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Two of Us: Chapter1 Prologue

The sun was a lifeless sphere up in the sky. The crop circles just barely showed through the pasture and rolling grass bending in the wind. Dib sighed thinking of the cows that no longer wandered in these fields or any other. How the world had changed since he was a boy. A video camera set beside him on the passenger seat of his car; what he deemed the preferred company on a trip to old familiar territory. He had run the little SUV off the road onto an abandoned grassy stretch, the light bumping soothing his ever jangled nerves. Finally he had arrived at the spot. The edge of a huge crop circle almost touched the right wheel of his vehicle while on either side, tall grass ever gently swayed in the breeze. It took all his strength to get out.

Camera in hand he began video-taping.

"Second of June, first age of the new reform," he spoke evenly, "I'm back here again as promised. It's looks a little nicer then last time, since they finally got rid of that pile of scrap metal laying around," he sighed continuing, "but the crop circles are still here."

He did a quick pan of the area, which was a massive network of flattened wheat and barley that from the air could be seen as a viable geometric pattern. From the ground it wasn't as impressive although it still drew some tourists later in the summer when the weather wasn't so hot.

His gaze focused on one particular spot near the left globe shaped pattern, "I guess not a whole lot has changed this year," he spoke softly, "but Gurn and I managed to snag a few nice shots of Gaz and her boyfriend. I don't think she knows that we did because that would probably mean I wouldn't be talking on the same memory card," he laughed, "also Deen did a nice song at her Skool talent show. She's really getting good but I'm sure you already know that.." his voice faded out.

The wetness in his eyes threatened to spill over but he took a deep breath determined to finish filming.

"And Gurn is really taking to interstellar travel. There's a great shot on here of him creaming the competition at the annual Kidz Spacerace. We all miss you," he paused," and so do I. I hope you'll come home soon."

He clicked off his camera letting it rest against his leg, his fingers intertwined in the leather strap, while as he bowed his head the wind rustled his hair. That single piece he never could quite tame stuck up as it always had, and it along with the faces of his children, reminded him daily what he had lost on this very field 12 years ago. Familiarity sometimes became his mortal enemy against a personal battle of sorrow. As Dib's footsteps plodded slow and sullen, he crossed the grass strewn path into his own little realm he had carved out in the earth 10 years before. With a lift of the sod, an earthen square was revealed and within a grey locked box. The box had been made long ago and had been sealed with Irken technology, so now only two people in the universe could ever open it. Dib lifted it out and flicked it open effortlessly with a few pointed jabs at the sides, checked to be sure all the years of films were there and then promptly deposited the newest addition into its innards. With his yearly ritual complete he plopped the box back into its secret hiding place.

He stood tall and uncertain under the glowing sun still unwilling to head for home. There were those shoots he had to do for the evening Alien Encounter report, and that article to finish for Saucer's Weekly but unlike his father he didn't put aside everything for his work. He wished his dad were still around to see his grandchildren basking in the irritations of adolescent. It made him especially sad to think that he and Gurn would have gotten along charmingly well. None the less, the past couldn't be changed and that was exactly the root of Dib's problems. The mess that had happened all those years ago was still as fresh as a new wound in his mind. Nothing in the world could ever change that. Well perhaps there was one thing, but that was as likely right now as the second coming of Jesus.

He walked deep in reverie among the grasses, his trench coat mutely brushing wheat and barley.

Sounds and visions flashed in his head.

There's a 96 chance of absolute death.

The armada is here!

Nothing in the world could keep me from you and Gurn.

Your father died valiantly trying to save you, Gaz and the Earth. That was what he wanted!

There is very little hope for Earth anymore.

But what about the happy memories, his mind pleaded. So he let those take over for a little while begrudgingly because sometimes, after, when he was all alone those stung worse then the bad.

Yes that was something he still had. His father was dead, and what had happened to Zim it was painfully uncertain. However, the memories were things he could count on.

Maybe that was why he made chips very year with his family's adventures in hopes that the missing member would find them. Perhaps the faith that was lacking terribly in his current existence was achingly brought to life by these symbolic actions.

But not now, his fevered mind wailed. All he had to do was stand in the aptly named Fields Of Dying, while the breeze lifted his coat up like rich black wings over the stark horizon, as memories thundered around him. Everything else could wait. All he had to do now was dream, and wish and remember...