A Star In The Midst Of Darkness


Authors note:  Mandy's a baby when this happens , and this happens while its still nighttime.



"Oh, hello!  I didn't realize we had visitors."  Mandy's father said.

"Get Mandy out of here."  Her mother said.  "They want to take her."

"Shut up, you old bat!"  Maxie turned to the grunts and said, "You know what to do with them……"

"Yes, sir."  The grunts replied.

The grunts dragged Mandy's parents outside, and a few minutes later gunshots were heard, forever separating Mandy from her parents.

"Good, Mandy's mine now.  I'll raise the baby as my own.  Come on everyone, let's get the baby's things……"  Maxie said.

Everyone walked up to the baby's room, and the grunts and Admins began collecting Mandy's baby stuff, while Maxie and Courtney walked over to Mandy's cradle.

Maxie looked at the baby, "I'm so glad that she's mine!  She's beautiful!"

"She sure is."  His wife, Courtney replied.

Maxie got the baby carrier and brought it over to her cradle, and his wife picked Mandy up, wrapped her in one of her blankets, and put her in the carrier.  Mandy continued to sleep, and Courtney picked up the carrier and carried it downstairs with Maxie following closely behind her.  Now some of the grunts appeared carrying Mandy's cradle.

"Be careful with that, you don't want to break it by accident."  Maxie said.

"Yes, sir!"  The grunts replied.

Ten minutes passed before all of Mandy's stuff had been loaded into the back of their truck.

Now Maxie said, "Come on wife, let's take Mandy to her new home."

Courtney followed Maxie outside and they got into Maxie's car, and the rest of the grunts and Admins all got into their cars, and together everyone drove back to their base.