Final Chapter : How's the House?

The Smashers have been living in 10 Lives Apartment for a month already.

DK: Why don't we go and see our house?

Ganondorf: Good idea.

So they went to the construction site.

Bowser: Is it even being built at all?

DK: There doesn't seem to be any change.

Ganondorf: Are you workers building the house?

Worker: It's our boss, he will only work if he's in a good mood. If he's in a bad mood, all work must stop until he cheers up. This morning, he spilt his coffee and is in a bad mood.

Bowser: What kind of a construction worker is that?

Boss: Hello! Coming to see your house? I'm happy now, so let's get building!

The boss accidently tripped on a board on the ground and fell face flat.

Boss: Ouch! I broke my nose! I'm in a bad mood again! Nobody works until my nose is well!

Ganondorf: It could take forever to finish building the house...

Some days later...

Ness: Let's go see the house.

YL: Good idea.

Pokey: NESS!!!!!!

Ness: What?

Pokey: (Gets a ruler) Die! Charge!!!! (Runs toward Ness)

Ness used his yo-yo as a buzzsaw to cut Pokey's ruler in half.

Pokey: You broke my ruler I got on my birthday!!!!! You'll pay!!!!

Ness knocked him out with his bat.

Pokey: (faints)

YL: Let's get going.

At the construction site...

Ness: The house seems nowhere near completion.

Worker: Our boss broke his favorite vase two days ago and is in a bad mood, so we didn't do any work until now.

YL: What kind of a worker is that?

Boss: I'm happy now, because I ordered a new vase from E-Bay. Let's get working!

Ness: Finally.

Some days later...

Mario: Da house, eez it near completion?

Worker: We're only 11% done.

Boss: I was cleaning my nose and I pulled out a 2-centimeter long nose hair! I'm in a good mood, so let's get working!

Suddenly, he falls to the ground and starts acting wild.

DK: Is he doing a break dance?

Dr. Mario: It seems that he worked too much without resting. Get him to the hospital.

Worker: I thought you're a doctor.

Dr. Mario: But I'm not that kind of doctor.

At the hospital...

Doctor: He needs to rest because he worked too much. He'll rest in the hospital for a day and can leave tomorrow.

Boss: I have no time for rest! I must get working!

Doctor: You'll tire yourself again, so get back to bed!

Boss: I'm outta here!

Doctor: Somebody get him!

Nurse: Please be quiet in the hospital!

Upon seeing the nurse, the boss is stunned.

Boss: Okay, I'll stay.

Mario: Do you know what-a I know?

DK: Yeah, the boss is willing to sleep in the hospital.

After a while...

Boss: Excuse me, nurse. Did you see the nurse that told me and the doctor to be quiet?

Random Nurse: You mean Nurse White? She's on the roof.

Boss: So her name is Nurse White.

At the roof...

White: May I help you?

Boss: Nothing, really... What's that lollipop you're holding?

White: This is my favorite sweet. I enjoy seeing the view from the top of the hospital while licking this lollipop.

Boss: I also have the same lollipop.

White: Really!

So they both of them start to chat.

Roy: I knew there was something going on.

They next day, the boss left the hospital.

CF: He left the hospital and still isn't working?

Worker: He's just sitting there staring into the blue.


Roy: Listen, I know you're in love with Nurse White.

Boss: You're right, but how should I tell her?

Roy: Simple, just go to the hospital.

Boss: Good-bye, workers! I'm going to the hospital because I'm sick!

Worker: What's with him?

At the hospital...

Doctor: No, you can't live in the hospital!

Boss: But I'm very sick!

Doctor: How can you be sick if you can argue with me like this?!

White: What's wrong?

Boss: I'm sick...

White: Can he stay, doctor?

Doctor: As he wish...

Random Nurse: Nurse White! The patient in room 205 is in danger!

White: I'll be there!

But the patient died...

Boss: Don't be sad, Nurse White.

White: I've been working in this hospital for 15 years and this is the first time I wasn't able to rescue a patient.

Boss: Don't be sad, everyone will always make mistakes.

White: I have always wanted to be a nurse and I am even willing to give up my family just to become one. I did my best to help people, but now...

Boss: I understand you, Nurse White. I have this experience before, a house I built collapsed and I wasn't able to find out the problem.

White: It looks like I'm not fit to do this work.

Boss: Don't say that. Even after that house collapsed, I continue to build houses and I became an expert. If you continue your work, you can still help many people.

White: Thanks for your comfort.

Roy: Are you married?

White: No.

Boss: Yes!

Roy: Do you like barbecue?

White: My favorite!

Boss: What say we go to that barbecue restaurant tomorrow?

White: Of course!

The next day...

Ganondorf: No! You must build the house and not go anywhere!

Worker: Stay and work!

Boss: But I must go to that restaurant and meet Nurse White!


Will the Smashers even return to their old house? There will be more stories coming up. For now, this story has ended.