Disclaimer: I own neither Mina Harker nor Dorian Gray, no matter how much I wish that I did. This is someone else's sandbox; I just play in it (I read that as a disclaimer on somebody's Harry Potter fanfic and thought it was brilliant!)

Author's Note: This is the poem that Mina wrote about Dorian five years ago, the one that Sawyer and Skinner dance to in my story "Happy New Year." In that story, I just recite a couple of lines. Here is actually the whole poem. It's only twenty lines, because I don't think that Sawyer and Skinner would have picked a big long one for Sawyer's first interpretive dance.
Now, I'm not the greatest poet in the world, so don't tell me how bad this poem really is, because I already know. I WROTE THIS POEM. Mina didn't, I DID!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"The World's Best Lover."

[To Dorian, With All My Love.]

You are the apple of my eye,

Revolving slowly around my entire world.

The moon will dance, the babes all cry,

To see my heart's ribbons uncurled.

Like the waves crashing against a ship,

You beat me with Cupid's baton.

Be gentle, before my love boat tips,

And my love for you is gone.

Your gentle arms encircle mine all,

Your salty lips yearn to teach,

And if you hold me before I fall,

I am the sugar atop your peach.

We can hold this moment now,

And hold it forevermore;

If the waves break my boat's bough

My heart will flee the door.

So, if I become ever lonely,

And cannot jump and hover,

I will remember you are the only,

The world's best lover.

~ Whilemina Harker, Spring 1894.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I wasn't intending it to rhyme, but it kind of ended up that way.

Comments? Let me know.

~ Alisonia