Summary: InuYasha, most wanted senior at Tokyo High, has just broken up with his girlfriend and is up for grabs. Problem is, when he has his sight set on Kagome, it seems she's the only one who could care less.

An UnWanted Prize

Chapter One

The young girl parked her 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix in the school parking lot and stepped out, looking around for the friends she hadn't seen all summer. She searched the enormous parking lot, full of screaming teenagers, before spotting two black-haired girls waving at her. She smiled warmly and waved back. She began her journey across the crowded parking lot, swerving and maneuvering around careless teens, before finally reaching her friends.

"Kagome!" Her friend, Rin, yelled, running up and hugging her tightly. Kagome smiled and looked at her other friend.

"Hey Sango! You look great!" She said cheerfully.

"Yeah, all that hunting with father and Kohaku this summer must've gotten me in shape, I guess," Sango replied, smiling back and grabbing Kagome's arm, "Common we have just enough time to find our lockers before first period, and we don't want to be late on the first day!"

Kagome followed her friend into the school building before taking out the letter she had been sent over the summer and retrieving her combination lock from the front pocket of her bookbag.

Sango and Kagome waved goodbye to Rin, who was going to be heading down to the lower floor, where the sophomores were located. Kagome followed closely behind Sango, who was saying something about how great it the year would be since their lockers were right next to each other. She continuously looked from her paper to the locker numbers, scanning each number for her locker.

Kagome glanced down at the paper and began mumbling '444' under her breath. Kagome saw her locker up ahead and rushed to get to it when she felt herself bump into something hard. She shook her head a little before gazing up into golden eyes.

It was him. It's not like she didn't know him. Everyone knew him. Everyone wanted him. InuYasha. Mr. long, tall, and handsome.....just as long as you don't leave out popular.

For a moment she was dazed, but managed to shake out of it when a very annoying voice drifted into her ears.

"Excuse you," the girl holding onto InuYasha's arm snapped. Kikyo, InuYasha's long-term girlfriend, gave Kagome evil glare that said 'death wish' before speaking again, "don't you think you owe someone an apology?"

Kagome turned her gaze from the boy in front of her to the girl beside him, "And just who do you think you are?" She asked firmly, she was not going to be intimidated by some popular pre-adult, who was only a somebody because of her boyfriend.

Kikyo tossed her hair over her shoulder and took a step foward into Kagome's face, "I am Kikyo. I don't think I am, I know I am! And just who do you think you're talk...."

"Kikyo, that's enough."

Kikyo looked up at the man next to her, her boyfriend, and smiled innocently. InuYasha looked down at her with his normal tough look, eyebrows tilted downward, and a usual look of annoyance.

"May I ask you your name, miss?"

Kagome, Kikyo, and InuYasha turned their attention to the black-haired boy on the other side of InuYasha, who was talking to Sango, holding her hand in his politely.

"Sango..." Kagome growled, grabbing her hand from him and giving her a quick death glare.

"Ah, so that's your name. Sango. Well, mine is Miroku, pleased to meet you." Miroku said, before turning his gaze to the man next to him and receiving the same look Kagome had given Sango.

Sango blushed crimson, "'s nice you...ACK!" Sango's eye widened when she felt a hand glide across her butt. She glared at Miroku, who was smiling from ear to ear, and slammed her books against his head mercilessly.


"Let's go." Kikyo said, rolling her eyes and taking InuYasha's hand, leading him off, bumping Kagome's shoulder on the way.

Kagome turned around and glared at Kikyo, her anger was flaring and before she knew what she was doing, she was moving toward Kikyo, fists clenched.

"Kagome." Sango whispered, placing a hand on Kagome's shoulder, "Let's go."


Kagome rushed to her second period class. She was relieved she had only one more class before lunch. She scurried into the classroom, nearly dropping her books in the process, and was surprised to see InuYasha sitting right behind the last available seat. She huffed and continued walking to the seat.

She knew it was weird to not want to sit there, in front of the most popular and handsomest boy in school. Any girl would die for a seat next to him. So why wasn't anyone sitting there? She thought about it for a moment before she remembered last year. She took a step back, looking at him. He smirked. Kagome looked around and before she had a chance to find another seat, a girl took the seat in front of InuYasha.

Kagome smiled and silently thanked the Gods. She gladly took a seat the girl's old seat, right beside InuYasha, and made herself comfortable just as the teacher walked in.

