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Fighting Flu

Chapter 9

"He has to have some sort of weakness. There is no way that this guy can be invincible. I have to find a way to beat him...for Raven...for the rest of Earth...for all of us. But how do you beat a flu?" Beast boy wondered. He looked back at where he last left Raven. She looked dead but he knew that she was only unconscious. She has been through too much for her own body to handle. Beast boy felt pity for her. He felt her pain. "I have to do something. There has to be something that can weaken Flu...but what is it?" Suddenly it hit him. "Wait a minute! I think I know how to end this once and for all!" It was time to put his plan to work.

Beast boy averted his gaze to the backpack. "What beats a flu?" He scampered over to it. "If this guy is a real living flu, he should be broken the same way as any other flu! Hey, I forgot we brought lemons!" he thought aloud. "Lemons can help with the throat and breaks up the mucous. So this should help. Man, I hope this plan works out." Beast boy gathered some lemons and ran back to where the fight was heating up.

Robin whacked Flu with his Bo Staff repeatedly. Flu grabbed Starfire and spun her around, knocking the masked teen and the android away. Then he released Starfire causing her to fly into Cyborg. A rhinoceros ran up to the transparent blue alien. Flu was about to hit the horned animal, but the rhino changed into a chipmunk and scurried up Flu's leg. "Get offa me you puny rodent!" Flu yelled in irritation. The chipmunk reverted back to Beast boy who took something yellow out of his pocket and stuck it on Flu's skin. Beast boy squeezed the lemon causing the acidic juice to spray on Flu's outer shell.

Flu paused as his eyes widened. "Ahhhhhh! What is this burning sensation!?" The lemon stuck to Flu like glue. Beast boy jumped off of the germ and stuck another lemon on his leg this time. Flu continued to scream. Beast boy's plan was working. He ran around the blue germ and stuck more lemons on him. Flu knocked some of them off but the lemon juices still seeped through his skin. The three Titans stared in bewilderment. They wondered what was going on since they now saw Flu running around like an idiot, trying to get the lemons off of him. "Guys," Beast boy called out. "What do you use to beat Flu?"

"Lemons?" Robin asked.

"Anything that you use to treat a normal flu!" Beast boy answered. "Look in the backpack and use all of the stuff that's in there!"

The three teens exchanged smiles. They finally found Flu's weakness. The tables were turning.

"You!" Flu screamed, charging at Beast boy after getting all the lemons off. "You did this to me!" Beast boy was tackled and Flu pound his face into the dirt. "Now I'm gonna make you suffocate!" He drove the changeling's face further into the ground. Beast boy flailed his arms around before changing into a hippopotamus. Next, hippo transformed into a ravage wolf and gnawed on the bad guy's arm. Flu's outer covering was now weakened by the lemons, so he could feel a bit of the pain now. He growled and tried to knock the green wolf off his arm. A silver pole smacked Flu on the side of the head. Robin twirled his Bo Staff around before putting it away and dealing the alien a swift kick.

"When you mess with one of the Titans, you mess with all of us!" Robin declared. Flu ducked Boy Wonder's next kick and grabbed him by the foot, lifted him into the air, and slammed him onto the ground. Robin grunted in major discomfort. "Hey Flu," Beast boy began. "I forgot my last lemon." The green teen laughed and stuck it on Flu's eye. He screamed in agony. "Curse you filth!" Flu screamed, attempting to take the lemon off.

Starfire returned with water that she spilled on the Virus. He immediately became slippery and caught himself from tripping. "I'm gonna kill you all!!!" he screamed as he slammed his fists on the ground. He shot up to Starfire and threw her into Robin. Beast boy turned Falcon and pecked at Flu. The angry sickness swat Falcon Beast boy away. "You may have weakened me a little bit, but I will still destroy you!"

"No way!" Robin shouted, getting back up on his feet and helping his alien friend up. "This ends now!"

