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Summary: Two lost souls on the run from the very place that made their lives hell. Will The Center catch them? Unwanted feelings surfaced. Old feelings reopened. Will one be able to face the truth?

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IV. Happy Mother's Day

Five months after Lee and Jarod first made love, Lee was starting to feel something has changed in her body. Having the doctor in her, she ran some tests to be certain if what she was thinking was true or not. After three days, Lee braced herself for the possibility of her test; it turned out to be positive.

She is pregnant!

Half overjoyed and half scared, Lee thought it over and over. Should she tell Jarod or shouldn't she? God, this was a tough decision! Jarod has every right to know, but she can't burden him with that problem. Becoming pregnant wasn't part of their plan. Heck, getting physically involved with each other wasn't part of their plan either!

"Lee? Lee, I'm home!" Jarod called out after their front door slammed shut. "Lee?" His footsteps were heard running up the stairs.

Hiding all evidence of her findings, Lee straightened herself and met her husband halfway down the stairs.

"Jarod!" She exclaimed almost breathlessly, wrapping her arms around his neck then kissed him.

Jarod grinned then kissed her back, coaxing her mouth to open so that his tongue could delve inside her mouth. He has been thinking about doing this to her all day. Since that magical night four months ago, his marriage to Lee suddenly takes a different course–a course towards living a real married life.

Breaking the kiss, Lee smiled then looked at her husband straight in the eye. "How was your day?"

Jarod raised an eyebrow, "Fine, if you call it that."


"Yeah. I spent the whole day in court, Lee." Sighing, he continued, "I wish I could do something else. Not that I'm not enjoying being a lawyer, but whenever I hear some of the cases of my colleagues..." Jarod shook his dark head, "They need help, Lee."

Understanding her husband's predicament, Lee offered him her arms and gave him a hug.

"You know, you can still pretend to be someone else, Jarod."

"I know, but I can't." He pulled away from her embrace, "You know what happened the last time I did that."

Lee remembered. The Centre caught wind of it and made their lives miserable once more. Thank goodness they received a warning to get out of the province while they still could.

"Yeah. It's tough." She agreed.

"Parker, are you alright?" Sydney asked when he got a hold of Miss Parker on the phone. The woman has been incommunicable for a month now.

"What do you want now, Syd?" The woman asked acidly, gulping the last contents of her glass.

"Are you drinking again?" Sydney asked with greater concern. The woman have become like a daughter to him since the death of her mother.

"What is it to you?"


"Look, Syd, I don't have the time or the patience to have this chit-chat of ours. So, if you have something important to say, say it!"

"Alright, if that's what you want." Sydney didn't want to rile the young woman any further. He needed her to get back to her old self and fast. "I have nothing concerning our 'friends' up north as of now, but Broots and I discovered some more information concerning your sister's foster parents."


"If you would care to come into work today or tomorrow, I'll be willing to tell you about it."

"And what if I don't?" She sounded just like a spoilt brat with that retort. Miss Parker might not have an idea that was what she sounded like, but Sydney sure did and he smiled to himself.

"This information Broots and I uncovered is highly classified, Parker. It can't be discussed over the phone."

Miss Parker raised an eyebrow. "This better be good, Syd."

"So, have you told Mr. Feys yet?"

Lee was surprised to hear to hear Carol's question. Looking at the nineteen year old girl, she couldn't help asking, "How did you know?"

Carol smiled. "Instinct, Doc."

Lee raised an eyebrow. Carol threw her head backwards and laughed.

"I don't believe you."

"You don't? Oh, come now, Doc. I know when a woman is pregnant since I know what a pregnant woman looks like. I'm studying to become an OB, remember? So I should know what a pregnant woman looks like at three months along," she then paused and looked at her friend, "You are three months along, aren't you?" Carol asked, not sure if her hunch was true or not.

"Oh...well, I–I haven't told Jarod yet." Lee replied back before turning back to her paperwork in her office. "And–and no, I'm not three months pregnant, Carol." She looked back up to meet her eyes, "I'm five months along and no sign of morning sickness." She informed the girl with a smile before turning her attention back on her work.

"Why haven't you?" Carol frowned, "I mean, Mr. Feys would love to hear that. And you're not three months along? That's impossible! I mean, you don't look like you are five months pregnant."

Lee just smiled at her.

"Doc...Leeiah," Carol sat down in front of Lee, waiting for the other woman to look up from her paperwork. "Mr. Feys loves you so much. If you make such a big deal about it, he will give you the time of day to sit down and listen to your good news."

Lee couldn't believe she was sitting here listening to a nineteen year old give her advice. A nineteen year old, for crying out loud! And she was only twenty-three. "Carol–"

"Mr. Feys loves you so much, Doc. And I'm sure he will love this child you're carrying. Tell him." The girl encouraged before stepping out of Lee's office.

Lee gave Carol's advice some further thought. Of course Jarod had every right to know she was carrying their baby. He'd be thrilled too. But letting him know and making their marriage as real as it could get would only complicate their lives further. They both couldn't run away now at a drop of a hat from the Center once they knew they were back at their old lair.

Oh crap, this whole plan of theirs was rapidly spinning way out of control. They shouldn't have gotten involved in the first place! Damn stupid hormones. She should know better than to sleep with him. And she could hardly blame the alcohol for making her do what she did with Jarod Christmas Eve.

But she had to tell Jarod. He had the right to know they were going to have a baby.

That night, Lee paced their living room restlessly. She was about to make a hole on their carpeted floor when Jarod came into the house.

"Hey." She greeted, walking towards him then planting a kiss on his mouth.

"Hey." Jarod growled back, deepening the kiss.

As soon as Jarod deepened the kiss, Lee forgot what she was about to say to him.

