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Kaoru's Wish

Chapter Twelve (If you even call this short blurb a chapter) The Final Conclusion

Kaoru awoke cold and shivering in the morning, lying out of the warm futon and on the wooden plank boards. 'How dare Kenshin kick me out of bed,' she thought angrily. 'What an inconsiderate husband!'

She turned to the bed, getting ready to kick Kenshin all the way to China but she paused. Kenshin wasn't even in the room, probably making breakfast, but someone else was. And it wasn't a little four year old...

She couldn't help it. Giggles escaped her mouth as she viewed the fifteen year old lying comfortably on top of the futon. His clothes, which had been Kenji's, were now much to small. The shirt was ripped in two down the chest, the sleeves hanging in tatters.

His pants had transformed into very tight looking shorts that revealed a tad too much... "Yahiko," she said quietly, nudging the sleeping form. "Time to wake up..."

Yahiko grumbled in his sleep and rolled away from her, dragging the covers over his scantily clad body. Growing impatient and not wanting to sweet talk the teen, she kicked him in the ribs, immediately waking him up.

"Kaoru!" he exclaimed, leaping to his feet. "What the heck was that-" He stopped talking and simply gazed at the kendo instructor, now shorter than he was. "I'm me again!" Reaching forward, he pulled the black haired woman into a hug.

"Yahiko," said Kaoru slyly as he let go of her, "You might want to go get some decent clothes on. Kenji's don't seem to work for you anymore." The boy looked down and a blush coated his cheeks before he quickly left the room, leaving Kaoru in peals of laughter.

Several minutes later, she got control of herself again and entered the kitchen where Kenshin had already set breakfast out. Yahiko was sitting at the table clad in his dark blue gi with his white hakama, already stuffing his face.

Kenji ran into the kitchen looking wildly around. "Mommy! Yahiko's not in his room and-" Kaoru placed a finger on her lips and pointed. Kenji's eyes grew wide. "Yahiko is big again?"

"Yes, and now you're the little one again."

Misao came wandering into the kitchen, dragging a rather sleepy looking Aoshi behind her. She'd heard Kaoru's laughter and it hadn't taken the ninja long to figure out what had happened. "Sano's still asleep," she whispered, "And I can't wake him up. Dumping ice water on him didn't work either, already tried that."

"Nice to see ya back Yahiko," she called happily to the normal sized Yahiko who just nodded in reply, too busy stuffing himself.

Yutaro entered the room, already planning the things he and Yahiko would be doing that day when he stopped short, catching sight of his arch rival. "So you grew up Yahiko-Chan?"

That caught Yahiko's attention. "Don't call me chan," he said, his face reddening in embarrassment.

"But it's so cute Yahiko-Chan," Kaoru taunted, a large grin on her face.

With a roar, Yahiko rose from the table and lunged for Kaoru who stepped nimbly out of his way and ran down the hall, her student in hot pursuit. Another famous chase had begun in Kamiya dojo...

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