Note: Please read "The Day Smash Mansion Exploded" to learn all that happened to the Smashers.


Chapter 1: Unknown Becomes Known

The Smashers have been living in Ten Lives Apartment for some days already.

Luigi: Everyday is the same, it's so boring in here.

Falco: It's because you're sitting there waiting to see the walls peel.

CF: There's someone moving into the empty room.

Landlord: This will be your room.

Man 1: Thanks.

Man 2: We'll keep it clean.

Those two persons are actually detectives. The bald one is named Albert and the handsome one is Jack.

Albert: According to our discoveries, that drug-smuggler Mufus used to live in the condominium next to this apartment.

Jack: Mufus went out of Eagleland and lend his room to his girlfriend.

Albert: The girlfriend might contact Mufus anyday. We'll keep an eye on her and see if there's anything suspicious.

Jack: There's someone at the door, I'll open it.

Peach: Hello! You're new here, right? Let's be good neighbors, me and my friend just moved in also. Please accept this souvenir.

Jack: Thanks, but we're busy now.

Peach: The people here aren't all that nice. Huh?

Peach saw a beautiful lady going into a room.

Peach: But I remember correctly that it was the shy girl Priscilla living in that room.

Inside the room, you find out that it was Priscilla disguising as another lady.

Some times later...

Marth: Beat you again!

Roy: I'm not giving up!

Marth: You kept moving the king right into the check spot.

Roy: I'm not giving up!!!!! (Destroys chess board)

Bowser: How come we're not receiving wrong phone calls?

Mewtwo: Because we haven't got a phone number yet.

Fox comes in.

Fox: I installed your phone number already. You guys' number is the same as the old one.

DK: That's easy, we use our old home phone.

Phone: ring

Bowser: And you gave us this phone number to keep me busy answering wrong phone calls? (Picks phone) Hello? THIS IS NOT PIZZA PALACE!!!!!

Fox: Calm down, I'll change it if you like. It shall be 141-9000. Happy now?

Bowser: That should do. No more wrong calls.

Phone: ring

Bowser: (answers) Hello? No! This is not Gasoline Delivery Co.!

Pikachu: I heard something next door. Sounds like shoutings.

Jigglypuff: Sounds like an argument.

Peach: But Priscilla lives alone.

Samus: We better check this out.

They got Bowser to ram down Priscilla's door and found her dressed half as a woman and half as a man and is talking to herself.

Bowser: Eh?

Peach: What?

Soon, they learned that Priscilla is an actress. She will behave differently if she put on make-ups.

Phone: ring

Mr. Binko: Hello? It's you, Blackman. What? You're here in Eagleland! Meet you at the park? Fine.

Mr. Binko went to the park and met with the black ogre Blackman.

Blackman: Prince Binko! I'm so glad to see you!

Mr. Binko: Quiet! You must not let anyone else know that I'm the prince of Monstry!

Blackman: The king is worried that you ran off without telling him.

Mr. Binko: He's forcing me to marry some ugly woman I don't like, that's why I escaped to this place and live. I'm not leaving until I found a match.

Blackman: I'll support in finding you a perfect girlfriend, Prince Binko. I'll work for you forever, even if I die, my spirit will continue serving you.

Mr. Binko: Good. Please accept this token of appreciation. (Gives Blackman a golden medallion)

Blackman: I have 354 of these already...

A few days later...

Mr. Binko: Who's at the door?

Zelda: Hi, Binko. We made this delicious vegetable-stuffing rolls for you. Please enjoy it!

Mr. Binko: You're a kind lady, please accept this golden medallion.

Zelda: Wow! Pure gold!

Jack: There's no sign from Mufus's girlfriend.

Albert: We'll have to keep an eye on her.

Jack: I'll go buy dinner. (Walks out)

G&W: Hello, Jack.

Jack: Hi.

G&W: Going out?

Jack: To buy dinner.

G&W: Both you and Albert are living alone. Are you a single parent family or what?

Jack: Actually, we're...

Albert quickly pulled Jack into the room.

Albert: Jerk! Never tell anyone we're detectives!

Jack went outside again.

Jack: Yes, we're single parent family.

G&W: What happened to your mom?

Jack: My mom divorced because my dad is too ugly.

G&W: Now that's sad. How's your dad?

Jack: He isn't well.

G&W: What's with him?

Albert pulled Jack in again.

Albert: You idiotic moron! What the hell are you talking about?!

Jack:You said to make up anything, so I told him you're not well.

Albert: What do you expect me to be?

Jack: You'll pretend that you have mental problem and do perverted things.

Albert: Never! (Punches Jack)

Jack: Ouch!

Albert: I hurt my hand from punching you!

Jack: Then pretend you broke your arm.

Albert: Why must I wrap this bandage around the right arm?

Jack: How else are they going to know you broke your arm?

Albert: I'll go buy dinner myself. You'll mess up everything if you go out again. (Leaves)

Link: Your son said you broke your arm.

Albert: Yeah?

Link: How's your son doing?

Albert: He likes to cause troubles.

Link: Like what?

Albert: To be precise, he's infected with Joking Syndrome.

Link: Never heard of it.

Albert: After every 10 minutes, he'll talk rubbish or act weird.

Link: That sounds terrible.

And so, if Jack appears before someone else, he must act strange after every 10 minutes.

Jack: Blah blah blah doo da doo da!

Yoshi: Poor him.

Popo: Pray that he gets cured fast.

Jack: (thinking) That old fool! Why the hell did he make up this?!

Story 1 finished

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