Looks like I'm back everybody! I'm still working on SCHOOL WOES! but I got the flu and that messed me up but the next chapter should be coming around soon. Now when I had the flu I was out for a week. I still have my cough but I'm doing fine and I was forced to drink A LOT of herbal tea. Actually, it's not so bad. My experience with the flu gave me an idea for this short story. So, enough babbling, here we go!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans but I have friends just like them!

It was another day in Jump City. The Teen Titans busied themselves in a fight with the H.A.E.Y.P.

"Teen Titans! Surround them!" the leader cried.

As soon as the command was heard, it was obeyed and executed by the remaining four. The leader of the group ran in front of the group as they jumped away and surrounded their enemies.

"Are you gonna give up?" Robin asked.

"Or is this gonna get loud?" Cyborg continued.

Gizmo, leader of the H.A.E.Y.P devilishly grinned and cocked his head. "You wish, barf brain!" he insulted. The midget looked behind him at his two comrades who laughed with him.

Robin hardened his expression. "Fine then. TEEN TITANS! GO!"

The four teens around him charged from their positions and attacked. Cyborg was facing off against Gizmo and Robin went to go help him. Beastboy was fighting against Mammoth while Starfire and Raven battled it out against Jinx. Gizmo's tech launched out four long legs making him stand tall above the two titan boys.

"Heh heh. Let's see you stop this!" Gizmo laughed as he stomped around trying to squish the boys.

"Aiight!" Cyborg grunted as he grabbed for one of the robotic spider legs and held onto it picking it up and waving it in the air.

Gizmo screamed, "Hey! Put me down you retarded car engine!"

"You want down? I'll give you a hell lot of down!" Cyborg slammed Gizmo against the hard city street.

Gizmo screamed in fustration.

Robin jumped high in the air holding his staff above his head. "Your toy looks a little broken, let me fix it for you!" he slammed the staff down on the tech attached to Gizmo's back and it shorted out.

"Mammoth's gonna make you extinct!" he stomped up to Beast boy and kicked bringing chunks of the road up with his foot. Beast boy swiftly jumped out of the way and transformed into the king of dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. "Who on the bottom of the food-chain now?" he roared and chased Mammoth.

"Get back here and fight like a woman you witch!" Jinx screamed to the telepath as she hopped around backwards to dodge Starfire's starbolts. But yet, at the same time she was trying to get a chance to hit her rival, Raven but the hooded girl would just fade away and pop up somewhere else, teleporting here and there. It annoyed Jinx and she knew that Raven was just doing this to annoy her.

"ARGH!" screamed the Tamaranean girl as she fired one starbolt after another. "Raven! help me out! She is dodging all of my attacks!"

Raven faded in from the ground and appeared to be solid so Jinx fired at her but missed since Raven teleported once again in the air. "Maybe your aiming had just got worse Starfire." she forced a quick smirk.

"Raven! Now is no time to be joking!"

"I wasn't joking." she sighed and chanted her spell. "Azarath..." some bricks glowed black. "...Metrion..." the bricks floated up to Raven. "ZINT--" Raven curled up in pain. the bricks fell straight to the ground hitting T-Rex Beast boy on the head knocking him out cold. Raven shivered in pain that she was clutching her heart and was breathing heavily. She coughed once or twice and grabbed her neck in pain with her other hand while still holding her left hand on her heart. The telepath slowly drifted downward coughing uncontrollably and shivering madly.

Starfire looked behind her while dodging an attack from Jinx. "R-Raven!" Her companion flew over to her for her aid. Starfire held Raven in her arms. "Raven, what is wrong with you?"

She could hear one faint word coming from Raven's mouth.