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Mai, Joey, Yugi, Tristan and Tea- 25

Serenity- 24

You've Got To Be Kidding Prologue

Mai Valentine could still feel his eyes and could feel the warmth of that goofy smile when she met him at first glance.

She had liked it… And she didn't like the fact that she did!

Mai could feel the heat from his anger that was usually directed her way whenever she was around him…

But then there were moments when she'd be so bewildered at his actions towards her that made her want to jump into his arms.

She still thought of him, though she knew he wouldn't give her a second glance. He probably thought her spoiled, selfish, and weak… well, maybe not weak. But she had other qualities!

She was classy, beautiful, and recklessly dangerous, in a good way.

Mai huffed. Well he could just keep that smile to himself!

It's been quite a few years since she had seen him or his friends. But then, by some twisted miracle, she met her link.

Mai stepped off the bus in the middle of Tokyo City. As she did, there stood a brown haired, blue-eyed girl waiting for her with a familiar warm smile that always reminded Mai of someone who she couldn't put her finger on.

Mai grinned, "Hey!" The girl laughed, waved and then hugged Mai.

"Hey yourself! I'm so glad you came!"

Mai laughed, "I'm just glad that you found me in my time of need!"

Mai had a roommate back in Yokohama who disappeared for some unknown reason, left Mai on her own to pay for the loft they both shared. Mai couldn't afford to pay until she got a call from her brown-haired friend who said she had a place she could use.

"I can't believe you're here!" Mai exclaimed, "So how's life been treating you, Serenity?"

Serenity laughed, her blue eyes sparkling. "Just fine. I'm just a little tired from trying to get that room fixed. You'll meet your roommate since he is-"

Serenity was interrupted when a nearby bus blew a loud horn. Mai waved her hand for Serenity to move along and just get to the place.

They were really nearby the place so they walked there.

Mai and Serenity had met a few months ago at a party in Yokohama. Mai didn't know her all too well but she knew Serenity could be trusted. 

"So who's my roommate?" Mai asked smiling at her Serenity.

"Oh, my brother!" Serenity sighed, "His roommate decided to elope with his girlfriend from France and leave my brother to mange the apartment himself."

Mai grumbled, "Sounds too familiar."

Serenity laughed, "Look, my brother is alright. Maybe a little rough on the edges but he's a great guy!"

Mai nodded, "I don't mind sharing an apartment with a guy. Just as long as he doesn't bring strange girls in the middle of the might, I'm quite happy."

Serenity's eyes twinkled, "No worries! I know you'll keep him straight knowing you!"

"Damn straight!"

They entered a building that looked in good shape. As they neared upstairs and to the door, Serenity said, "It's number Forty-Three-Hundred. Just go on up there, okay? My brothers probably up there moving your things into the room."

Mai raised a brow, "Where are you going?"

Serenity waved a hand, "Oh, to get a spare key for you at the main desk downstairs. I forgot to get it before we came up here."

Mai nodded, "Okay." She then turned and went on. She made a right and then spotted Forty-Three Hundred at the end of the hallway next to a large window. The door was opened just a little.

Mai knocked on the door to see a blonde man with his back turned, heaving one of Mai's heavy boxes of clothes on his shoulder.

"Hello?" Mai asked out.

The man turned and Mai's eyes widened.

"Mai?" The guy asked as he placed the boxes down.

"You've got to be kidding…" Mai dropped her suitcase.

Serenity came up next to her, "Oh! Joey, you're here! Joey, meet Mai Valentine. Your new roommate!"

 "You've got to be kidding." Joey blinked, his words echoing Mai's.

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