Cyborg ran up to Flu with a needle filled with medicine. "Time to take your shot little boy!" Cyborg screamed before jabbing the needle into Flu. Something pink began flowing into Flu. The medicine was flowing through his inside. The Teen Titans all watched as the medicine swam all around his transparent body. Flu panicked. "No!" He took the needle out and threw it at the metallic teenager. The needle only bounced off of Cyborg's metal covering. Flu backed away. His eyes bulged out of his head. "How?" he asked. "How are you supposed to beat me? I'm supposed to be invincible. Nothing can hurt me! Nothing!" Soon enough, Flu was a transparent pink instead of blue and he started swelling up. "This...this can't be happening...I am Flu!" His body continued to inflate from the inside.

"Cool..." Beast boy muttered while the other Titans stared.

It didn't take long for Flu to resemble a transparent pink balloon. "NO!" he screamed with his last breath.

Cyborg's eyes widened. "Duck for cover! He's gonna blow!"

All of the Titans ducked except for Beast boy. He ran to Raven's side and held her close to him, covering her. Suddenly, the evil murderer Virus, Flu exploded. Pinkish/Blue goo spread all around the basement room and covered everything. The only thing left of Flu was a small piece of his green spandex pants. Robin—covered in goo—walked up to it and collected the piece in his hand. "It's over now." He turned to Starfire and smiled.

"Man," Cyborg started, getting up. "It's gonna take such a long time to clean all of this crap offa me!"

"Yeah," Beast boy agreed. "But you have to was pretty cool watching Flu go boom!" he joked.

The three teens approached Beast boy. "How is she?" Robin asked. Beast boy smiled at them. "Sleeping like an angel."

It didn't take long for Raven to return back to normal. After sleeping for one whole day, she woke up and began on her original daily routine...well except until everyone else got sick...

"What is this?" Cyborg complained, coughing. "I'm half robot. I'm not supposed to get sick!"

Raven sighed. "Why are you always whining? You're half-human too. As long as you have some human in you, you will always carry the imperfection of every human."

Cyborg sneezed as Raven handed him a tissue. "Thanks."

Raven nodded. "Robin, you need another glass of tea?"

Robin sniffled. "I think I'm fine. Thank y-yo-ah-ah-ACHOO!"

"Here." Raven handed him a box of tissues. "Looks like you all had to catch the flu. What a shame."

"It sucks." admitted Robin. "How's Starfire?"

"I'm not sure how she's doing. But I don't think she's as bad as you guys are. Maybe the flu sickness doesn't effect Tamaraneans as much as it does with humans." Raven paused. "The only thing that happens with her is that she starts sneezing a lot."

Robin nervously smiled.

"No Robin, I've got it all taken care of. I put her in a bubble." Raven noted with the most serious face.

Robin pictured Starfire in a bubble and began laughing but soon began coughing right afterwards. Raven shook her head. "I'll get you that tea right after I check on Beast boy." So Raven left.

Beast boy sat on the roof of the tower watching the sun set. He smiled to himself as he heard footsteps approaching. "What are you doing out here all alone?" Raven inquired.

Beast boy shrugged. "Just thinking to myself and watching the sun set. How's everybody doing?"

"Pretty good." Raven answered. "Thanks for helping me out Beast boy. I thought I wouldn't make it. But when I thought about you, it...just gave the strength I needed."

Beast boy smiled as the wind blew through their hair. "Raven, when I saw you suffering like that, I wish that I could have been in your place."

Raven gave him the craziest look. "Is your brain broken again?" she asked concernedly.

Beast boy laughed. "No. It's just that...I'd rather die than see you suffer like that ever again. I couldn't bear it and if you did go, I would have never been able to tell you..."

Raven raised an eyebrow. "Tell me what, Beast boy?"

Beast boy turned his gaze from the sky to Raven. He leaned in and kissed Raven softly. "To tell you how much I care."

Raven's mouth was agape and her eyes were wide in surprise. She reached over and touched her lips where Beast boy kissed. Soon enough, she smirked which surprised Beast boy. She reached her hand out and stroked his cheek. She fell into his eyes and soon leaned in closer to the green shape shifter. "No one has ever dared to care about me before." she whispered before locking lips with her hero. They shared a deep passionate kiss before separating. They continued to watch the sunset as Raven lay her head on his shoulder.