Throughout class, Kagome would glance over at InuYasha, watching him as he seduced the girl. Obviously, she was brand new at this school, or she would know better than to sit there after last year's charade.

Kagome watched InuYasha lean over every few minutes and whisper something into the girl's ear, causing the teen to shiver slightly. She was obviously having a hard time concentrating because her breath was becoming ragged, her eyes became clouded with excitement, and a smile would occasionally play at her lips.

InuYasha leaned over one last time and whispered something before the bell rang.

Kagome watched the girl leave the room and uintentionally followed behind her. She trailed behind her to lunch and sat down next to Sango and Rin. Kagome saw the girl walk over to InuYasha's table, and then the entire area surrounding that one table became quiet before the table burst into laughter. The girl ran from the cafeteria in tears and Kagome watched InuYasha put on a fake smirk.

"Kagome...Earth to Kagome?"

Kagome turned her attention back to her friends and gave them a blank stare.

"Do you like him or something?" Sango asked, pointing at InuYasha.

"Of course not! He's mean and conceited and inconsiderate and self- centered. As matter of fact, I should be asking you the same question about a certain black-haired pervert." Kagome said, grinning as Sango blushed.

"What do you mean?" Sango asked, trying to hide her blush behind the book she was reading.

Kagome gasped, she wasn't expecting that. "You DO like him! Oh my God!!"

Sango slammed her book on the table and stared at Kagome for a moment, "If you tell anyone, then InuYasha will just happen to think a certain girl by the name of Kagome is deeply in love with him," she whispered.

Kagome's eyes widened, "But I don't even like the jerk!"

Sango sighed and went back to reading her book, "But that doesn't mean he won't think otherwise."

Rin watched and listened to her friends, just sitting there totally lost, "Uh, guys?"


The rest of the day went by uneventful. The rumor of what happened with InuYasha and the girl, Ayami, spread around fast.

InuYasha had made up lies about how much he loved how her hair blew in the wind, and some other romantic sayings and how he had been watching her since he first set eyes on her that morning. He told her to meet him at his table to discuss date plan over lunch. When she had arrived to meet him there, Kikyo ended up dissing her, while InuYasha just sat back and laughed.

And when Kikyo had finally finished bitching, all InuYasha could say was "Sorry, I guess I'm already taken."

Kagome didn't think she could dislike him anymore than she already did. She didn't understand how someone could be so inconsiderate and cruel.

She was walking to her car when she heard shouts from within a huge near the football field. Sango came by and grabbed her arm, tugging her to the front of the mob.

There, in the center of the cheering students, were InuYasha and Kouga. They had never liked each other and had been rivals for as long as Kagome could remember. Kagome watched, not really interested until Kouga turned his attention to Kagome. Her eyes widened and she tried to back away, out of the crowd.

"There's my woman!" Kouga yelled, running and taking Kagome's hand.

Kagome stared blankly at him, a blush crossing her cheeks. All eyes were on her, "I'm not your woman, so, would you please get off me?"

"Hey look, Kouga's got his own bitch!"

Kagome glared at InuYasha. She pulled her hand from Kouga's grasp and stomped up to the silver haired boy, anger flaring in her eyes.

"And just what do you think your girlfriend is?" Kagome counteracted, 'ooohs' erupting from the massive crowd.

"What did you call me?"

Kagome turned her attention to the girl behind InuYasha, "What did it sound like I just called you? Would you like me to spell it out?"

Kikyo laughed, "I don't consider you competition, Kagome."

That was the last straw. Kagome had had it. "You mean you don't see me as competition because you're too busy hiding behind your big, popular boyfriend. Well, you may be popular, Kikyo, but if it weren't for him," Kagome paused, poking a finger into InuYasha's chest, "you'd still be hanging with us!"

Everyone gasped. Kikyo took a step back; offended that Kagome would dare bring that up. But she soon regained her posture and answered back.

"Look, Kagome," Kikyo spat, "you are no match for me. So you should leave."

Kagome laughed, "Look, Kikyo, I'm not going to sit here and be insulted by a wannabe who hides behind her boyfriend." Kagome glanced at InuYasha, before directing her gaze back to Kikyo, "You should quit while you're ahead."

She turned on her heels and made her way through the crowd to her car, with Sango and Rin trailing behind her.


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