Chapter 7

"Don't Take Mandy!"

Maxie and his group were on the way to Petalburg City to reclaim Mandy from Team Aqua.  Maxie had a large number of Team Magma agents come with him this time so that the major drawback he had experienced before wouldn't happen again.  The group of Team Magma agents reached the Team Aqua base at around noon and began searching for the tree stump that concealed the entrance.  About ten minutes later they found it and slid the stump aside and entered the base.  Once inside, the Team Magma members began searching for Mandy when they tripped an alarm.

"Dang it!  I bet they'll hear that……….."  Maxie muttered.

Sure enough some Team Aqua members came running around the corner to find out what the matter was.  The Team Aqua members saw the Team Magma ones and drew some poke balls for battle.  The Team Magma members did likewise and drew their own.  The battles raged for a while, but the Team Magma members managed to come out on top.  The Team Aqua grunts ran to the infirmary to tell Archie that Team Magma had invaded their base.

"Follow them."  Maxie ordered his group.

"Yes sir!"  The group exclaimed and followed Maxie as they pursued the Team Aqua members.


The Team Aqua members reached the infirmary and entered it.  Once inside, they walked over to where Archie was watching Mandy sleep.

Archie looked up and turned around when they entered.  "What's going on?" Archie asked them.

"Team Magma have invaded our base, and we think they're after Mandy."  A grunt said.

"What!?"  Archie exclaimed.

"What I just said."  The grunt said.

"Uh-oh……….  Mandy might be in danger…….  And there isn't time to move her……..  We're going to have to make sure that they stay a good distance away from her while she rests in the infirmary."  Archie said.

"I heard that."  Maxie said, entering the infirmary with 10 of his grunts behind him.

Archie scurried to shield Mandy from Maxie, but Maxie's grunts ran forward and cut him off so that he couldn't get to Mandy.  Then some grabbed Archie and his two grunts while Maxie walked over to Mandy's playpen and lifted her into his arms, blanket and all.  Then he left the room with Mandy and his grunts followed about seven minutes later after buying Maxie some time for him to get a fair distance away.  Then after buying him some time, Maxie's grunts followed him out of the Team Aqua base.  Maxie walked over to the Petalburg Beach and boarded his Team Magma plane and his grunts boarded a few minutes later.  Maxie carried Mandy to a seat near the front of the plane and sat down with Mandy and rested her head against his shoulder and covered her up a little bit more with her blanket.  Once all of Maxie's agents were aboard, the pilot shut the door and began the take-off procedures and a few minutes later the plane began to rise into the air.  Mandy didn't awaken and merely snuggled up against Maxie while she slept.

"Aw……  What a darling child, I'm so glad I got her back."  Maxie thought.

Just then Mandy started to cry, and Maxie was jerked out of his thoughts and back to the child he had claimed as his daughter.

Maxie started to rock Mandy, "Shh……  Don't cry Mandy, as your father I won't let anything happen to you……"

After a few minutes, Mandy stopped crying and rested her head against Maxie's shoulder again.  Once Mandy had settled down again, Maxie relaxed and continued to hold Mandy as the Team Magma plane flew through the evening sky back to the Team Magma base.