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Full Summary: Have you ever wondered why the heck Sideburn has that intense love for red Sports cars? Well, there could be the fact that his sister is one. SISTER? Yeah! That's right! The case seems to be that he's been looking for his lil' sis, and doesn't even know it. What'll he think of his new lil sis? And more importantly, what will she think of him hitting on her?!?! Told in Sideburn's point of view.


"Just stay back, big bro. I'm sure you'll love to see this." Firebolt said, as she held up her hand, keeping my Supercharged self from attacking.

"What?" I said.

"You heard me." She said. She looked back at me for a second, then down at Megatron's finger on herself. "Now you, get that offa me."

"Why? You're just another little femme bot for me." he said, then grabbed her left hand.

"And there's where you made your first mistake. I don't really like to be touched. But that's the least of your troubles." She said. I swore, she was smirking, but I couldn't really tell; she wore a metal face plate. Hey... Maybe it's that family bond thing we share!! Yeah... Right... Now I see. It is her eyes...

"What?" Megatron said.

As he stared at her, the spoiler on her right arm popped off. It bent in half and a huge, sharp piece of metal shot out of it. It was a sword that was at least two times the length of her arm. Then it simply landed in her open hand. ((A.N.: Think of Starscream and his wing sword. Then you'll get how it works with Firebolt. Sorta.))

"The second mistake is grabbing my left arm." She said as she calmly beat the shit out of him. "Unlike my newly found brother, X-Brawn, who is very strong in his left arm, I am very strong in the right arm. Why do you think my multi-purpose spoiler is there?"

I stared at her in awe. My god! My sister is fuckin awesome! I don't even think Optimus himself can talk like that during battle!!

"Your third mistake is leaving yourself un-guarded in the back. Being a Ferrari, I am very fast." She suddenly was behind him, and kicked him with huge force to the ground. "I am small, but I pack a punch. You can learn that later from Sideburn over there."

"WHOOO!" I screamed, and clapped my hands. "KICK HIS ASS!"

"And the fourth, and final mistake?" She said, as she lifted him up into the air by his neck and dangling him over the side of the cliff. "INTERRUPTING ME MEETING MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!" She drew back her arm and punched Megatron so hard in the face that he flew all the way out into the ocean.

She brushed her hands together and turned to me.

"See big bro?" she said, and charged at me. She knocked me to the ground in a huge hug. "That is how it is done!!!"

I smiled goofily. "Firebolt! You're my sister! Holy crap!" I said.

"I AM SO HAPPY!" She yelled at me, and got up. She proceeded to knock down X-Brawn and Prowl also.


thatangeronbecauseitwasbottledupinsideanditmadeyoumoreangrybecauseitwasallstuckinside!!!" she yelled really fast.

"Whoah, there..." X-Brawn said.

"Did she have caffeine?" I asked Prowl. He shrugged.

"Man... That felt good. GOOD!" she said. "Let's go hurt someone else!!" she pounded her fists together.

"Let's get you back to headquarters..." Prowl said.

"NONONONONONO!!" She said, and jumped up and down. "I wanna RACE! You owe me a race, Sideburn! Race race race race race!! TRANSFORM!!"

I watched her change to her F 50 form and race off.

"Ooh. This is not good." I said. "She has to go back to base now! Or else we're gonna have a very mad Optimus because we didn't bring over the newest Autobot..."

"Yer right." X-Brawn said, and nodded a couple times. "I know where she's headin too. Rt. 66."

"How do you know these things?" I transformed and raced off.

"She's mah sistah too, yah know." he laughed.

I peered back at him through my mirrors. "You are one of a kind." I said.

"Yeh, I know that." he said.

I stared at him for a while longer, then laughed out loud. I raced off after Firebolt, and soon came up behind her. She was slowing down for me, waiting for me to come to race.

"SO!! The big bad Viper wants to race a Ferrari??" she said.

"Come on Firebolt. Don't you wanna get back to base and get some energon?" I said.

"Energon! What's that! I don't need it... And if I don't know what it is, why do I care??" She raced off, laughing.

"Double crap." I said, and sighed. "She's worse than you, X-Brawn." I looked back and saw I was all alone.

"Oh well." I said, and sighed. I would follow my sister... No matter what.

I watched her drive along, then I suddenly lost sight of her.

"Firebolt!" I called out. "Oh great. You watch. She's gonna just get attacked again and... Oh great. Okay Sideburn. Don't go thinkin about things like that. You saw how she whupped Megatron's ass back there. She'll be fine."

I tracked her signal through a twisting course all the way through the city and found her right back where we first found out we were family. She was sitting on the cliff once again, and watching the clouds that were turning a deep red as the sun set.

"Firebolt, you got me all nervous." I said, as I drove up, transformed, and sat down next to her. She looked at me with bleary optics.

"Sideburn..." she said. "I'm glad that I found out you're my brother."

She leaned against me and sighed. I put my arm around her.

"Well me too." I said. "It also explains why I've been looking for a red sports car, or to be more specific, a red exotic, all these years."

"I am tired." she said, and did something that sounded like a yawn. One couldn't really tell, because of the metal plate over her mouth.

"You can sleep. I bet you're runnin low on fuel. You did do a lot, you know. You beat up Megatron, you raced along for over a hour, and non-stop too!" I said. "I'm just so glad that you're my sister."

"Yeah..." She yawned again. Suddenly she felt very heavy. I looked down and saw that she was asleep. I felt all fuzzy inside.

"Hey X-Brawn." I called quietly over the radio. "Firebolt fell asleep. Will you come over and help me?"

