Imagine the sight – a herd of wild Taurus as they stampede, green metal coats gleaming, thrusters burning at maximum. Very few images can inspire such terror as a herd of these notoriously bad-tempered Gundamon on a rampage.

Of these few, the expression on Dorothy Oak's face as she stomped through the streets of Pallet Town ranked among the most frightening.

The blond-haired girl glared hatefully at the Gundamball in her right hand, fixing it with a stare so intense as to give rise to the thought that the small red-and-white sphere might catch on fire. She ignored the frantic way the townspeople scrambled out of her path, as she ignored most of the townspeople's activities as being below her.

'I can't believe I lost to Mss Let's-never-fight!' she raged inwardly. 'To be defeated by that little wimp and her stupid little kit…!'

"Aaaargh!" she suddenly cried out, giving vent to her feelings and startling two nearby swallows into flight. "This is all your fault, Kyle!" she accused the Gundamon (who, being inside his Gundamball, was unable to hear anything his mistress screamed, yelled, shrieked or shouted) "If only you weren't so weak…"

"D…Dorothy-sama!" stammered one highly nervous girl as Dorothy passed. Dorothy glanced at her idly as she walked by. The girl was a classmate of hers – Jenny? Julie? Dorothy shrugged. It didn't really matter. She was a quiet, high-strung adolescent, as Dorothy recalled, quick to cry, quick to laugh, always shy – and she loved Gundamon! Dorothy's eyes narrowed as an idea came to her.

"Here," she told the other girl, thrusting the Gundamball into the startled girl's hands. "You can have it."

Jenny/Julie's eyes widened. "Really?" she squealed, clutching the Gundamball to her chest like it was the answer to all her prayers. When she received an affirmative nod, she squealed again – much to Dorothy's dismay. "Oh, thank you, thank you, Dorothy-sama!"

Dorothy gave an indifferent shrug – something she did very well, and very often. "Ah, it was nothing." Which was the truth after all.

The brown-haired girl poured out another profusion of gratitude before skipping – skipping, actually skipping! – out of sight.

Dorothy smirked in satisfaction – now she was free of that pathetic excuse for a living creature – and headed for her own home.


          "I'm home!" Dorothy announced, removing her shoes as she stepped inside the Oak family home. Aside from the Peacekatchs' dwelling, which was a mansion complete with tennis courts, riding stables and butler and therefore in a whole other range of comparison, the Oak residence was the largest building in Pallet.

          "Hello, Dorothy," a smooth, cultured voice greeted her. Treize K. Oak, Dorothy's eighteen-year-old cousin, stuck his head out from his room to greet his younger relative. Treize – whose full name was Treize Khushrenada von Oak, not that anyone (including himself) bothered to remember most of the time – was a young aspiring Gundamon expert. Despite never having gone on a Gundamon journey himself – and having no desire to do so – Treize knew more about Gundamon than ninety percent of the population, and was studying under his grandfather in order to know more than the remaining ten percent.

"Grandfather isn't here; he's still at the Center, checking up on the sick Aries," he told Dorothy. He grinned slyly. "He stopped by earlier, though. Told me about that Gundamon battle earlier today. My, but that Peacekatch girl is turning into quite the trainer, isn't she? Or is it that my dear cousin is just, do I dare say, losing her touch?"

Laughing at the enraged look that came over Dorothy's face, Treize turned to go inside his room…

And suddenly pitched forward as the vase that Dorothy had hurled with great accuracy and force made violent contact with the back of his head.


          'I'll show him!' Dorothy fumed. 'I'll show all of them! I will be the very best, like no one ever was…to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause…hm, that's sort of catchy.' Dorothy paused in donning her protective gear to muse over the possibility of turning it into a song. 'Nah.' She shook her head and went back to work.

          Ten minutes later, fully-outfitted and with a full bag of supplies, she walked out the door – pointedly ignoring the red-blond boy lying insensate on the floor.


          Dorothy stopped at the edge of Viridian Forest to double-check her supplies. Finding everything in order, she took a deep breath – and plunged in.

Three hours, twelve minutes and sixteen point five seconds later, she re-emerged. It was late, and the sun was beginning to set, casting a reddish glow over clothing now ripped and torn; over a face marked with several bramble scratches, as was the rest of her skin; over a hand purple and puffy from a disastrous encounter with poison ivy ; and over a triumphant expression that must have rivaled Caesar's face as he crossed the Tiber.

          The reason for this lay in her hand. She clutched a Gundamball that held a captured little Gundamon – a Quatrepuff. Quatrepuff – or Quatre for short – was a chibi-boy. He had been easy to spot because of his pink shirt that stood out against the green and brown of the foliage, but less easy to catch – the Gundamon with large blue-green eyes was, despite his unthreatening appearance, a formidable opponent with his Song Attack and his Pound Attack.

          Of course, this just made Dorothy happier. 'Just wait, Relena!' she thought gleefully.


The next day, Dorothy – with Quatrepuff in tow – arrived at the Peacekatch house bright and early. She would now challenge Relena to a rematch, win and be acknowledged as the best Gundamon trainer in Pallet again. She was sure that Quatrepuff would make the difference, even if she had had a devil of a time practicing Quatrepuff's attacks – that Song attack of his (during which he pulled out a violin and started playing) had caused her to fall asleep numerous times.

'Just another obstacle to surmount on the way to being The Best!' she thought, clenching a fist dramatically. She then knocked on the door and waited impatiently. As soon as the door swung open, she yelled: "I challenge you, Relena Peacekatch!" and released Quatrepuff.

The little Gundamon blinked as he was suddenly exposed to bright sunlight.

"I am sorry."

Dorothy was startled to hear the voice of an old man instead of Relena's. She looked again at the door to be confronted with the image of Pargan explaining gently, "I do apologize, but young miss Relena left for her Gundamon journey earlier. She is probably out of the town limits by now – her older brother gave her a lift to the next city."

Dorothy screamed.

As soon as she was done shattering glass for miles around, she immediately calmed down. 'So what if she's gone…I can catch up to her, knowing her she'll probably get mugged within two minutes of leaving her brother's company and I can catch up!'

"Come, Quatrepuff!" she commanded regally. "We must get ready for our journey!"

When no compliant little Gundamon appeared at her side, Dorothy frowned and repeated the command. Again, nothing happened. Dorothy looked around, and saw Pargan pouring the Gundamon some tea, using a doll's teaset. Quatrepuff chirped his thanks politely as Pargan nodded and went back inside.

Dorothy sweatdropped.


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