Megan: Welcome one, welcome all, to my first TF story! I do have a bunch more, in the process. But here we go. It's a first one. See, I know that this series has been long gone, but it just came to me in a dream! Okay, not the girl character, Firebolt. I've had her for a looong time. I own the whole concept of her! And I didn't steal the name from stupid old Harry Potter either. I came up with Firebolt... Uh... Lessie. When the second book just came out. So there. BLEH.

Disclaimers: I don't own TF. Wish I did, cuz then I would own many cars, and be very happy. But Firebolt, now there's another story! I own her!! Heck, if you wanna see what she looks like, go to my web site, and check it out! See? Totally original.

Full Summary: Have you ever wondered why the heck Sideburn has that intense love for red Sports cars? Well, there could be the fact that his sister is one. SISTER? Yeah! That's right! The case seems to be that he's been looking for his lil' sis, and doesn't even know it. What'll he think of his new lil sis? And more importantly, what will she think of him hitting on her?!?! Told in Sideburn's point of view.


The sun is shining, the skies are clear, and the road is simply begging for me to come out and race!!

"I'm going out big bro!" I said, and waved Prowl, who was standing in front of the computer. He was half asleep, and looked like he had been up all night.

"Yes... I do prefer that type of tire..." he mumbled, then suddenly fell backwards onto the floor and didn't get up. I stared down at him in confusion for about a minute, before it finally processed that he was sleeping.

"HAH!!!" I laughed, as I walked outside and stretched. I covered my optics for a second, the sun was so damn bright. When I recovered, I transformed, and went on the highway network... Er something. I don't exactly listen to all to all that stuff... Heh. Yeah...

When I reached the continent, I decided on visiting the country called America. I heard that those Americans love muscle cars. Well, I sorta do. But they have to be red!

I shifted up a gear and sped along my optics keen for any glint of cherry red in the sunlight.

I passed through many states, each one, wielding red sports car after the next. I was even graced with a few exotics now and then. But each one, the person driving did not take a liking to me. Not unusual.

Through the mountains I went, knowing there would be no sports cars here. I was the only one for miles. I saw many SUVs, and many trucks. I felt so small... But hey, who wouldn't? I'm a Viper, small and built for speed.

Hmm. I wonder what Prowl would think of me breaking the speed limit so many times around here? I don't care.

After a while of many miles of nothing, I entered a dry, arid place, a desert state. The sign as I crossed the border declared this place to be Arizona.

Heh... Maybe this place will have a sweet lil ride for me to check out!


Phoenix? Wasn't that the fire bird of mythology that could die, and come back? Yes it was!!

Fire = red. Red = good!

As I raced through the highways that wound around the city itself, I found myself to be the luckiest Transformer in the universe.

There she was.

A glorious red goddess of the road. A beautiful Ferrari F 50, with a paint job... Just like mine!! Bright yellow flames spewed from her front bumper along her hood and all along the door. I sped up as fast as I could and came up behind her.

"Hey-hey there!! Check you out now. You must be the one I've been looking for all along!" I said, and stared at her some more.

She pulled into the other lane and slowed down so she was next to me. I got a good look at her and nearly crashed.

"So, you wanna come race with me?" I said.

That's when I saw something that I thought I'd never see. This fire red goddess didn't have a driver! She was simply driving on her own...


I looked around, and checked my radio to make sure that base wasn't paging me.

"Dumbass! It's me. I'm talking. The Ferrari that you were just hitting on?"

"Uh... Uh..." I studdered.

I chose this moment to swerve onto the barrier and shut down. One thought circled my mind just before I was dragged down to the black.

Is... Is she a Transformer too????