Friday, September 27th, 2002

Graymalkin Lane, Westchester County, New York

2:04 P. M.

Marty winced as Hank administered his final shot of the serum. "That's it. You'll never have to worry about Legacy anywhere or anywhen."

"Thanks Hank." Marty yanked his sleeve back down. "You'll be seeing me in the future, I bet. Now that there's a cure, future me and future Jennifer will want our kids vaccinated too."

"No doubt. I'll be on the lookout for -- you."

Marty found himself getting curious. "Hey, Hank, do you have any idea what I'm doing in the future? I know I'm famous, but J. C. mentioned something that made me wonder if I'm doing the job I think I was."

"You know Dr. Brown wouldn't appreciate it."

"Yeah, but can't you just give me a quick hint?"

"Let's just say your future's going to hold a number of surprises."

Marty looked annoyed for a minute, then shrugged. "Oh well. I can live with that. I'd better catch up with the Doc."

"I'll come with you. I still need to say goodbye." They went up to the living room, where the Browns and Jennifer were waiting. "I think we can say we're even, Jean," Doc joked, giving Jean a hug.

"A couple of times over, even," Jennifer agreed with a chuckle.

Clara shook Ororo's hand. "It was very nice meeting you. Congratulations on your engagement."

"Thank you. The wedding date is for November 5th, if you'd like to come."

"We'd love to."

"You won't forget?" Kurt asked.

"Hey, trust us, there's no way we could forget that date," Marty assured him. "Pleasure working with you."

"Ja, same here."

A bunch of the younger mutants came in, lead by Bobby and Marie. They were holding two boxes wrapped in black paper. "We wanted to give you a special 'thank you/going away' present," Marie said, handing them to Doc and Marty.

"Why, thank you," Doc said, ripping his open. Inside was a black leather uniform like those the X-Men wore on duty. The sleeves and chest had been decorated with lightning bolts, and a tag affixed it read "Honorary X-Man."

Marty smiled, almost shyly, as he lifted his, printed with a clock face on front and back, free of the package. "Thanks a lot, guys. It's great."

"I concur," Doc said, also smiling. The group blushed as one.

Jennifer gathered up Jules and Verne, who had been watching Artie catch things with his tongue. "Are we all set?"

Doc did a quick head count. "We're short one person. Josephine!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

J. C. Jones jogged up to the group, holding her suitcase. "Just had to pack a few things," she explained.

"You are coming back, you know."

"Yeah, but I do need some clothes and my toothbrush and all that." She frowned thoughtfully. "Although, really, I still don't get how you're going to explain me showing up. . . ."

"To everyone else, you're going to be my late cousin's daughter. People will buy it, believe me."

"Okay." J. C. smiled. "Dad." Doc smiled back and hugged her.

"Well, people, we have a train to catch," he said, breaking the embrace after a minute. "I'll be back tomorrow to drop off J. C., Professor."

"Have a good trip," Hank said.

"Thanks. Good luck distributing the serum." Hank and Doc shook hands. "I hope we meet again some time in the future."

"Or in the past," Hank nodded. Doc rolled his eyes and laughed.

Minutes later, they were on the train. J. C. waved to her friends. "See ya later, alligator!"

"Time circuits operational -- date set, August 20th, 1987, 2:10 P. M., two days after we left -- J. C., sit down and get buckled up, please. Is everyone ready?"

"Let's head home, Doc," Marty nodded. Doc threw the train into gear. As it chugged above them, the X-Men gave it one final wave. Doc tooted the whistle in response. Then, with a final burst of speed, they were gone.

August 20th, 1987

Hill Valley

2:10 P. M.

Doc hit the invisibility lever and landed the train right outside his house. "Ah, home sweet home."

J. C. promptly popped up and took a look around. "Nice place you got here," she said approvingly. "A lot nicer than my old house."

"Glad you like it. Now, we're going to give you the room in the attic. . . ."

As the adults talked, Jules turned to Verne. "I just remembered something. We never got to finish our game of Scrabble. Wanna finish it now?"

"Okay." They hopped out of the train. Einstein ran up to greet them all. "Hi Einy! Nice to see you again! Did you have fun?" Einstein barked. "Come on, we're gonna finish our game."

I'm right beside you, Verne.

Verne froze, staring at the family pet. Had Einstein just -- had he --

He looked at his brother, patiently waiting for him. Jules obviously hadn't heard Einstein speak, otherwise he'd be just as shocked as he was. So it had to be that he, Verne, was --

He looked at his father, opened his mouth, then changed his mind. He'd have to tell his family sometime, but now was not it. "All right, come on." He ran into the house, Einstein by his side. "Can you remind me what word I wanted to play?"

The End