Something Like Deception

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Chapter Fifteen – the way it's gonna be

Remus grinned. He was back. James was back. Sirius was elated. Lily was still his, Remus had apologized, James had forgiven him for lying in the first place, and they were all serving detention for one week.

Lily would have gotten off with a flimsy excuse if Sirius hadn't ruined it for her. She was in the process of telling a professor that she was really, very sick yesterday, hence her reason for missing classes, when Sirius walked by, happened to hear her, and said really loud, "It was fun skiving off class yesterday, wasn't it Evans? We should do it again some time!"

So now, when they were supposed to be polishing trophies, without their wands, Lily was instead chasing Sirius around with the polisher, James was laughing, and Remus was shaking his head.

"You know, we could leave a whole lot earlier if we do this," James said. "Accio, polisher!" The polisher flew towards him, and he poured it out of the window that was nearest him. "Look," he said in mock sadness. "We're all out."

"Potter!" Lily said, surprised. "Now, what are we supposed to clean with?"

"Scourgify!" James said, pointing towards the trophies. At once, they all looked brand new. The glare was enough to blind all of them. He turned back towards Lily, smirking.

"But . . . that's cheating," Lily said, raising her eyebrows. "I think Filch'll realize that four teenagers with one bottle of polisher couldn't possibly clean all of these trophies this well."

"Would you like to muck it up again for us, then, Evans?" Sirius asked, sweetly. "So we can do it the right way?"

"Oh, but we can't, Padfoot!" James said, feigning wide-eyed innocence. "We're all out of polisher, didn't you hear?" They both cracked up laughing.

Lily turned to Remus, her eyebrows still raised, as if to say, "And you're going to just let them get away with this?"

Remus smiled at the expression on her face, and slipped an arm around her waist. "I wouldn't worry about it," he said, giving her a peck on the cheek. "We're out earlier this way, see?"

Lily sighed. "It's not right, though," she mumbled, looking dejected.

Remus wrapped her in a hug. "I could make you feel better," he whispered in her ear, and then he pulled back to watch her expression change. Sure enough, she began to smile, and he captured her lips with his.

"Could you please do that elsewhere?" Sirius said in a pained voice.

Lily giggled against Remus's lips, causing him to smile as well. "I can't, Sirius," she said, sweetly. "You see, now that all of the polisher is gone, and the trophies are clean, I have nothing else to do."

"Hey!" Remus said, playfully. "So you're just doing this because you're bored?"

"Well . . ." Lily said, thoughtfully.

"You'll pay for that one!" Remus said, grinning. He pulled out his wand, and twirled it in his fingers grinning at her.

"No fair!" Lily cried. "I left my wand in the dorm room."

"Not my problem," Remus said, his grin widening. "Not my problem at all."

Silently by the window, James looked on.


Sirius laughed. "I can eat more than that!" he said, grabbing the box of Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans out of James's hands.

"Potter, you're going to choke!" Lily said, worriedly, from Remus's bed.

It was later that night and Sirius had called a contest going to see who could stuff the most beans in their mouth. Remus and Lily wisely decided not to participate, so the contest was between James and Sirius, only.

"How many did he have?" Remus said, peering from around Lily. She was sitting between his legs, and his front was against her back. His hands were around her waist, holding her to him.

"Not as many as I'm going to have!" Sirius said. He and James were now involved in a tug of war over the beans.

Remus tugged on Lily's hair. She turned her face towards him, and smiled. "Yes?" she asked. He kissed her on the lips, leaning over her, so her neck wouldn't get stiff. She was still sitting facing front in his lap. He tightened his grip around her waist.

Remus leaned back, pulling him with her. They broke the kiss long enough for him to flip her over. Merlin! Now she was straddling him. Remus moaned softly, and his eyes fluttered closed. This was almost too much for him, and they hadn't done anything, yet.

Lily laughed, softly, her breath tickling his neck.

His eyes opened again, and he looked up at her. Her eyes were the greenest he had ever seen them, and her lips were swollen from his kisses. Her face was flushed with exhilaration. She was gorgeous. "Stay with me, tonight?" he asked, quietly.

She caught her breath. "Really?" she asked.

Remus pulled her down on top of him, so that her body was covering his, hugged her to him. "Really," he whispered.


Lily relaxed against him. For someone so lean, Remus's body was pretty tough. She smiled. It was probably because of the werewolf in him. He let out a soft sigh.

"This is comfortable," he said, his voice vibrating through her body. She shivered.

"It is," Lily said, her voice muffled. Her head was on his chest, and her body was between his legs. One of his hands was idly playing with her hair and his other hand was drawing lazy circles across her back.

Being like this, with him, she could just about forget those kisses that she and Potter had shared. Just about.

She shut her eyes tightly. "Remus?" she said, hesitantly.

"Yes?" The circles on her back paused.

"Can we stay like this?" She didn't mean in their current position; she meant something else entirely.

However, Remus understood, and she felt (rather than saw) him smile. "Yes, Lily. We can stay like this."

Lily smiled. They wouldn't stay like this forever, she knew.

But for now, it was enough.


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Summary for next story, "Something Like Betrayal" (original title, eh?):

Now that James and Remus have their own bodies back, Lily starts to realize just how attracted to Potter's body she had become. She quickly passes it off as force of habit. After all, it's ONLY his body that she's attracted to, right? And who is this girl that Remus keeps sneaking off with?

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