adam the last time I saw this guy he was in perfect health.Please Adam?"

"I am sorry about your friend Brennan.Ok,let me get to the computer"

"Thanks Adam"

"What is his name?"

"Max McCullough"

Brennan waited what seemed like forever for Adam to find out anything.Adam could tell Brennan was getting impatient.They had that kind of relationship.They said more when they weren't talking,then when they were.

"Ok,Max McCullough died 2 weeks ago after being attacked by a wild animal."

"A wild animal?What kind of wild animal?"

"A wolf"

"What?I mean..are you sure?"

"According to this he was attacked by a wild animal believed to be a wolf,but of course there were no witnesses,so it could have been another animal.Brennan I am sorry about your friend,but animal attacks are not as uncommon as they used to be.I mean you start building in there habitat and they start fighting back."

"True...I just..he was the same age as me Adam."

"You tend to think about your life more when a friend dies than any other time"

"Does the report say where he died?I couldn't get up the nerve to ask his mother,she is really messed up right now...I mean her only son dies...you kind of feel stupid asking..you know?"

"It says here it happened in....."Adam paused.

"What's wrong Adam?"

"It happened in Wolf Lake.The same place Jesse went to for his vacation."

"Adam...you don't think Jesse is any danger do you?"

"No,if anyone is safe it is Jesse."

"Yea...I am sure you are right."


Luke was still walking toward Sophia's house and thinking that he had wondered often if someday she would flip(change)into a Skinwalker like him .He had tried tempting her so many times,but tonight he had went too far,and all because he was jealous of her being on a date with another guy.Sophia wasn't his girlfriend,she didn't belong to him.Why did he act like that?Wolf Lake had a rich history,going back nearly 2,000 years,a rich history of Skinwalkers that is.Since the town was founded by a group of Skinwalkers,they had always outnumbered and ruled over the ungulates(humans).Sophia's had been glowing and that was the first sign that she was about to flip .She was becoming a wolf.Like him and his Hill friends. They had the ability to shape-shift,from human to wolf at will,and now it was Sophia turn.
Luke was worried though,because many young ones die on the first attempt to flip.He knew more about that than anyone for two reasons.One,his older sister died trying to flip,living her twin,Ruby to carry on without her.And two,it had been his father's job to end the suffering of the child.But since the murder of his father,the duty was handed down to his mother.She had to administer a pain-relieving shot,and after the child had stopped convulsing,she had to break there neck and end their life.It may sound cruel,but the child would die anyway,it almost sounded right not to prolong the death anymore than possible.He didn't like attended the funerals for the ones that didn't survive,he felt out of place and likie the parents of the lost child were looking at him and the other Hill kids and saying"Why did you live?"
Luke respected his father and now his mother for having the strength it took to end the suffering.He wondering if would have the strength to do it after his mom was gone,it would be his job as the Alpha(leader)of the pack.The cemetery was full of graves of children from age 12 and 16,that couldn't survive the flip."Please let Sophia be one of the lucky ones"he said outloud.He had 6 more blocks before he got to Sophia's house.
But the odds were against her,because she was a half-breed,not full- blood wolf.Her father Sheriff Donner was a full-blood,her mother,Marie,was a Native American with no wolf blood at all in her .If Sophia lived,she would have done what so many full-blooded wolves could not.Survived the flip.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jesse pulled up in front of the Sheriff's office.It was obvious to him that Sophia was in alot of pain and scared.He got out and went around to help her out of the car.As they went into the Sheriff's office,Sophia screamed out loud in pain and fell to the floor before Jesse could catch her.Matthew Donner was at his daughter's side in seconds.He lefted her head up,and gasped when he saw her eyes,they were glowing amber.The day he had feared since the day she was born had arrived.He had hoped that more of her mother's blood ran through her than his.He picked up Sophia in his arms,he yelled over his shoulder for one of his deputies to call Sherman Blackstone,and tell him to meet him at Matthew's house.Matthew went toward the door,as Jesse rushed to open it.

"I don't know who you are,or why you are with my daughter,but thank you"

"Is she going to be alright?"asked Jesse.

"I hope so,because if we don't do something fast,she will die."

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