"Beast boy?" Something called his name. It sounded like Raven but as he looked over to her, she just seemed to be resting on his shoulder.

"Beast boy?"

Raven didn't say anything. Beast boy was confused. Slowly the scene began to fade as Beast boy woke up. He felt someone shaking him. "Beast boy, wake up!"

Beast boy opened his eyes to see his dark angel, Raven glowering at him. "It's about time." she huffed.

Beast boy flashed a smile at her remembering the dream he had before she shook him awake. "Nice day?"

Raven scoffed and rolled her eyes. "I can see that you're normal as ever. Has your fever broke or something? I just thought that you could use a cup of tea and no, I did not spike it with sugar. You can't have that stuff since you're sick so you'll just have to deal."

Beast boy blinked a couple times. "Thanks...I guess. Raven, can I ask you a question?"

"Why not?" Raven shrugged, sitting down next to him on his bottom bunk.

"How did you survive for so long?"

The telepath only stared at him for awhile before rolling her eyes. "I knew this question would come up sometime." She sighed. "Sometimes, I hate being psychic. But answering your question...can you keep a secret?" she asked.

The sick shape shifter stared into her eyes, then he began laughing. Soon enough, laughter turned into coughing. Raven rubbed his back and gave him a serious stare to tell him that she wasn't joking. "Uh, I can keep a secret."

"You better not tell anyone or else," she threatened holding a fist up to his green face. "The truth is...and please don't freak out when I tell you this but...I'm half demon." She paused awaiting him to scream or hide under the covers, but instead he just smiled. "That's so freakin' cool!"

Raven froze wide-eyed. "You mean, you don't think I'm a freak?"

Beast boy giggled. "Psshht! No way! How did you become half demon? Where were you born? Who were your parents?"

"All of those questions will have to wait for another time when you are ready to hear them." she interrupted. "Um, are you gonna drink that tea or did I waste precious life energy making it for you?"

Beast boy blushed and looked over to the cup of tea waiting on his messy nightstand. "Uh, I'll drink it."

Raven crossed her arms over her chest. "Hmph! You better. And remember, no telling anyone about what I really am. Got it!?"

"Sure, sure!" the green teen agreed while burning his tongue on herbal tea. "Tea is good and bitter. I can't feel my tongue."

Raven rolled her eyes once more and slapped her forehead. "You idiot, you have to blow on it first."

Beast boy sheepishly laughed. "Why don't you blow on it for me? I am sick after all." Raven blushed a bright pink, and her hood was off. She blew on the steaming liquid to cool it off. "That better?" Beast boy didn't answer. He was too busy admiring Raven. "Right..." she mumbled. "I'll be going now. I have to check on Starfire and give Robin his herbal tea." The telekinetic got up from the bed and was about to walk out until something stuck in her mind. She turned around and smirked. "Get some rest...angel." she teased before walking out, slightly chuckling to herself.

Beast boy's eyes opened. 'Did she-was she awake when I said that? God! I feel so stupid! I thought she didn't hear me!' The changeling sighed remembering the scene that happened only a few days ago (chapter two). He decided to just shake it off. 'I guess it doesn't matter too much.' He began to yawn. He placed the half-empty cup back down on the nightstand. 'Maybe she knows how I feel about her.' He then closed his eyes.

'Maybe I can continue with that dream I had earlier...since, well it might actually come true someday.'

Meanwhile, after caring for everybody, Raven took a break on the roof. She sat on the edge and thought about what happened. 'Everyone helped me out so much. They had to suffer for me once again. They beat Flu but then they get sick. I wish I could tell everyone how thankful I am but I can't.' She thought some more until her thoughts brought her to the green teen shape shifter. 'He stuck by my side throughout the whole time, didn't he? But why?' Suddenly, realization hit her. She blushed at the thought of her weird colored teammate liking her. She also felt a certain warmness inside. The telekinetic lay back with her hand folded behind her head as she looked up in the sky and couldn't take her mind off of the color green.

Back in Beast boy's room, he was fast asleep dreaming his dreams and living his life with the dark angel in his heart and deep in his soul.


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