Yahiko: Hi eveyone! Icy told me I could read the disclaimer. *clears throat* IcyPanther- *hit on head w/ bokken* Hey! (angrily) What was that for busu?

Kaoru: You are to young to be doing disclaimers. They are reserved for beautiful women like me....

Yahiko: But the story is about me!

Kaoru: My name's in the title

Yahiko: *reads title* oh

Kaoru: IcyPanther does not own any of the RK cast or me!

Yahiko: You ARE part of the RK cast

Kaoru: I know, just wanted people to realize I'm the most important!

Yahiko: *glowers*

Kaoru: On with the fic!

'....' indicates thought

Kaoru's Wish

Chapter One: The Wish


It was a nice normal summer day at the Kamiya dojo. The sun beat down on everyone and a small brezze came every few minutes to soothe the hot occupants.

"AHHHHHHH!" Yahiko charged forward, not seeming to mind the heat, caught up in the moment of sparring.

Kaoru rose her bokken up in defense and with a short flick of the wrist, curved it around and struck Yahiko's shinai. He went down in a cloud of dust on the hard baked dirt with a string of muttered curses from his mouth.

Sano, who was lounging on the porch, grinned at the cuss words. He was raising the boy well.....

Kenshin, who had been doing laundry, got up and placed his hands over his young son's ears, whose name was Kenji. There was no reason the child should here that type of language at such a young age.

Yahiko rose painfully from the ground and readied his shinai. "You can do better then that Busu!" he taunted.

"What did you call me?! I'll show you Yahiko-CHAN. Maybe we can break a new record of falls of the young Tokyo samurai today. What has it been, 11 so far?

"DON'T CALL ME CHAN!!!!!!!!" With that, ch charged forward and swung his shinai wildly, all stance forgotten, wanting only to hit the grinning tanooki

Kaoru easily sidestepped and the the back of Yahiko's head. Instead of going down, he took her by surprise and rammed his shinai into her stomach. With a slight groan she turned to face her opponet who was now behind her.

With another cry, Yahiko charged. His shinai clashed with Kaoru's weapon, but then she shoved him away and he fell once again in the dirt. And this time he didn't get up.

"Twelve!" Kaoru declared triumphantly, her black poytail bouncing with every step she took towards the fallen Yahiko. "Your stance was all wrong Yahiko. Hold the shinai at a level position and follow through with the swing. But overall, nice effort."

She lowered her hand to help him up. He smacked it forcefully away. "I can get up my self Busu!" he said rage in his voice.

"What did you say?" she asked angrily.


"Don't you dare call me busu, you... you brat!"

"I am not a brat! You-"

Kenshin had gotten up and stepped between the two fueding people with hands raised for Yahiko to be quiet.

"Please Kaoru-Dono, calm down." He gently placed a hand on her shoulder.

"STAY OUT OF THIS KENSHIN!" Kaoru whipped out her bokken from it's sash and hit Kenshin on the head.... hard.

"Oro....." said Kenshin before he hit the ground.

"You." said Kaoru turining her attention back to the spiky haired boy in front of her, "You are an ungrateful little boy who does not realize all we've done for you. You constantly tease me, are rude and aggnorant, and have no manners. Do you know where you belong? You belong on the streets with all the other street brats!"

It was then she realized she had gone to far. "Yahiko I--"

"Forget it Ugly! I don't need you, I don't need anyone! I never did!" He picked up his fallen shinai off the ground and ran into the dojo, headed for his room.

"Don't worry Jou-Chan," Sano called. "He'll forgive you soon enough."

Kaoru fell to her knees on the hard ground, her head in her hands to hide the tears streaming silently down her face. 'What have I done?'


For dinner that night Kaoru let Kenshin cook, hoping to draw Yahiko out of his room where he's been the entire day. But he didn't come.

"I'll go get him," announced Kenshin. "He hasn't eaten since breakfast and must be very hungry, that he must."

He loaded a tray full soba and some fish with a cup of tea and headed down the hall to Yahiko's room.

Kenshin knocked softly.


"Yahiko, it's me, Sessha. Can I come in?"

A few seconds later the door slid open and Kenshin entered.

"Yahiko you need to eat...."

"I'm not hungry."

"Please do not be mad at Kaoru-Dono. She didn't mean it, the heat was just getting to her..."

"Well I'm still not coming out."

"Alright. Call us if you need anything." Kenshin exited the room, pulling the shoji door shut behind him.

"He doesn't want anything," said Kenshin walking back into the kitchen.

Kaoru sighed and left, not wanting to be near anyone and have them tell her he'd come around. She climbed the dojo wall and and sat on the roof, drawing her knees up to her chin.

'Why don't Yahiko and I get along? I wonder if he was like that, quick to temper and defensive when he was younger.'

She tilted her chin up and looked at the expanse of blue velvet sky. Patches of stars that looked like sprinkled diamonds hung suspended in the air.

Suddenly, a star seemed to detach itself from the others and sailed across the sky.

"A shooting star!" she whispered. A magical feeling came over her and she shivered, still keeping her eyes on the star.

"I wish," she said quietly, "That I could see what Yahiko was like when he was little. To see if he was the brat he is now..."

With that, she went back inside, crawled into her futon and fell asleep.


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