Miss Parker could not believe what Sydney and Broots just told her.

"Impossible!" She exclaimed, not believing the news.

"It's the truth, Parker." Sydney said.

Looking at the old man who has become more like a father to her than a colleague, Miss Parker's blue eyes were as wide as the full moon outside that evening.

"But...but...but it can't be!"

"Yes, Parker. Ameleeiah's foster parents were Raines's relatives!" Exclaimed Sydney.

"And yet he let his sweeper team to annihilate them?" Miss Parker asked unbelievingly.

"Yes." Sydney nodded.

"Oh my God..."

"And–and that's not all, Miss Parker." Broots interjects.

Raising an eyebrow, Miss Parker turned her gaze to him, "Is there something more that you wanted me to know aside from the fact that Raines is a heartless beast who kills his family?"

"Y-yes, there is."

Miss Parker rolled her eyes heavenwards before saying, "Alright, spill it."

Taking a deep breath, Broots says, "Ameleeiah's biological mother is none other than Mr. Raines's sister-in-law!"

Later in bed that night, Lee was trying to position herself so that Jarod wouldn't't notice the slight bulge of her belly. At five months pregnant, her stomach was still small enough to be left unnoticed, but Jarod did point out that she suddenly had a bit of a bulge on her belly when they were making love.

"What are you doing?" Jarod asked when she tried to reposition herself against him for the fifth time.

Looking at him sheepishly, Lee smiled.

"Just getting comfy, Jarod. No need to worry." She answered back.

"Oh." Jarod seemed to accept that excuse. Lee let out a silent sigh of relief.




"Nothing." He shook his head.

"What? C'mon, you can tell me." She coaxed.

"Nothing. Just–just forget it."

"Jarod, you got me all worked up now. Look, what is it that you wanna tell or ask me?"

Looking down at her, Jarod couldn't't decide on whether to ask her to stay married to him or not. After all that has been happening to them since Christmas Eve, Jarod couldn't even bring himself to think that after this, the two of them would ask for an annulment–or divorce–and go on their separate ways once the Centre cools off chasing after them.


"Lee, what would you do if I ask you to stay married to me?" The question just suddenly slipped out his mouth without him expecting it. Jarod wanted to take it back, but it was already too late to do that.

"But Jarod, we aren't–"

"Yes, we are married, Lee." Jarod cuts her off.

"I beg your pardon?"

Turning so they are facing each other, Jarod cupped her right cheek and nudged her to meet his eyes, "Lee, we did get married–for real. It's well documented and we are signed under the name of Feys."


"All the papers were authentic. I didn't tell you before because...because I thought that we could get an annulment shortly afterwards, but now..." Jarod sighed, not sure how he could drop the news to her. He loves her. He loves her so much that he can't bear to think of being away from her, not even for a moment.

"Oh Jarod..." Lee sighed before wrapping her arms around him and kissing him deeply. "I do want to stay married to you!".

And that was all that Jarod needed to hear before taking her once more.

"You two-faced, lying son of a bitch." Miss Parker growled angrily at Mr. Raines the moment she found him alone in his office. "You are a heartless bastard who would sell his soul to the devil when the need arises!" She yelled at him.

"Miss Parker, you have no right–"

"No right?" She cut him off, her blue eyes wide and spewing fire. "No right! Ha, what a laugh, Raines." Miss Parker snorted, walking across the dimly lit office room to face the man who only came right up to her chin, "You killed your sister-in-law, my sister's mother. And then you killed your own flesh and blood as well just to take your guinea pig!"

"My what?" Mr. Raines looked aghast. "I never–"

"Ameleeiah Johnston, Raines. Ameleeiah! My father's bastard! The girl I rescued from your clutches five years ago. The same girl you wanted to do your testing again soon after you found out that she is not at all brain-dead, but rather a very gifted one."

Mr. Raines looked composed at her announcement. "So you found out, huh?"

Miss Parker raised an eyebrow. Her hands clenched into tight fists, but she controlled herself before she swung at this man whose mere sight made her sick. Crossing her arms over her chest, she taunted, "Don't underestimate me, Raines." She warned.

"And so I know."

"Damn you, Raines!" Miss Parker hissed before walking out of the old man's room.

"What?" Miss Parker's abrupt greeting made Lee's spine stiffen.

"M-Miss Parker?"

After hearing the girl's voice on the other end of the line, Miss Parker was caught between emotions she was feeling towards her half-sister right now. Will she be mad at her because she stole Jarod from her? Or would she be nice and polite with her like before?


"Yes, Miss Parker."

"Ame, how are you?"

"I'm–I'm fine, Parker. But...but there's something I have to tell you, and I trust you with this information."

The girl sounded hesitant. What could be wrong? What was it that was giving her a hard time tell her that she was with Jarod?

"What is it?"

"I–I met a man, Parker and–and these feelings...I-I know I shouldn't be feeling this way towards him, but it's hard not to."

Miss Parker closed her eyes. She couldn't stand hearing her half-sister pour her heart out to her towards her feelings towards the man the two of them are have feelings for.

"What sort of feelings, Ame?" Miss Parker braved to tread these waters. Her sister needed her as a friend, not as an enemy. Ameleeiah wouldn't have called her if she had somewhere else to go or someone else to turn to.

"I–I don't really know or understand what these feelings are, but I know I won't be able to stay away from him."

"Do you–do you love him, Ameleeiah?" Miss Parker needed to know. She needed to know what Ameleeiah's feelings towards Jarod was.

There was a long pause on the other line.

"Yes. Yes, I love Jarod, Miss Parker." Ameleeiah admitted.

Miss Parker's heart plummeted to the ground. So the truth was finally out.

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to be continued...

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