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1000 Words- Shuyin's Story


The guards were beginning to gain on us. Soon we would be found. I knew that if we were caught, it was over. All that I had done to save HER would be in vain. Was this going to be the end? Would this be the last time I would be with her? NO. I won't let it happen. Spira...filled with so much anguish and hatred...it has to end. I'll fix it. Vegnagun will make it all go away. It's my last hope...my last stand. This, is my story:

Chapter One: The Girl

The suns rays cast an amber hue over the city tops of Zanarkand. The heat was unbearable, and it seemed much worse with nothing much to do. It was then that I realized it, "I'm bored!" Time seemed to pass agonizingly slow with Blitz in off-season; luckily I had tonight to look forward to. Gio seemed to be feeling the same, "No Blitz...No Babes...Ugh, No Fun man!" I decided to show him what I had panned for the night. I had worked two whole weeks for them; something any hormonal guy would KILL for. Gio was stoked, "Tickets to Kaiyla's show! How!? I thought it was sold out!". I turned to him and smiled, "Not just ordinary seats... FRONT ROW got backstage passes too". Gio looked like he was about to faint, "I think I've died and gone to the farplane!".

The day quickly changed to night with the prospect of Kaiyla's concert. I took extra care in making sure I looked perfect. I styled my hair with some chocobo grease, put on my new "Nedus and Biigs" outfit, sprayed on some of my favorite cologne, and was off to meet Gio at his place. I got to Gio's a little late, but he was still busy getting ready. It really angered me how he always managed to look perfect.. he usually got looks from EVERY girl that ever crossed his path. His black hair was always in the right place, and he walked with an air of confidence I only wished I could own. He stepped out of his house, and pointed over to his new hover- glyph, "We've gotta get going.Kaiyla will be waitin' for me". He was also very cocky.

I felt really confident in Gio's hover-glyph; it seemed as though we were getting attention from every hot girl in Zanarkand. The feeling quickly disappeared though as I tripped out of the vehicle in front of hundreds of people. The stadium was surging with Kaiyla hungry fans, and the adrenaline was high. We walked to our seats and I ordered us a round of Moon Juice, Zanarkand's prime ale. The crowds became chaotic as the lights dimmed, and Kaiyla made her way on stage. She opened up the concert with ""Hot Pants", and her voice echoed through the awe-struck stadium. Then, about halfway through her concert, my attention switched to a brightly dressed girl dancing behind Kaiyla. I couldn't clearly see her, but from what I could tell, she was gorgeous. . For a few minutes I was hypnotized by her beauty, but was quickly drawn back into the concert by one of my favorite songs. As the concert began to end, I realized how nervous I was becoming about meeting Kaiyla. "Gio, I'll meet you backstage, I'm going to go get a drink". There was no way that I'd actually admit to him that I was afraid of meeting a girl; I'd never hear the end of it. Gio showed some major disappointment "You crazy? You're going to leave her all to me?" I tried to reassure him that'd I'd be back in time to meet Kaiyla. "Fine" said Gio, "leaves more room for me to make the moves on Kaiyla. You know what they say 'bout me don't ya?". I left before he could tell me. After walking around for about ten minutes, I finally gathered up enough courage and decided to go meet up with Gio backstage

The backstage hall was full of cute dancers resting after the concert The hallway was brightly lit, and at the end of the hall I spotted the V.I.P room. As I made my way to the room, another door caught my eye. It was slightly open, and as I got closer I heard Kaiyla's voice. She seemed to be arguing with another girl. "I have to take care of you! I promised mama! I will not LET YOU GO!", said Kaiyla. The other girl tried to speak, but Kaiyla left the room through the opposite door before she could even open her lips. Before I could escape, the mysterious girl had opened the door on which I was propped against. I fell RIGHT on top of her, leaving both of us in a very awkward situation. The girl giggled, but I was too embarrassed to even look up. Actually, I didn't move for quite some time..., "Hello?" asked the girl, "are you going to stay there all night?". As I jumped up to explain myself, I recognized her immediately. It was the girl I saw onstage...She was even more beautiful in person. I quickly became very nervous and had no idea how to explain myself, "I...uhhh....I uhm..". It was a minute and a half before I could stop staring at her and form actual words, "I'm...I'm really sorry! I was uhm, lost?...I didn't mean to hump int-BUMP!...bump into you...". I turned bright red and the girl laughed even harder at my embarrassment, "It's alright...I'll help you 'find your way'", she laughed some more, "stay here. I have to get changed". When the girl returned we talked for a while, and then I offered to walk her home. Thankfully, she said yes.

I remember everything about our first night together as if it had just happened. The night was unusually cold for the time of year in Zanarkand, but it was a comfortable change. We walked towards the dock area and sat down, overlooking the ocean. It was strange...when I had first met this girl, I was so nervous that I could barely even say my name. But as the night went on, all of that disappeared. It suddenly hit me that I hadn't even asked for her name, "What's your name?". "Lenne" she said. Lenne...her name was just as beautiful as she was. She turned to me and asked the same question. "Shuyin" I answered. She smiled, "that's a very pretty name" she laughed, "...I mean, It's a very...handsome name".

Time seemed to pass quickly when I was with Lenne...Too quickly. We slowly walked up to her house and I struggled to find something else to talk about," So...you dance backup for Kaiyla?". The change in topic seemed to have upset her. "Yes", she said, "I'm her younger sister". "Her sister!?", I didn't mean to sound so shocked, but I couldn't help myself. She seemed upset even more by my reaction, so I tried again to search for something else to talk about. "So...how long have you been dancing?", this seemed to work, because her face lit up and she seemed eager to talk, "All my life! I couldn't live without singing and dancing!". I didn't know she could SING too. She really was perfect. I admitted to her that I wasn't as blessed, "I can't dance...I'm terrible". She didn't seem to buy it, "Oh, I'm sure your not THAT bad! Come on, I'll teach you!". I suddenly realized the severity of what she was saying; this was a disaster waiting to happen. "No...really. I can't!". The next thing I knew, we were both standing up, "See...your doing fine!". She was right, it wasn't THAT bad. It was OKAY. Actually... it was really nice. Our bodies slowly moved in rhythm with the waves crashing against Zanarkand's shores. I slowly pressed closure to her, and our lips met. If she hadn't been holding me, I might have fallen. Her lips were sweet, her neck soft, and her body seemed to fit perfectly into my arms...and then, "LENNE! For Far plane's sake, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?", yelled Kaiyla. Lenne quickly jumped back, and Kaiyla stared me down, "Who are you? WHAT are you doing with my sister?". "I...uh...abuh.." I NEVER was too good at 'on the spot' answers. "Lenne, come back inside now!". I pulled her back into my arms, not letting her go, "when can I see you again?," I whispered , I wasn't going to let Kaiyla ruin my new...friendship. Lenne looked into my eyes, "Tomorrow...at the dock...sunset", she then gave me a small kiss and ran back to her chastising sister. "I told you not to go! Do you want to end up like mama?!" Then she was gone... All sense was slowly leaving my body. It didn't matter where I lived, if it were day or night, or even what planet I was on. All that mattered in the world...was this girl.