Author's Note- I don't own Pirates of the Caribbean, but my dreams have yet to come true. Oh, I do own this plot though.

Title- Kissing the Wind

Rating- R, only because of some romantic scenes and the language.

Author- London Angel


Chapter One- Leaving all behind

"Is she awake?"

"Don't know. Wait, she's breathing."

"How can ye tell?"

"Look idiot."

You can barely hear men's voices near you. They come in and out of range as your head pounds painfully. What is going on? Are you dead? No, it can't be, because one of the men said you're breathing. Flashes of pictures run through your mind. A ship. Another ship. People screaming. Fire. Smoke. Pirates… Suddenly your eyes shoot open and you sit up faster than intended. The men gasp and back away.

"Oy! What the hell?"

"Get the captain! Quick!"

A stubby man with a long white beard scurries off. Now stable you check out your surroundings. You are on a ship, however it isn't the ship you remember. It's not your ship. The one that was to take you from England to the Caribbean. It is dark and cold. The sails are black and full of holes. Above one of the taller sails is a flag. Skull and crossbones. A pirate ship! The stubby man returns.

"Captain Jack requests she be brought to him."

"What? I ain't doing it! Madden this one."

The pirates argue over which one of them will bring you to this Captain Jack. Seconds later you are fed up with the noise and stand up.

"Please! Would one of you tell me what is going on?"

This creates silence. They all gawk at you blankly. Then, one of the pirates steps foreword to speak.

"What do you mean by that love?"

"I mean what am I doing here? Where is my family, my ship?"

"Not authorized to say poppet. Have to talk to old Captain Jack bout that."

Clearly these men must think you below intelligence level, so you decide to communicate in words they understand.

"Take me to your captain then."

None of the pirates move at this command and it makes you even angrier.

"All I ask is that you take me to your captain. Is it so hard to comprehend?"

"God blimey you is all a bunch of idiots! Come with me miss."

A smart looking pirate comes up from the back and takes your arm.

"Thank you Mr…"

"Mr. Gibbs miss."

"Mr. Gibbs."


He leads you through a pair of doors and down a few steps to what was unmistakably a dining room. It was very attractive compared with the rest of the ship.

"Jack? She's here."

From a chair by the window a voice calls out. It is deep and has a distinct English accent. For some reason it sends chills down your neck.

"Leave her then."

Mr. Gibbs lets go of your arm and bows himself out.

"Are you the Captain?"

"Aye love. Captain Jack Sparrow."

He turns around and you are taken aback. He is very handsome for a pirate.

"What can I do for ye love?"

"I- I would like to… know what's going on, because people don't just wake up on some random ship in the Caribbean."

Jack smiles and props his feet on top of the table.

"Never know. Could happen."

"Please don't play dumb. Where's my family?"

"Seemingly not here are they love?"

You're eyes fall to the floor. It couldn't be true. They were not… dead? Not helping it tears fill your eyes.

"You killed them then?"

You hear Jack get up. He walks over to you and lifts your head with his finger.

"As much as any pirate would love to say they did, I must confess I did not."

"What then?"

"Me and my crew saved you from dying. We had been sailing to Tortuga when we caught wind of a fight, sailed a few knots, and found your ship being attacked by another. Thinking there may be gold to steal we boarded the foreign pirate ship and killed them all. You, love, were unconscious on deck, and I took you. Other than that, there were no survivors."

Jack finishes his story and you collapse into a chair. So it was true. You mother, father, and love of your life were gone. Why did this man save you?

"You should have left me to die."

"And why would I do that? Why lose something so beautiful to the sea?"

Jack kneels by you and you look into each other's eyes. His are so memorizing. They are brown with dark charcoal markings under them. What was his expression? Pity or was it longing?

"I owe you my gratitude then."

You smile feeling an uncomfortable feeling rising inside you.

"Don't mention it love."

"What now?"

"We sail to Tortuga and I keep you as part of my ship. That is if you want to?"

Deciding when you get to Tortuga you would barter passage off the island to Port Royal, you nod.

"Welcome aboard the Black Pearl love."