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Forever Sadness Remains

Slender, male fingers gently traced the beautiful ice sculpture of a young maiden. Though it

was a very warm summer day, the ice sculpture showed no signs of melting. The red-haired man

silently brushed his fingertips along the icy cold face of the sculpture, that threatened to freeze

his very fingers. Still, he continued to touch the statue, ignoring the fact that it was freezing cold.

If it was an ordinary human touching this ice statue, he would have surely frozen and

died. But, this is no ordinary human. He is a demon. A demon who had made the worst decision

in his life. A decision that had cost the life of someone very dear to him.

"It was all my fault. I shouldn't have done that." he murmured to himself, as a tear

splashed against the foot of the sculpture. "If only time could run backwards." The man slowly

closed his eyes, as he remembered all that had happened, so many years ago.

~FLASHBACK~ (brace yourself, this is a very, very, very long one! No joke. It will be a

flashback until I say end, ok?)

"I'm going to kill you!" a young girl screamed. She had raven black hair and sea deep blue

eyes. She bolted up from bed, beads of sweat rolling down her face. It was only a nightmare,

nothing more, nothing less.

"Kagome, are you all right?" asked her roommate, as she rushed to Kagome's side. "What's

wrong? Speak to me."

"Sango, I don't need your pity." spat Kagome when she had composed herself again, as she

slipped back under her covers. Sango was going to touch Kagome's forehead to see if she was

sick, when Kagome growled at her hand, that was mere inches form her skin. "Don't touch me!"

Kagome snarled.

"Sorry." murmured Sango, as she quickly dropped her hand to her side, but Kagome heard.


The next morning, Sango yawned as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Sango looked to

the bed next to her, but wasn't surprised to see that Kagome wasn't there. The warm light of the

sun poured in through the open window, as Sango quickly got dressed and hurried to class.

Sango sat quietly at her desk, but kept glancing at the empty desk that belonged to Kagome.

"Kagome Higurashi." called the teacher. "Where is that girl?" demanded the teacher angrily. Just

as those words left her mouth, the door flew open and Kagome stood there emotionlessly.

"YOUR LATE!" bellowed the teacher.

"And I care?" asked Kagome, as she slowly made her way to her desk, seeming to stop every

now and then to think.

"Humph." snorted the teacher. "Not only that! You didn't even try to do your test, so you got a

zero!" stated the teacher triumphantly.

"So?" asked Kagome, as she stared straight at the teacher, with unseeing eyes.

"You won't graduate and get a diploma!" argued the teacher with a smirk.

"I didn't expect to graduate or get a diploma, with an old hag like you teaching." replied

Kagome calmly, as someone clapped in the class.

"KOU-GA!" ground out the teacher, her face red with anger.

"My woman is right, you know?" defended Kouga, as he smiled, sharp teeth protruding from

his mouth, glinting in the early morning sun. "Who wants to learn from an old woman like you


"Shut up Kouga!" yelled another boy. "You're always on the icicle's side!"

"Take that back!" defended Sango. "Kagome is warm and caring! Unlike a big mouthed dork,

that is babbling nonsense."

"Oh, I almost forgot. Sango, your one of Kagome's lackeys too, aren't you?" snickered the

same boy.

"Don't say that to Lady Sango!" interrupted another guy.

"Keep out of this Miroku." growled Sango, as she fisted her hand. "This is my fight!"

"And Kouga and you keep out of this." finished Kagome, as she slammed her fist down on

the desk, as little cracks appeared. Without another word, Kagome made her way out of the

classroom and slammed the door shut with an ear shattering bang.

"That insolent girl!" screeched the teacher, as she reached out to pick up Kagome's homework

from her desk, scrunching up her face in disgust. Just as her hands touched the desk, it split in


"AHHHHHHH!" screamed the teacher, as she fainted on the spot.


Kagome walked down the deserted street, slowly placing one foot before the other. Kagome

was cursing the warm weather, when a gang of four boys started walking down the same street

from the opposite end. Kagome was to deep in her anger to notice them and walked straight into

them. "What are you doing!?" yelled a guy with slicked, black hair.

"Yusuke, don't yell at a girl!" yelled a stupid voice. "I, Kuwabara Kazuma, will pound you for

your rudeness!"

"Are you okay, miss?" asked a clam voice, as he reached out to help Kagome up. Kagome

quickly backed away when she felt someone reaching out to touch her.

"Don't touch me." snarled Kagome, as she stood up on her own.

"Just like a Kasanegafuchi Junior High student to be rude and touchy." snorted Yusuke.

"And your from Shikon High?" asked Kagome, knowing that there are only two enemies of

her school. Shikon Junior High and Sarayashiki Junior High.

"Are you blind?" asked a cold voice.

"Hiei." scolded the calm voice.

"I have to agree with Hiei on that one, Kurama." stated Yusuke. "Can't she see our uniform? It

says Sarayshiki Junior High on it! Want me to buy you a pair of glasses?"

"I don't have time to talk to blackheads." snorted Kagome as she continued on her way.

"Who you calling blockhead?!" demanded Yusuke, as he reached out to grab Kagome's

shoulder. Kagome's ears moved slightly at the sound Yusuke made when he came to grab her.

Kagome easily dodged and continued her walk.

"There's something strange about that girl." murmured Kurama.

"Something?" snorted Yusuke. "More like all!"

"Yes, I can't believe she called me a blockhead." voiced Kurama.

"That's not what I was indicating." added Yusuke, as he rolled his eyes. "But it was strange

that she wasn't entranced by your looks, like all the other girls."

"Ha!" laughed Kuwabara. "So you admit that Kurama is better than you and Keiko probably

likes him more than you!"




"My point was, how did she dodge my hand, when she had her back to me?" finished

Yusuke, as he glared down at the swirly eyed Kuwabara.

"Hn. The question is how she bumped into us, when she was looking straight at us." Hiei


"Yes, that was strange. Unless she was doing it on purpose." mused Kurama. "But what for?"

"Probably so she could get closer to Kurama." voice Yusuke.

"Then she wouldn't have snarled at me and told me not to touch her." replied Kurama.

"Though, I don't see what I did wrong."

"Fox, get over it." snorted Hiei.

"She probably doesn't like pretty boys." added Yusuke. "Maybe she likes someone like me."

"Good thing Keiko isn't here, or you'll be dead." added Kuwabara, who had just regained


"Do you like her?" asked Kurama.

"Nah, even though she has a nice figure." stated Yusuke. "She's still from the enemy school."

"That's it?" snorted Hiei.

"When did the shrimp learn to care?" asked Kuwabara.

"Yes, do share." added Kurama.

"You like the girl, Hiei?" asked Yusuke, as a grin appeared on his face.


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