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Death, Guilt, and Rebirth

"….all she saw me as was her…" Hiei trailed off.

"What?" Yusuke egged on.

"Cousin," the fire apparition finished. "Nothing more and nothing less…I was her only family member." Hiei explained in a dry tone. "Kurama, she loved YOU. Whatever you saw that day, it was nothing more than a means to survive. But because of your lack of trust, this is how everything ended!"

"Wow, short stuff talked a lot today." Kuwabara murmured, earning several furious glares in response. Yusuke promptly smacked his friend across the head and muttered something along the line of inappropriate for the situation at hand.

"What exactly happened?" Botan squeaked while clinging onto Kurama's arm.

"Hn," Hiei snorted before closing his eyes.

& Flashback &

"Hiei, it's so cold." Kagome barely managed to utter as she shivered. "Hold me closer, please. Don't leave me again. I'm sorry…if…if I hadn't been so stupid, none of this would have happened. Hiei….your the only family I have left."

"Yukina is your family as well," the fire apparition stated as he pulled his cousin flush against his body. Kagome shook her head from side to side as she locked eyes with Hiei's ruby orbs.

"No, I don't want another cousin." Kagome whispered. "I don't want to share you with anybody. I'm afraid…now that you have your sister…will you not care for me like you use too? I don't want to share my family, my cousin with anybody! Don't…" the hanyou protested in a childish manner.

"I won't leave you," Hiei assured, "but Yukina is my sister. I will watch over her, but no one can ever replace you. We grew up together…we are both forbidden children…we are the same. Kagome, I l-l-lo-lov-love you." the fire apparition managed to mutter.

"I love you too, Hiei." Kagome whispered, pulling her cousin closer towards her.

& End Flashback &

"Ah ha! You did fall in love with Kagome!" Kuwabara interrupted in a triumphant tone. Hiei's left hand twitched as he fingered his katana with his right. The fire apparition calmed when Yusuke socked Kuwabara in mouth, successfully deterring the orange-topped teen from making any further, stupid comments.

"Hn, I l-lo….I wanted my cousin as a mate." Hiei snapped, unable to bring himself to say the word love. "But, she didn't feel the same…"

& Flashback &

"You're like the brother I never had and the father I will never know." Kagome continued, causing Hiei's heart to sink. Hiei quickly tightened his arms around his cousin when she suddenly curled up into a tight ball. "So…cold..." Wordlessly, Hiei removed his black cloak to reveal his bare, muscled chest.

"I need you to…undress." Hiei stated and Kagome numbly nodded her head. "Heat will be better transferred if we…" The hanyou stopped her cousin's explanation by placing an ice-cold finger on his lips.

"H-Hiei, there's no need for an explanation. I trust you with my life." Kagome whispered as she began to tug on her shirt. "C-Can you help me?" she whispered as she bit her lips. "My fingers are too numb."

& End Flashback &

"And that's where I walked in," Kurama whispered, his emerald eyes shining with unhidden guilt. "I never bothered to ask or do any research. I just assumed they were mating when I accidentally spotted Hiei undressing Kagome."

"DAMN, so everything's a mistake?!?!?" Yusuke howled in anger.

"After that, I began to avoid her." Kurama admitted. "That's when Koenma gave us that mission to spy on Onigumo, a devious millionaire. He was hosting a party and I needed a date for the occasion. Of course, as you already know, I went with Botan. But I had never counted on Kagome to appear there as well, more less the reaction she had when I kissed Botan."

"Onigumo is the reincarnation of Naraku," Hiei spat as he clenched his fists in barely suppressed rage. "Kagome was determined to assassin Onigumo in hopes of breaking the curse so she could be with YOU! But instead, she sensed the intimate position of your auras. She might be blind, but she is helpless. Her aura sensing ability works even better than any eyes.

"She gave up the notion of killing Onigumo. I realized too late that she did not have the will to continue living after that incident. Being betrayed once was living hell for her, betrayed twice, and her world crashed." the fire apparition growled. "And her death is caused by all three of you: Koenma, Botan, and Kurama."

"Leave Botan out of it," Kurama stated, "she had nothing to do with it." The ferry girl cowered in fear as Hiei's Jagan eye flared to life, radiating power and promises of pain. "You may take my life whenever you want. I have nothing to say. I just want to meet Kagome in death…and apologize." the fox stated as he allowed his eyes to drift shut.

"Don't!" Botan protested, her eyes watering with unshed tears.

"Don't think I will not carry out my threat," Hiei growled as he unsheathed his katana. Botan shrieked as Hiei disappeared in a black blur. The next second, the fire apparition had the edge of his sword digging painfully into Kurama's neck, drawing fresh blood.

"NO!" several voices shouted at the same time when Hiei prepared to end his former friend's life. The loudest voice out of everyone happened to belong to King Enma, who had just flung the double doors open.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't." Hiei growled, pressing his blade deeper into Kurama's flesh.

"Because that is what Kagome would have wished." Enma replied in an obvious tone. "She was pained at what she had sensed, but she was happy for them. Happy that Kurama would receive the life and love that she would never have."

"You know nothing!" Hiei spat, his aura flaring along with his rising anger. "Restore her life and I will consider sparing your son, the wench, and the fox." Enma shook his head in the negative at Hiei request (or demand).

