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Catching a Break: The World Keeps Turning



"If we ever have enough money to buy a computer we do all the shopping online."

"No argument here."

And to think just a few days ago I wanted to be anywhere, but our apartment. The weather had eventually warmed up enough that the snow removal had begun not by professionals of course, but by the tenants. After a ton of back breaking labour enough had been moved that we could finally leave our cramped homes and of course after being cooped up for so long everyone made their way to the most important spot in town: the grocery store. So, it should have come as no surprise when we turned our shopping cart down the next isle and without warning slammed into another cart with a loud clang.

"Sorry sir…" my words died in my mouth as I saw who we'd run into.


"Humph! What are you two doing here?"

"What everybody else is doing here: shopping."

He just stared at us as if something as simple as that was impossible for us to engage in.

"It's pay day and we have to re-stock the kitchen before old uppity Crumpet comes by to siphon us for the rent," Yami said and continued pulling soup cans down from the self.

"What happened to the budget, Yami?"

"It's on sale and with these crowds I don't want to come back here anytime soon."

"Yugi! Yami! What are you doing here?"

We looked over to see three familiar faces. This just keeps getting better and better.

"Is it international shopping day and someone forgot to tell us?"

They didn't say anything.

"Wow, tough crowd," I said tearing my gaze away from them to look over the stuff in the cart and mentally ticking off the list.

"So, um, Yugi we uh…" Tea was obviously trying to say something, anything to ease the tension.

Now finished mentally checking things over I turned my attention to the gang again.

"Guys unless there is something important you want to say please move you're blocking the aisle."

"We were worried about you, Yugi, we haven't seen you around campus for over a week," she said.

"Why does everybody always assume something has gone drastically wrong when I'm not around for a few days? In answer to your unasked question I've been home sick with the flu and the rest of the time we spent trying to dig ourselves out from the wall of snow in front of the building doors."

"If you were sick how come he's the one who looks like hell?"

"When one of us gets sick the other one will follow it's the law of nature, and for the sake of keeping this conversation civil don't insult my boyfriend."

"You guys are still going out? Someone needs a lesson in picking proper dates."

:As if he's in any position to discuss proper dating material.:

Tristan just doesn't know when to quit. I was ready to stalk over there and give him another piece of my mind when I felt a hand grab the back of my shirt. Turning around I gently pushed Yami's arm down while he looked at me knowingly.

:Let's go home, Yugi, I'm tired.:

:All right.:

"If you will excuse us I'd like to pay for the groceries before they start reaching expiry dates."

And they finally made room and we headed for the registers.


"Hey, wait up!"

:What's with them today?:

:I don't know, Yugi.:

We slowed down at the corner as the light changed and they caught up with us.

"Can we come with you?"


"We really don't want to just leave it like this, so we could come over and talk or something I guess."

We shrugged there really wasn't any reason they couldn't. Our relationships had nowhere to go but up. "All right, but just know that people here are rather eccentric," Yami said as our group approached the front doors to the building that squeaked terribly when he opened it.

"You live here!?"

"It's not much, but we like to call it crap."

We headed up the stairs only to be met by the overload herself.

"Hello boys, you do remember what today is don't you?" she asked holding out her hand.

"Fine," we said and pulled out our wallets and started counting out bills into her open palm.

She grunted satisfied and stuffed the bills into a pocket on her dress.

"And don't get rowdy with your group of friends here. I don't want to be fixing up any walls."

:Of course not heaven forbid you actually have to do some work around here.:

"Speaking of fixing things, Mrs. Crumpet, has anyone come to check the heating? I'm sure you would hate to have to deal with the inspectors for not being up to code."

She glared at him huffed and walked off.

:How do you do that?:


"Do you guys really just pay her in cash?"

"She won't take anything else. Something about not trusting the man, whatever that means," I said shoving my keys in the lock.

"Why ever not?"

"Because that woman is about five sandwiches short of a picnic," I answered and beckoned them inside.

They sat down a heavy in the living room as Yami and I started putting away the groceries. An awkward silence descended on the apartment.

I finished putting away the last of the cans slammed the cupboard closed and turned to face them.

"Look guys I'm sorry about the way I acted that day-"

"It's all right, Yug, we all said things we didn't mean-"

"Oh, I don't apologize for what I said I apologize for the way I said it. I meant every word I said to you guys. I just should have used tact that's all."

"What's the big deal anyway? We had fights before and said rotten stuff about each other why is this so different?"

It was all I could not to slam my head into the counter.

"Yes but this isn't about a few insults or a couple of punches thrown in the heat of the moment." I took a deep breath to compose myself. "Look I understand that you guys don't like that we're gay and I'm okay with that. I know it sounds weird, but I am. It's nothing new. I can deal with people giving me dirty looks and making rude comments they think I can't hear. Does what they say hurt? No question it stings, but at least they're honest. They hate what I am and their not afraid to let the whole world know it. It's not that you hate me that hurts it's that you didn't think we could handle it. That you lied to us and pretended everything was okay when the whole time you wished we'd just fall through a crack in the floor so you wouldn't be embarrassed."

"I-we look, Yug, were real sorry about that you know it's not that we don't like that you're gay-"

"Yeah, man it was just weird to find out that you're, um, well you know different from us. I guess we didn't really handle it that well huh?"

"That is the understatement of the year."

"So, we're not allowed to make a few mistakes is that it!" Tristan snapped back.

