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Chapter 3.-The train ride,and Hogwarts

Sam and Draco walked down to the lobby to check out. Draco went to the desk and Sam went

outside with their trunks and saw George and Fred.(a/n-Sam was supposed to start 3 years ago,but

her parents diddnt want her to start right then for some strange reason)She went up to them.

"Hi guys."She said.

"Hey Sam.wuts up.ready to go to Hogwarts?"George turned and asked her.She was in their year.

"Yea i am.i think,im a little scared."She did look a little scared to George.

"Why?Hogwarts is great.its hard but we made it through outr first 3 years with no problems."

"I no.but im starting 3 years after im supposed to.You guys went through them."

"Well dont kill us because of it."Fred said with his hands protectivly in front of his face.

Sam laughed."i guess your right.im just glad im not with Draco in first year.it would be horror."

"Yea it is going to be horror.with Dumbledore(did i spell it right.let me know if i spell names

wrong)there and everything.My father said that hes the worst thing that happened to this place."

Sams hands formed into fists."Draco.....how do you even know that.you've never been to Hogwarts.

Im sure hes nice."(Yea i know.He seemed like a nice guy right?wrong.hes going back ot normal.)

He glared at her and stalked away.Sam chuckled at his reaction.Fred turned to look down the

street.He spotted Oliver."OLIVER!OVER HERE!"He waved at him.Oliver came over and saw Sam.

"Ready to take off?"He asked.

"You bet im ready,lets go already."She started to walk off and turned around when she got 10

feet away"I have no idea where im going."

All 3 boys laughed and took her to Kings Cross and they got on the train.


On the train Sam thought about the concert her band had 5 days ago.It was one of the best

ones they have ever had.She then remembered when they first started,when she was in 2nd grade.

Her parents didnt like the idea of her being in a band but they had her take lessons anyway.

Within a week she could play songs from Metallica and Kiss.She learned fast and remembered

everything.She had her parents take her best friend Jenna Galka take lessons with her.with the 2

of them combinded they were the best students there.So Jenna had Allison Agresta take drum lessons

and she was the best drummer there.They were great.So their instructor had them form a band and

they were good.So they practiced everyday in Sams garage and about 4 weeks after they performed

live for about 500 people.they were so good that the next time they performed which was 7 weeks

after they had 1,000 people there.They all had heard about them and wanted to see if these 7 year

old girls were really good at this.Everyone who left that night was ready to come to their next

concert.Sam sighed.She was going to miss her friends,but she was happy all the same.

She was in a compartment with the Weasley Twins and Oliver.She fell asleep with her head on

George's lap and her feet on the seat.He didnt move her and she was glad.When Sam woke up she was

in a carrage with the Weasleys.She yawned and got up.

"Hey guys where are we?"She yawned.

Fred laughed."Were almost to hogwarts."Fred pointed out the window.

Sam gasped.Hogwarts was huge.But it was beautiful.She couldnt wait to be inside of it.Theu reached

Hogwarts and went inside.Sam left Fred and George so she could be sorted.She waited with the first

years and saw Draco Malfoy.He saw her.They glared at each other.When they looked away Sam smiled.

"this is going to be a long year"She thought and headed into the great hall to be sorted.