I almost let out a yell as his voice sounded behind me. "Y'all look so cute, lil bro!! This is what we were waitin for, you know."

I looked behind him and saw one of the most unique transformers ever: Ultra Magnus. He once carried me, and my brothers away on his flatbed part. There was a trap waiting for us, and he didn't want that to happen! A good guy, but doesn't seem it at times.

"You can load her on here." he said.

"Well, she is in robot mode..." I said.

"Just get her on there." he said. I did as I was told, and climbed up to the second level of his flatbed. I set Firebolt down and suddenly she automatically reverted to vehicle mode.

"Now you. Sit down." he demanded of me. I did that and was reverted to my vehicle mode also.

"I'll take you two home." he said.

"Thank you." I yawned. Man, today was a big day. And to think. It all started with the urge to race...

I shut down with the same feeling that I had when Firebolt fell asleep in my arms.


"Sideburn... Can ya wake up for meh?" X-Brawn's voice roused me out of my sleep. I opened my eyes and stared up at him.

"Hmmm... Oh... Hello there..." I said. I blinked a few times, and then looked to my left, and Firebolt was sitting right next to me.

"We're gonna get her fixed up into Autobot mode.." he said.

"Noo..." I said. "We were sleeping." I nudged Firebolt gently, and sighed happily. She nudged me back and muttered something in her sleep.

"Well, I don't think that stallion is gonna be so nice when she's awake, so I'll let you be." he said, and shrugged. Then he leaned down and patted me and Firebolt on the hoods, and left.

"Mmmmmm... Fuzzy warm..." I said, and nudged her again. I was right up next to her now.

I have to admit it... This is sorta better than having a red sports car as a girlfriend... Okay. Much better. Much, much better! I thought, and sighed.

I wasn't sure about how long we were sitting there. It was a good three or four hours though, I know that. But I was suddenly lost of all my warmth as Firebolt woke up.

"Go away... I don't want this right now! I'm not a baby you know!" She said, and transformed. She started walking.

"Firebolt, you know I was only wanting to be nice!" I said. "Aw man. Come on! X-Brawn wants to upload the Autobot information to you."

"Well, fine, I guess." she crossed her arms and headed for the control room.

"MEANIE!" I said, and also transformed. "Are you nice ONLY when you win?!"

"Maybeh." She said as I caught up to her. She glanced at me, and her eyes were showing a hint of love. Then she looked away and strode off.

I smiled. "Hell yeah!" I said.

"So, you two are up?" Prowl asked. I looked at him and nodded.

"Firebolt, will you please go to your vehicle mode?" he asked. My sister stared at him and sighed.

"In and out, in and out." She sighed. She did as he asked, and waited. The Autobot symbol was soon placed on her roof, the same place as mine. It was also stamped on the side of her new licence plate: C-005.

"Am I done yet?" She whined.

"Downloading the data. Don't be so damn impatient!" Prowl yelled at her. She seemed to shrink back a bit.

"Y-Yes sir..." she said. "You scare me..."

"Didn't mean to..." he said. "You're just... Yes. Done."

"YES!" She said, and revved forward, away from the cords that ran into her engine. "Man... Okay... Sideburn, you owe me one race."

My head shot up and I instantly transformed. "BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!"


We raced for, oh, maybe four, five hours straight? I don't know. We ended up in Montana. It was a good race. Hell. I can't even think straight!! I wasn't sure I knew who won either. It was dark... ((A.N.: He knows. Firebolt won. He just doesn't wanna admit it. ;D))

"Firebolt?" I asked. She was sitting next to me. We were both in our robot modes.

"Yeah?" she said, and turned her head towards me.

"You look at the stars sometimes?"

"Yeah... Hey... Sideburn?"


"Which one are we from?"

I put my arm around her shoulder and pointed up at a bright blue star.

"There. That's the star Cybertron rotates around." I said.

"Oh, that's pretty." she said. "Do you know what that one is?" she pointed up at another star.


We were both silent for a while. The hum of our engines was the only thing that was heard in the night. But her last question really showed me that she was one of us. Truly my sister.

"Then what's that one?"

"Firebolt. That's the moon."


I started laughing my head off.

"I knew that!" she said, and looked at me fall over laughing. She lay down next to me and gave me a good whack on the head.

"You are not being a good big brother. Laughing at me. And for your information, I was pointing at that star." She lifted my arm up and pointed it at a star that was just below it.

"My data shows that's Saturn." I said. "So it's not a star, it's a planet."


"You okay there Firebolt?"

"Yeah. I have a big brother now. Who is a real ass sometimes."




I got up to beat the shit out of her. But she grabbed my arms, forced me down, and put her head on my torso.

"Dumbass." She said. "You wouldn't really hurt me. You know that I would just beat you instead."

I crossed my arms just below her head, then snorted.

"You know. I did actually want you as a girlfriend." I said.



Firebolt got up and stared down at me. She had her spoiler in hand.

"SLAGGIN IDIOT!" She said. "I don't know what you wanted!!" She replaced her spoiler and held her arms. "Man, you puttin nasty images into my head!" She shook her head a few times.

I simply smiled. A grin only a maniac can make.

So this is what it's like to have a sister.



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Sample Summary: When one of the Autobots, X-Brawn to be exact, gets tired of fighting, and getting beaten up, he decides to leave the team! Where does he go? He goes to a cattle range in Texas, where he feels he belongs!! Can Sideburn, Prowl, and his new sister Firebolt convince him to come back? Or will the Mercedes-Benz stay Home on Range? And where did he get that huge guitar?