"I can not, and I will not." Enma replied evenly. "It was her choice to die, freezing herself for all eternity."

"Then they'll all die," Hiei stated, a cold glint in his voice.

"She's being reincarnated as we speak," Enma quickly interrupted. "Even though she wanted to be frozen forever, I believe it wouldn't be fair. So, I thought it might be better this way - giving her a new life. This way, she would have no memory of her painful past. Also, this will give you a chance for her to see you as someone more than a brother or cousin. She will be given a much better life."

Hiei's arm slackened as he wordlessly sheathed his katana. "You are lucky this time." he stated.

"Since this is partially my son's fault, I will not count this offense against you." Enma continued as he directed his gaze to the fire apparition.

"I don't care," Hiei growled. "Show me Kagome. Where is she?" Everyone turned their eyes to Enma, including Koenma, who had just awoken.

"What did I miss?" Koenma asked, before his eyes fell on Hiei. He quickly scrambled backwards, only to smack into George. "What happened?" Koenma hissed as his ogre quickly gave a short summary of the incident.

"Where is she?" Hiei demanded.

"Which family is she in?" Kurama asked.

"It's not mine, is it?" Yusuke mumbled.


The screen behind them flared into action, causing everyone to turn their attention to the TV. It showed a picture of the local hospital…


"What does that damn bastard want?" Inuyasha grumbled to himself as he pushed off on the balls of his feet. "This better be good." he growled to himself as he narrowed his eyes. "What's wrong with this world anyway?" he spat. "First the wench freezes to death and now my brother seeks my company."

& Flashback &

"Damn it, what happened?" Inuyasha demanded after he overcame his shock. He gently traced a clawed finger over the face of the ice sculpture. "Is this where you have been for the past few years?" he whispered in a cracked voice.

"Yes, she's been there for a while now." Enma stated, causing Inuyasha to spin around, claws poised for attack. "Life has been unfair to her." he continued, oblivious to the threat that was Inuyasha. "Heartbroken and betrayed twice in one lifetime…" Inuyasha dropped his hand, while turning back to the ice sculpture.

"She doesn't deserve this." Inuyasha agreed, causing Enma to quirk an eyebrow. "Hey, it's not that I care!" Inuyasha quickly defended. "She was an annoying wench and she's abusive." he growled while rubbing his furry appendages, which was perched atop his head. "Not even someone like her…deserves this."

"Don't worry; I'm here to give her a better life." Enma replied, a small smirk hidden behind his bushy beard. "You'll be pleased with my arrangements." he assured the hanyou.

"Keh, I DON'T care." Inuyasha growled while crossing his arm across his chest.

&End Flashback &

"Maybe she won't be so damn abusive this time." Inuyasha smirked. "Pay back time when I locate you." he laughed manically to himself as he cracked his knuckles. "This time, I'll be the stronger one…" he mused to himself, positive that Kagome would be reborn as a human.


"Congratulations, it's a baby girl." a nurse announced with a kind smile. "She is beautiful baby with the most adorable face." she continued as she gently transferred her bundle into the father's arms. "Would you like to check up on your wife?" the nurse asked in a kind voice.

"No," the man replied as he looked at his newborn child.

"Huh?" the nurse asked in surprise, she had not counted at the cold response she had just received.

"Hey, BASTARD!" a gruff voiced yelled from the opposite end of the hallway before a red blur landed in front of the nurse. The nurse stumbled back in shock as Inuyasha straightened his back and crossed his arms across his chest. "What do ya want?" Inuyasha grumbled as he glared distastefully at his elder half-brother.

"As much as I think you are unworthy of this, I thought it would be appropriate for you to meet my heir and your niece." Sesshoumaru replied in cold voice. Inuyasha's eyes softened considerably when he spotted the bundle in Sesshoumaru's arms. "Drop her and die," Sesshoumaru growled softly as he handed his half-brother his child.

Gently taking the child from his half-brother, Inuyasha grinned as he gazed at his niece. A small, gently smile spilled across his face as he leaned his face closer to the baby. Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes as his brother invaded his child's personal space. "Kyah!" Inuyasha suddenly shrieked when the baby suddenly shot out her arms to grab Inuyasha's silver locks.

A rare half-smile lingered on Sesshoumaru's lips as he watched his child pull on his half-brother's hair. "She will make a good heir," Sesshoumaru complimented, as Inuyasha attempted to pry the baby's hands off his silver locks.

"Damn it Sesshoumaru, get her to release me!" Inuyasha growled when the baby's eyes suddenly snapped open to reveal sky blue eyes. "Gah, NO WAY!" Inuyasha cried as he tossed the child into the air. Sesshoumaru easily caught his child, but directed his half-brother a murderous glare.

"You will pay for that dearly, little brother." Sesshoumaru hissed in warning.

"I-I swear I saw her face overlap that child of yours just now!" Inuyasha yelled, causing both Sesshoumaru and the nurse to wince.

"Are you afraid of your niece, half-breed? Or are you afraid of that other hanyou, Kagome?" Sesshoumaru taunted in an emotionless voice. "She will be named…Kagome," Sesshoumaru smirked as a look of explicit horror crossed Inuyasha's face.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Inuyasha yelled, his voice reverberating throughout the city. "DAMN YOU ENMA!!!!!!!!!!!!"



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