"Oh, you are, but dumping all the blame back on us is no way to fix them."

"And I suppose you've done anything wrong right?"

Yami couldn't help, but chuckle slightly and bite back a smile. If they only knew what we have just gone through.

"Don't make me laugh, I mean that," Yami said composing himself once again.

I put one hand against his cheek in concern and with my hand other on his shoulder I turned him towards me.

:Maybe you should go lie down. I don't need you to relapse on me.:

:I thought you enjoyed mothering me.:

:As fun as it is to coddle you I hate to see you sick.:

:You're too good to me.:

:I know.: I answered and kissed his cheek.

I looked out of the corner of my eye as Joey and Tristan shifted around and Grandpa and Téa suddenly found their hands very interesting.

"Hey, now none of that this is our rotting hole in the wall we can do what we want in it."

"That doesn't mean we want to watch it," Grandpa said folding his arms over his chest."

"It was a joke! Man what happened to everybody's sense of humour?"

"We'll laugh when we think something's funny. You know the old Yugi never would have acted like that."

"The old Yugi?" I asked wondering what Tristan meant.

"You know we liked who you were, Yugi."

"Who I was?"

"Yeah, the guy who was sweet and innocent and didn't go out of his way to flaunt his lifestyle. Come on, Yug, that's what Duke does not you!"

"Mhmm, so now it comes down to this, do you hate what I am or do you just not like who I've become?"

"It's not what you've become it's what he has turned you into!"

"You've lost me again."

"He turned you into this-this blunt, horny, un-self-respecting man!"

Well that was the finally straw for Yami. He doubled over howling with laughter at the complete nonsense they were spouting. I grabbed him a glass of water as he started coughing and gasping for air.

"I told you guys not to make me laugh," he said finishing off the glass. "So, according to you this is all my fault? You all truly believe that I've somehow turned Yugi into this brute of a person? With no thoughts of his own and all his actions are based on what I want him to do. I thought you knew me better than that. You especially Mr. Mutou if you thought I was such a threat why did you let me stay? Why not just toss me out the minute we separated?"

"Well I knew you were a good kid then I never expected you to turn into some tart with lose morals and take Yugi down with you!"

"Okay so I am allowed to change, for the worse in your opinion, but he is not, well that's a wonderful double standard, and for your information we know who wears the proverbial pants in this relationship and it's not me."

I swear I blushed so hard my hair started to turn pink.

"Honestly what did you people expect? That it would always be like that? That he would always be little Yugi, that he would never change never grow? My being here may have sped up the process, but it would have happened regardless. All I did was make him aware of what was already there inside him."

I stepped in to deliver the closing argument.

"You can't tell me you really want that mousy little kid back do you? I know I certainly don't. I like who I am now, I like being able to trust in myself as well as others. I enjoy being more assertive and knowing that's it's okay to think about myself every now and then. But most of all I like being with someone who competes me in every possible way, and Yami does that. For the first time in my life I feel whole and truly desired and being with him makes me this way and I really had hoped that as my friends and family you guys would be happy that I'm happy."

I took a deep breath and looked at them hoping to see a change in their attitudes.

:Do you think I got through to them?:

:I think you did.:

I looked at them again and say that he was right the light bulbs seemed to be going in their minds at last.

"So, do you guys think you can accept us and me?"

"It might take sometime, but we can try, right guys?" Téa asked the two boys.

"Yeah I guess," they replied.

"Well let's show some enthusiasm!"

Téa grabbed the guy's ears, they yelped out in pain and Grandpa scooted to the edge of the couch to escape her wrath.


"We should get going I'm sure you guys have other things to be doing, she winked at us and dragged the whimpering boys to the door.

"What about you, Grandpa?"

He came over and put a hand on my shoulder.

"Well I was never one to stand in the way of progress. I may not agree with all of your decision, but I still love you, and I'm not making any promises, but I'll try to come to terms with this."

"Thanks, Grandpa, you don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that."

"See ya later," Joey called as he grabbed the door and closed it.

We stood by the kitchen and listened to their footsteps as they faded down the hall. Yami had a quizzical look in his eye.


"I was just thinking that that was very strange."

"What do you mean?"

"Well after all that's happened I just thought there would be more fanfare over this. No one yelled, no one cried, I didn't even get to break out my duelling deck and fight for your honour like a true knight in shining armour."

I hugged him the millennium puzzle digging gently into my side. Turning my head towards the door again I thought about them and wondered if something good was finally going to happen it sure seemed like. But Yami was right it still felt very strange.

"Yeah, it's like we've been on this crazy roller coaster ride and now it's all over. It is really weird."

While one part of me was ecstatic about the idea of being with them, thinking about all the things we could do together again. Not to mention I would have a support group for the next time Yami did something stupid. The other part of me just felt meh really. I knew I should ten feet tall like I did when we'd first become friends, but I just didn't, and I think it was because I didn't rely on them like I use to. Yami was the one I turned to most of the time now, and even though we fought and sometimes didn't talk as much as we should we were still together. The ride was over and he had been by my side the entire time and they had not. If they could find it within themselves to accept me that would be wonderful, but if they didn't it wouldn't be such a big loss. Friends would come and go, but he would always be mine and I would always be his. Through the best of times and the worst of times that would never change.


Well it's finally finished I hope you all enjoyed it! And a big thank you to all my wonderful readers you guys are the best! I hope to hear from you all in future stories.