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It was two days later and things had been straightened out (not literally, of course) with Marisol and Derek. They had officially broken up, but Derek still kept visiting and hanging out with her. Everything was pretty much the same, minus the kissing and sex.

That morning, Derek came to the hotel, like usual. He was in a rush (like usual) and he saw Brodi and Eddie coming down the stairs.

"Hey guys, do you know where Marisol is? I'm leaving town right away and I want to say goodbye to her." Derek asked anxiously, tapping his foot.

"Oh yeah, Marisol is in her room. Sleeping, I think. Good luck waking her, bro." Brodi answered him, giving a slight chuckle. Eddie just nodded, his afro hitting the wall without him even noticing.

Derek thanked Brodi and immediately whizzed past the two of them up to Marisol's room. He heard voices so apparently Marisol was up, and he heard Seeiah talking too. They didn't seem to be arguing, but they didn't seem to be laughing it up either. Well, conversation was conversation, right? Derek knocked on the door, having thrown out his key, and quickly the door opened. Seeiah appeared at the doorway. "Oh look! It's everyone's favorite new non-hetero white boy. The fun never stops around this joint." She said jokingly, letting Derek in.

Ignoring the white comments, Derek just rushed in. "Hey Marisol, I just got a brand new gig in Seattle tonight and I have to catch my plane in just a few minutes, so I wanted to drop by here and say goodbye to you first."

"Oh my god! That is short notice, chico. I think you need a new agent. But anyway, I guess this is goodbye?" Marisol replied, awkwardly. She put down her lipstick on the bed and stood up.

"Sure looks like goodbye to me. Ok, goodbye, love ya, see you never, blah blah blah, get the fuck out of my room-" Seeiah immediately started, but Marisol and Derek both glared at her and she stopped talking right away.

Nodding, Derek responded, "Yeah, this is goodbye. I'll always remember everything we had together, Marisol. Whether you realized it or not, you changed my life. Hopefully I just changed a tiny part of yours. And even if I didn't, it doesn't matter. It was still a great couple weeks and I'm glad I got to spend it all with you."

Marisol and Derek hugged each other and then held hands. Seeiah groaned and walked out, muttering "I hate sappy bullshit!" and closing the door.

Then, all of a sudden, Derek let go of Marisol's hands. He wondered for a second if he should kiss her, but knew the feelings for her would never come back. So he just smiled at her and turned around, walking out the door. And with that, he disappeared from the hotel completely a couple minutes later, after telling Elise to "fuck off and die". Derek was gone from Marisol's life as quickly as he had came.

Marisol just stood there, looking at the open doorway. Seeiah came back later, choking on another bagel. "Girl, why your ass still be standing there? Whitey's gone! He ain't coming back anytime soon. And now that he's gone, I think it's time for our asses to be friends again. Just like old times, right?" Seeiah asked her, then began coughing loudly.

"Seeiah, can you stop breathing some other time, chica? Oh my god, you spit bagel in my hair! Anyway, yes, I think we should become friends again. I was a total bitch. I'll be flattered if you would even remotely decided to reinstate our friendship again, I'll completely understand because at this point I don't even fucking deserve it. People like me don't deserve friends like you. You're caring," Marisol told Seeiah, with a very heartfelt passion coming from inside, which Seeiah noticed.

"Girl, it's aight! Mary J. Blige must have been on somethin' when she was talking about no more drama and all that shit. Drama is everywhere, it's a constant thing in life. The more you have, the better of a person you become someday. Well, in Mary J's case, the more records you sell! I got all of 'em. ANYWAY, I accept your apology too and I say we resume our funky ass friendship right now and forget all of this shit with Kaori, I mean Derek, ever happened. Sound good, girl?" Seeiah asked Marisol, with a stupid grin on her face.

Marisol laughed and nodded. The two of them then hugged and were instantly friends again. Things were suddenly getting better for Marisol. Although she knew that she would miss her and Derek's relationship, she knew it wouldn't work since they were heading off to Aloha Ice Jam tommorrow and long-distance relationships are very hard to pull off. Finally, her life might return back to normalcy, even though in a way she liked the excitement with Derek and the fighting to prove her friendship to Seeiah. But it was over with now and she had to focus back on losing in the next few races.

Seeiah then said, "Damn, I gotta pack all my shit up. I gotta be all ready to kick Mac and Kaori's asses in the Showoff at Aloha, girl! Time to show 'em who's really the boss." She laughed, taking a bra off of the floor and throwing it in her open suitcase. Marisol thought that the bra was hers, but Seeiah had just touched it so Seeiah might as well have it.

Marisol didn't reply, but since Derek was gone, there was something else she needed to take care of. "Seeiah, have you seen Elise and JP around, chica?" She asked.


Even though it was still pretty cold outside, Elise and JP were on the bench, watching city life unfold right before them. They knew it was the last day before the circuit started up again and they just wanted to enjoy the vacation time they had left, even though they were all yearning to go back to the circuit.

Then, suddenly, the heard the doors fly open, and Marisol rushed out. "Good. Just the people I've been looking for." She said, throwing her hair back and standing next to the bench.

"Bitch, what the HELL do you want? You wanna fight?" Elise asked, standing up and clenching her fists.

"No, you dumbass. I wanted to come ask Jean-Paul for forgiveness, if possible." Marisol replied swiftly, as Elise's face dropped.

"Wait. So you'll apologize to HIM and not to ME? Not like I WANT you to apologize to me...'cause I don't...but damn, that's just rude! You really suck. Fuck this, I'm outta here." Elise responded, grabbing her purse off of the bench and storming inside the hotel.

JP's eyes darted from Elise going into the hotel to Marisol, who had taken Elise's spot on the bench. " want me to accept your apology? Making moi out to be the jackass, oui? You're done with that?" He asked Marisol.

"Yes. I am done with being a bitch. To Seeiah...not to Elise, fuck Elise. But anyway, chico, I'm really sorry for everything I've done. I just never got closure from our break-up and have been bottling my anger up for a long time. And I waited until I had Derek to protect me to say what I was feeling, even though it's not really true. I blamed the breakup on me and I felt like an idiot for letting you go so quickly, chico. This is all my fault. And do NOT think that I want to be your girlfriend again, because I don't. I just want some closure. That's all I'm asking for." Marisol answered, patting her knees.

Giving a suave smile, JP replied, "Ok. I get what you mean, madame. It is respectful of you to say this to me. I enjoyed our time together but those days are over, and to tell you the truth, there was never any closure for moi with the whole situation either. I suppose we can finally get closure now...if I forgive you?"

Marisol simply nodded, and JP said, "Alright. It is settled then. I forgive you. Come, I need to pack the rest of my shit for Aloha Ice Jam before Luther steals any of it." The two of them both got up, gave a smile to each other and went back into the hotel.


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